Providence Perfume Co Bay Rum ~ new fragrance

Providence Perfume Co Bay Rum

Indie natural line Providence Perfume Co has launched Bay Rum, a new fragrance:

A classic interpretation of Bay Rum with a twist! With twenty-two distilleries in 1769, and a coastal spice route destination, Newport Rhode Island was once the rum capital of the world. With a nod to heritage we proudly present our natural Bay Rum Cologne for men, made with locally distilled rum, fresh lime, allspice, bay, sea spray, and soft floral notes of jasmine and ylang ylang. Each flask of our artisan Bay Rum cologne is bottled with a West Indian bay leaf which continues to infuse the fragrance with its exotic spicy aroma.

Providence Perfume Co Bay Rum is available in 100 ml splash Cologne ($65).

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  1. kindcrow says:

    I love a good Bay Rum fragrance. I’ve sampled several Providence fragances (not this one), and they all smelled like the same strong notes of dirt and fermentation (those are notes that some folks like in their perfume), with the other notes almost missing in action. I must be anosmic to the other notes.

    • Robin says:

      She does seem to like earthy notes, but yes, so do I. But even Branch & Vine struck you that way?

      • kindcrow says:

        I have not tried Branch and Vine. I see that it’s a cologne, so I can imagine that it would not be as earthy as the EDPs.

        The last Providence perfume I tried was Mousseline Peche (can’t remember the other ones that I tried. I think that the samples are in the bedroom with a sleeping husband :-) ) I am jealous of those reviewers who can smell the top and middle notes of MP. For me, it was all earthy base :-( As I recall, MP was not “your cup of tea?”

        • Robin says:

          Late reply, sorry, but that’s right…not my cup of tea :-)

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