Tuesday scent of the day 8/19


Happy Tuesday! What's your scent today?

I'm wearing Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Scent of Hope.

Reminder: this Friday, August 22, wear something beachy, or anything you think of as "a vacation in a bottle". The following Friday, the 29th, wear the last fragrance you bought.

And for those of you who like to plan ahead, see Scent of the day ~ Friday community projects 2014, where I'll try to always have the next six or seven weeks mapped out in advance.

Note: top image is Peaches [cropped] by Walt Stoneburner at flickr; some rights reserved.

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  1. solanace says:

    Wearing Dior Hypnotic Poison, which is cheering me up on this foggy, cold day.

  2. PetronellaCJ says:

    Wearing Hermes Eau de Narcisse Bleu from my newly arrived coffret and enjoying it very much. This kind of floral scent more often than not turns to stale vase water on me, but this is plain lovely with a pinch of spices.

    • Robin says:

      Fun, what else is in your coffret?

      • PetronellaCJ says:

        Eau d’Orange Verte and Mandarine Ambrée, 15 ml of each. Perfect!

  3. rose pepper says:

    Timbuktu, inspired by Coumarin’s SOTD yesterday. I smell good :)

  4. Janice says:

    I’m wearing Silver Factory.

    What do you think of Scent of Hope?

    • Robin says:

      Really nice, although want to try it again & apply more than I’m wearing right now (am wearing several other things at the same time).

      • perthgirl says:

        Robin have you smelled Iris Gris to make a comparison? Do you know if they anything alike?

        • Robin says:

          No, I’ll be useless on that front, sorry!

      • mals86 says:

        And will you be reviewing it?

        • Robin says:

          I hate to hedge but I can only say probably…this is the first wearing, also, want Angie to have the chance to try it.

  5. Coumarin says:

    Oh, I want to try Scent of Hope!

    I’m wearing Paprika Brasil, the most unloved iris I can think of! I love it (and it probably has the best sillage this side of Narguilé. I got a fantastic deal on eBay, sniping at the last minute. (If you’re the one I bid against, I’m sorry.)

    • Robin says:

      I sadly am among the not-lovers-of-Paprika-Brasil. But congrats on your great deal!

    • morgana says:

      Ha, I wore Paprika Brasil yesterday and the day before! There is nothing else on the market even close to this, is it? No sweetness, no fruit, no easy prettiness; just austere beauty. And it lasts forever. But I bought the big bottle for the full price — for sure not regretted.

      • Coumarin says:

        I love Paprika Brasil. It was really the first Hermessence I fell for. Definitely no smell-alikes for this one (believe me, I’ve tried)!

        I think austere beauty is perfectly apt: nothing superfluous and as you say, no sweetness. It’s funny that Sanchez and Turin felt it was wan (and posited that the next Hermessence would be Vodka Novosibirsk). I think it might be second or third of the whole line in longevity and sillage.

        I’m extremely fortunate to have found this bottle. Actually it was your shared love of it that made me go hunting for some. As much as I do love it, the full price is quite steep for me, especially since I just bought a full bottle of Epice Marine!

  6. floragal says:

    I’m wearing Carnal Flower today. My husband says it smells like a basketball?? Lovely…

    I think it’s gorgeous!

    • Robin says:

      A basketball?? Do his basketballs smell like tuberose?

      • floragal says:

        I know! I will say that he has a very good sniffer. He smells things I don’t.

        • Robin says:

          Then there must be basketball in there :-)

          • perthgirl says:

            Lol! My nose must be pretty average. I’ve smelled lots of basketballs and never noticed tuberose. Lots of things smell like squashed ants to me though… :-/

    • AnnS says:

      He’s probably getting “rubber” out of the rich tuberose. Carnal Flower is fabulous!

      • Yes, I also think he’s getting the rubber from the tube. Interesting!

    • morgana says:

      Inspired by the basketball comment, I am wearing Moon Bloom by Hiram Green (from a sample).

  7. Mary Carol says:

    I have on Regime des Fleurs Turquoise. It has a nice dry grassy wildflower kind of smell. The notes list champaca, and I am not 100% sure how that note smells, but it must be there, too!

  8. sweetgrass says:

    Giving SL Datura Noir another shot today. I didn’t like it the first time I tried it because the almond note in it made me think of pink public restroom soap. I think I’m getting over it a bit, but I still don’t think I’ll ever need a bottle or anything.

    • Coumarin says:

      I sprayed a testing strip with Datura Noir once, for the first time, and immediately had to toss it–I don’t think I’m a beachy floral kind of guy.

    • Laurels says:

      It was very soapy on me, as well, I should try it again on our next hot day.

  9. melissa says:

    I’m teleworking and so considering samples. I wore Parfums de Nicolai le Temps d’une Fete this morning (yum!) but just showered and will probably find something different for the afternoon.

    • tiffanie says:

      I’m tempted to sample le Temps d’une Fete. I’m dying to know if there is any patchouli in the base.

      • mals86 says:

        Yes, there is. It’s quite noticeable to me. However, I should also point out that a) I am pretty sensitive to the note, b) this is a nice greenish/herbal one rather than the dusty-earthy kind I dislike, and c) Le Temps d’une Fete is one of my very very favoritest favorites of the favorites. Ever. Of all time.

    • Laurels says:

      I’m wearing LTd’uF as well. It smells very different than it did the first time I tried it, but it’s still not quite working (hormones? weather?). The drydown is very sweet this time, and faintly… urinous? Maybe the third time will be the charm. Although for about a week now, nothing seems to smell good on me except Jour d’Hermes.

  10. Dawn says:

    My SOTD is Havana Vanille because I haven’t worn it in forever.

    • nozknoz says:

      I find that’s a good one for August. One is starting to tire of fresh summer scents, but it’s still too warm for anything heavy.

      (I guess if you’re in the southern hemisphere, it would also be good as a transition from heavy winter scents to lighter ones.)

    • Laurels says:

      You smell gorgeous!

  11. CM says:

    Amouage week continues with Fate (w) this morning. I added a spritz of Lipstick Rose to my hair. For extra flair, I guess.

    If I had to choose 1 perfume, I think it might be Fate. It works in hot or cold weather and has presence without being overwhelming.

    • perthgirl says:

      Will that be your signature scent challenge option do you think?

      • CM says:

        Yes – perthgirl… Fate would prob be my signature scent as it’s always perfect. I have a few top contenders: #19, Dia, Iris Poudre, Infanta en Fleur. But Fate, at least today, tops the charts. I reserve the right to change my mind a thousand times!

        • perthgirl says:

          and herein lies the challenge :) fickle bunch we are ;-)

    • Oakland Fresca says:

      Yikes. I am desperately seeking Amouage help. I got a sample of Lyric for Women six month or so ago, assume it was the edp, and LOVED it. It went straight on to my fantasy buy list. Well, hubby got ahold of the list ( I don’t make that very hard) and got me an FB of Lyric for our anniv. Something seems different. I have to douse, really douse, myself in this to get whiff. I remember it was love instantly… Elegant…. But this fragrance smells a little meh….. I literally have sprayed the bottle 25 times since last night—something that’d kill me with most other perfumes I love–and now I’m getting the rose and spice…

      What is wrong? Is it my memory? Is the perfume stale? (DH got it from a discount site Fr_ _ _ _ _ _ _ net.com for a song). This has never happened to me before. Help!

      • nozknoz says:

        Is it possible that you actually smelled it better when you were wearing less? Sometimes the nose gets exhausted. It might be worth waiting a couple of days and then applying just a spritz.

      • CM says:

        That’s a good suggestion nozknoz. Maybe try a dab. At Bedtime. Lyric generally lasts through the night and you can smell the drydown in the morning.

        Could it be that you actually tried the extrait? It’s wonderful stuff: deeper and rosier and wears closer to the skin.

        • Robin says:

          Totally second this. Decant it, dab. I have several scents like that.

      • AnnS says:

        I’ve got Amouage (Memoir Woman) from frag net, and had no problems with them as a vendor. Perhaps there was a tweak to the formula – something as simple as a base musk – and now you are anosmic to it. Have you ever had troubles with musk anosmia before?

        • Oakland Fresca says:

          I’m on a respiratory steroid, and I am wondering if it is monkeying with my sense of smell. I am super sensitive to the smell of fish and garlic right now, and would not be surprised if other scents are altered. I’ll hang tight and wait until I’m back in ship shape. And I have had trouble with musk anosmia before–so it might be more intense now that I’m on Advair. (Ummm… sorry if this was TMI!!!)

    • AnnS says:

      You inspired me! I’m wearing Amouage today too. I decided to wear one decant I don’t reach for very often: Gold for Men. It is just so rich and compact! I don’t know if I have the original or the more friendly reformulated verion. But wow!

  12. relleric says:

    SOTD is B*Men (Thierry Mugler)

    • pyramus says:

      B*Men is SO terrific! It doesn’t have the shock value of the original A*Men, but it’s more wearable because the sweetness is dialled way back to make room for rhubarb and wood. I really need to dig out my bottle….

      • relleric says:

        I agree. I can wear B*Men any time, but A*Men only comes out in much cooler weather. :)

  13. Parley says:

    Today autumn came to my corner of Sweden – it’s been storming all day, pouring rain and howling winds, the works. I’ve also been stuck at home working on a horribly close deadline all day, so I obviously needed some cheering up! I chose Parfums Nicolaï Sacrebleu and it’s put me in the right mood :)

    • perthgirl says:

      I love Sacrebleu. I also really love LT’s review of it in The Guide, about the railway lights in the distance at night meaning something profound to the driver like ‘life is beautiful’ rather than ‘buffers ahead’. As a train driver myself I guess I like that our job can be looked on as having profound eternal truths ;-)

    • AnnS says:

      Great choice for a dreary day!

  14. today it’s l’air du desert marocain by andy tauer…man I love this stuff!

    • perthgirl says:

      You smell divine. And another LT review I love. I certainly don’t agree with everything he says but some make for good reading :)

      • nozknoz says:

        That was one of my favorite reviews from The Guide, too. It was by Tania Sanchez, to be more specific.

        • perthgirl says:

          Oops you’re right!

    • nozknoz says:

      That’s one of my all-time favs, as well – enjoy!

    • nebbe says:

      Nice one! I just drained my sample (yes, clumsiness was involved) and my first thought was “get more.”

      MattA, you smell great!

  15. perthgirl says:

    Today I wore Fou D’Absinth for the first time and whilst I enjoyed it, it was a bit fougere-ish and I did feel like I was wearing aftershave.

    I also received more Tauer samples. I’d bought a couple of discovery sets in the past but wanted to smell the few I hadn’t yet- including Une Rose Chypree. I guess it was because I’m not a huge chypre fan that I didn’t try this before- but this stuff is beautiful! It reminds me a bit of Lyric which is my One True Love (only if I was forced to choose of course!) but richer in Andy’s way. Yum.

    • nozknoz says:

      URC is so delicious. It would be hard to choose one of those wonderful roses – good thing we don’t have to!

      • Ida says:

        MattA, you smell fabulous. Discovered it by reading about it here on NST.

        • Ida says:

          Oops, should have posted higher up re L’A d D M!

    • Coumarin says:

      Une Rose Chypree is my favorite Tauer, though admittedly I’ve only tested maybe four of them. It reminds me of Habanita a bit and I love its vintage vibe.

  16. odonata9 says:

    So far just a spritz of Vamp a NY on the back of my hand. I was digging through my samples as I am trying to divest myself of some (probably on next month’s Posse fairy godmother post). I am no fan of tuberose, but remember liking the root beer opening. It is fizzy fun at the beggining, but then the buttery tuberose makes me queasy. Pulled out a few more samples to maybe put on later – think it will be Kenzo Eau de Fleur de Magnolia. Or I may just wait until I go to the mall at lunchtime and spritz something at Sephora.

    • mals86 says:

      Tuberose Root Beer! (I love the Vamp.)

      • odonata9 says:

        I know you are a fan of that one! And coincidentally, I think you sent me that Kenzo sample as well. It is pretty.

    • austenfan says:

      I love Vamp, my most friendly and approachable tuberose.

    • Coumarin says:

      I was just remembering last week how much I liked Vamp a NY and set about looking for a bottle. It seems like it’s sold out. Guess I don’t need to debate over hitting “Place Order” again.

  17. austenfan says:

    I’m wearing Le Parfum de Thérèse, which does what it is supposed to do; hit the spot.

    • HemlockSillage says:

      Mmmmm, you smell mahvelous! Pd Thérèse is such a beautiful, glamorous scent. I need to dig out my decant and wear it; it inspires me to dress better and have better posture. The melon note gives me pause some days, but it is an amazing symphony of scent. I love it.

      Ok, I’m wearing that tonight! Be well.

  18. Ida says:

    I have on Lys Mediterranee. A blast of white lily growing near the sea. I appreciate it (including for sillage and longevity), but must say it wears “on top of skin” rather than becomes deliciously part of skin – which is a thing many of the greats do so well.

    • SophieC says:

      I love that one – so completely romantic and summery. Also really interesting your observation that it wears on the skin – I get compliemnts (or rather got) when I wore my now empty sample and I wonder if that is because is really does stay very smellable?

  19. bastet says:

    I am wearing Epic Woman today, the last two sprays from my sample. So spicy and delicious, I believe I may have to add it to my wish list (which is getting ridiculously long).

  20. pyramus says:

    Today was a day for Clinique Chemistry, which apparently has been reformulated to fit modern tastes, but pointlessly: the vintage could never be improved on, and is so very good that you wouldn’t mind if all men smelled like it all the time. It’s hard to describe — fresh and spicy and clean, though in no sense like modern fresh-clean scents — but absolutely perfect.

  21. des esseintes says:

    I’n wearing Ispahan by Yves Rocher, which used to be a cheaper, decent Opium clone, but in this re-edition (a new-in-box bottle, cellophane wrapped and all) I found laying around in the room where we sort our garbage room) is Ispahan with an eating disorder. The basenotes are thin, almost skeletal, and the former spiciness can only be smelled in the top notes. Thanks IFRA!

  22. teri says:

    Today I’m wearing Lucky Charm from M. Micallef from a 5-ml mini I was gifted by one of my favorite ebay vendors (here’s to you, Sandy!). I don’t know the notes as I’m not previously familiar with this fragrance, but there is clearly quite a bit of LOTV and some other soft white flowers. Nice and cheerful and appropriate for our expected 88 degree day.

  23. SophieC says:

    I am wearing a few sprays of a sample of Iris Nobile. I think it was very fairly pointed out to me on here recently about that that none of use need more bottles – but that doesn’t mean we don’t get them! Very fair and true and I was feeling really rather down when I sprayed it and it actually seemed like the scent of happiness going on – the smooth and elegant orange blossom opening was simply lovely and like an optimistic hug (sorry this probably sounds like nonsense)! In any event I might just have to find more space…

    What is Scent of Hope Like – the name alone is beautiful.

    • perthgirl says:

      I can’t speak for anyone else here Sophie but I’m sure I’m not alone in that that emotional response I get from perfume (a scent/s to uplift/embrace/calm/inspire…)is a good part of the reason I’m here. It’s not just a pretty smell to me, it’s often what changes an ordinary day to a beautiful ordinary day. And scents create and hold memories and each one a different one.
      I make no apologies for having such a very wide range to choose from so I think if a perfume resonates with you then what’s the harm in enjoying it?

    • Robin says:

      Sophie, it’s a peach-y iris inspired by Fath Iris Gris, which is long discontinued…you can read more if you click the link in the article above :-)

  24. thegoddessrena says:

    Amun Re today. Definitely still a possibly for signature scent weekend. It was so nice to be on vacation so that I could wear big scents. Rozy is still detectable 24 hrs later and I got to really douse myself with Beyond Love on Sun

  25. nebbe says:

    Infusion d’Iris, cause I it’s an office day and I overslept and it’s a no-brainer. Meeting a friend at a fav lunch spot but then will have to work late to make up for the lazy morning. Everything has a cost.

    • mals86 says:

      That’s an easy scent to wear. Doesn’t demand attention, just smells nice.

      • nebbe says:

        Exactly! I probably wear it one a week. It lays through a while work day, and wears off just in time for me to something new on when I get home!

  26. tomate farcie says:

    Eau de Patou, for me it’s a sort of chypre light.

  27. mals86 says:

    Rained this morning, was cloudy through the early afternoon, and then the sun broke out. Nice. (But now it’s humid AND hot. Bleargh, August.)

    SOTD is DSH Rose Vert, which has good staying power for a botanical scent and smells lovely besides.

  28. tiffanie says:

    Today I’m wearing a ghost of perfume past. I bought a super inexpensive bottle of L’air du Temps and sprayed liberally. It smells . . . faint. It is something similar to what I remember from three or more decades ago, but it is just a reminder of what it used to be. (sigh) It is a nice reminder of the people I knew who wore it back then.

    • thegoddessrena says:

      That was my mom’s signature while I was growing up and I can’t wear it especially since she’s still alive. She moved on to Vanilla Fields and Sand and Sable if I remember correctly

  29. Jonas says:

    I am wearing Timbuktu and finding it remarkably similar to Rose Anonyme. I looked up the notes for these two and there is indeed some overlap, specifically patchouli, benzoin, incense and papyrus. I’ll have to wear them side by side to investigate further.

  30. Absolute Scentualist says:

    This morning I started out with Histoires de Parfums George Sand 1804 (pre-reformulated) and forgot how much I love this ambery floral. My daughter even snuggled in close for a hug and said this was one of her favorites, too, and we tried to remember the last time I wore it. lol

    By the afternoon, I decided on something a little more sultry and went with my decant of Lubin Black Jade. Too bad my love for this one doesn’t quite equal the price tag in my opinion as I’d love having a larger bottle in my collection. It is a snuggly floral and one of the few scents where the cinnamon amount doesn’t overtake everything else on my skin. It is a nice counterpoint to the dark stormy afternoon and makes me crave a nice cup of tea and good book.

    • mals86 says:

      That’s one I’d like to sample.

      • Absolute Scentualist says:

        Hi Mals. If you want me to send you a sample, I’d be more than happy to do so. Lmk if you still have my addie. If not, mds4pak at sbcglobal dot net It’s wonderfully fruity and I just love the pineapple note in it.

    • perthgirl says:

      Another big fan of George Sand here. I didn’t realise it was re-formulated though :-(

      • Absolute Scentualist says:

        Hi Perthgirl. You know, I may be getting it confused with Collette… I’ll have to go check and see which Histoires were reformulated. I know Eugenie de Montejo and Collette were since I got them on sale from a boutique clearancing out old stock/formulation. But now I have to go see if George Sand has been as well since I swapped for my bottle from a friend years ago. Maybe I’m wrong and can return with good news that Ms. Sand is just as original and lovely as ever. :)

        • perthgirl says:

          I like all the feminine (and most masculine) library scents- shame if any were re-formulated! But that’s par for the course I guess :-(

  31. foxbins says:

    Creed Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie today–jasmine, rose, vanilla, amber, sandalwood. Sillage is immense for a while so I wear it at home and enjoy the heck out of it.

  32. Laila says:

    A very warm, humid and rainy day here today reminded me of a tropical rainforest and inspired my choice of SOTD, Yves Rocher’s vintage d/c Neblina. A Sophia Grojsman creation I hadn’t reached for in a long time, Neblina opens with a soft green apricot followed by lush orchid blooms and other white florals on a grassy, herbal, mossy and woody base. An extremely moist and humid scent, I can ‘feel’ the leaves of the exotic plants brush my legs and can smell the soil beneath as I walk through the Amazonian jungle! To me this composition defies classification and is somehow green yet earthy, tropical yet fruity chypre with a nectarlike sweetness and a bit of spice. Not my usual kind of fragrance and It’s one I don’t reach for often, but when I do, on a day like today, it’s just perfect!

  33. katrina says:

    Today I started the day with Le Labo Bergamote (whatever number!) which I am really liking in this muggy weather. I added a sample of Poison that was so sad. It is nothing like I remember. It now makes me think of something made with almonds and a mystery cleaning product. Sigh.

  34. MikasMinion says:

    I followed the Amouage trend today too, Lyric Woman. There is a good chance I will be wearing it again tomorrow. I really should buy a FB or at least a large decant as I really find it comfortable. It even snagged me compliments from the entire office today which is unheard of – my boss actually commented, but that could be because I commandeered and cleaned his office when my computer went down.
    This evening I bravely sprayed Opus VI and forced myself to wear it on my walk. I still don’t like it but I survived. There is something very solid institutional air freshener-y about it.

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