Rochas Secret de Rochas Oud Mystere ~ new fragrance

Rochas Secret de Rochas Oud Mystère

Rochas has launched Secret de Rochas Oud Mystère, a new fragrance for women. Secret de Rochas Oud Mystère is a flanker to 2013's Secret de Rochas.

Secret de Rochas Oud Mystère was developed by house perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez. The notes include saffron, rose, gardenia, oud, spices, patchouli, frankincense and woods.

Rochas Secret de Rochas Oud Mystère is available now in Dubai, in 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

(via emirateswomananazahra)

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Another flanker, & more oud – we should be grateful for the small mercy that it’s not a celeb production…!

    • Robin says:

      I swear, on my honor, that if Britney Spears Oud comes out, I’ll buy it :-)

      • rickbr says:

        It’ll be Midnight Oud Fantasy Robin :D

        • Robin says:

          Fine! I stand by my challenge, LOL…(but adding, assuming she keeps it at Britney Spears prices. Ain’t spending $200 on Midnight Oud Fantasy!)

        • Omega says:

          Oud Radiance or Circus Oud perhaps.

  2. Outlandish says:

    Love the simple bottle. I’ll be looking to try this one, I’m always on the hunt for a wearable oud, some of them go decidedly three-day-old-dead-gerbil-in-a-sweat-sock on me.

    • Robin says:

      The bottle is gorgeous, & love the carton too. No idea if it will be widely distributed or not.

  3. nozknoz says:

    This is rather thrilling: a double flanker! Not only to Secret, but also to Mystére.

    • Robin says:

      Yeah — I thought of that and couldn’t decide. Maybe it is.

      • nozknoz says:

        I know, a dual flanker seems like too much to hope for, right?

        And yet, Mystére was the most iconic Rochas, other than Femme. If it were any other brand, it would be just another meaningless adjective, but from Rochas, it cannot be a coincidence. Even after making allowances for the reptilian marketing brain. ;-)

        I’m sort of afraid of what might happen if this were to become a trend, though. Frankenstein marketing!

        • hajusuuri says:


          Frankenfood – new series on weird food; not sure if series is still on but an example of frankenfood Fried PB&J Fishsticks

          Frankenfume – maybe we can have a Frankenfume Friday – weird pairing of perfumes that somehow work (Frankstein came to life) or not (who wants to look, walk and talk like that)

          • nozknoz says:

            Great poll idea!

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