Ramon Monegal Hand in Hand ~ new perfume

Ramon Monegal Hand in Hand

Spanish niche line Ramón Monegal will launch Hand in Hand: Rose & Oudh, a new unisex floriental fragrance.

Not long ago, a perfume connoisseur threw down a gauntlet to me. He asked, “Why don’t you combine two of your favorite scents, woods and flowers, to create a new and original fragrance?” I accepted the challenge. I chose the rose, the most mythical flower in the history of perfumery, and imagined its tenderness and romanticism combined with the strength and solemnity of oud to compose a unique hand-in-hand fragrance. – Ramon Monegal

The perfume is deep and rich. An infusion of tender petals of Bulgarian rose with Indian oud in a sophisticated combination with warm spices and Tonkin Musk.

Ramón Monegal Hand in Hand: Rose & Oudh is available now for pre-order at Twisted Lily, $200 for 50 ml Eau de Parfum.

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  1. scentfromabove says:

    I think he did or had a hand in doing a Cherry Musk fragrance as well. I might have my fragrances mixed up. Any who, I remember his name and thought he was a perfumer worth taking an interest in. So, I am curious about this one.

    • Robin says:

      I can’t remember all the fragrance names, but Cherry Musk sounds likely.

  2. Kevin says:

    HA! Rose and oudh? Golly..THEY’VE never been put together before, have they?

    • Joe says:

      But Kevin, it says it’s a “new and original” fragrance.

      Okay, I’ll stop now.

    • Robin says:

      Makes the PR copy kind about throwing down the gauntlet kind of inane. Can a rose + oud be done? We’ll see. Be a real shocker if the warm spices include saffron…

    • solanace says:

      My exact thoughts! Estée Lauder, which is no Amouage, already did that with Wood Mystique, which you reviewed back in 2012. This really putts me off, and I rwanted to like this brand, since the bottles are so gorgeous.

      • solanace says:

        Sorry for the typo.

    • michael.j says:

      LMFAO. Seriously? McDonald’s has had McOud ‘n’ Rose dipping sauce for months now. It’s great on nuggets. Even better than the Saffron Sauce, IMO.

      • michael.j says:

        Señor Monegal might have been in a coma for a while, if not for the entire history of perfumery, at least for the past ten years. ¡pobre!

    • Omega says:

      Lol, still challenging I am sure. Lol, I remember you not liking their line, I did..until I sniffed their entire line. Cherry Musk and Lovely Day just made me mad. But still like Agar Musk, Ambra di Luna…even that whatever butterfly one wasn’t too bad I guess. Impossible Iris isn’t too bad either. But most just don’t seem like they are worth the price….like Cotton Musk…which made me the most angry, lol.

  3. Joe says:

    You heard the lady, “PLEASE, NO MORE OUD!!!!”

    And definitely no more rose and oud. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. -_-

    • Robin says:

      Just so I can say something positive: I do like the idea of a scent highlighting 2 notes called “hand in hand”.

      • floragal says:

        Yes, I like that as well.

  4. Coumarin says:

    I just let out a huge yawn. How odd. I’m sure it isn’t this new launch I’m reading about….

    Seriously, oud must sell like McDonalds. I wish I liked it more–there sure are plenty to choose from.

    • Robin says:

      I do like oud, but they’ve long since made plenty to fill my needs.

      • thegoddessrena says:

        Maybe you should do a community oud day

    • michael.j says:

      Ha! You read my mind about McDonald’s.

  5. Uday Parfoom says:

    Dear Ramon Monegal

    Why don’t you combine two of your favorite scents, woods and flowers, to create a new and original fragrance?

    Yours sincerely

    ‘Pierre Montale’

    • michael.j says:

      You do realize that ‘Pierre Montale’ is just a marketing front for Ammar Atmeh, right? It is Atmeh who is actually behind all the Montales. Montale the man was just hired to be the public face of the brand so it would sell better in the the West. Kind of a sad commentary, actually.

      • Uday Parfoom says:

        Quite aware of that. I was imagining a scenario where RM was so out of touch he’d see this product as something genuinely novel. Although I know that isn’t the case.

  6. Omega says:

    I may try to sniff this anyway, what the heck? His Agar Musk was pretty ok..there are very few oud scents I like…Noir de Noir is one I can wear…but don’t reach for my sample at all really.

  7. joeym says:

    I was really leary when I saw this bottle Saturday but I sampled it and I must say, it’s really beautiful. It’s not a real pungent Rose/Oud. I look forward to adding this to my collection.

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