Fossil 1954 ~ new fragrances

Fossil 1954 fragrances

US based Fossil, best known for their watches, has launched a new duo of fragrances, Fossil 1954.

Fossil 1954 for Women ~ "A tomboy twist of cool and warm scents, Fossil 1954 for her blends mandarin blossom with pink pepper and ginger for a sexy hint of spice. Mountain juniper berry, heirloom flower petals of day break rose and white freesia add both a masculine and feminine note, and a touch of Texas cedar wood gives this scent a unique finish that is authentically Fossil."

Fossil 1954 for Men ~ "A scent that recalls a perfectly worn leather jacket, bois santal gives Fossil 1954 for him a finish that has the perfect contrast of gritty and smooth. Accents of Italian bergamot, clary sage and Guatemalan cardamom add an energetic accent, while a layer of sandalwood is perfectly complemented by a background of raw vanilla and black rose."

Fossil 1954 for Women and for Men are $60 each for 50 ml, at Fossil.

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  1. Laurels says:

    The men’s sounds like it might be interesting. My question is, why does the ad show two packs of cigarettes when neither scent has tobacco listed as a note?

    • Robin says:

      I think you might be mistaking the outer cartons for the fragrances as cigarette packs?

      • pyramus says:

        They REALLY look like cigarette packs, though. That is for sure what I thought they were at first.

        The men’s does sound nice. The question is whether the execution will match the concept. If they’re not afraid of the rose, it might work.

  2. Laurels says:

    Glad I’m not the only one that saw it. Yeah, it’s the seals that really make them look like old-fashioned cigarette packs. If it isn’t subliminal marketing to ex-smokers, it should be.

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