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  1. AnnS says:

    What a conundrum:

    If it was Chanel, that’s easiest:
    1. No 5 edt
    2. No 5 Eau Premier
    3. Coco edt
    4. Cristalle edp
    5. No 19 edt

    If Guerlain:
    1. Chamade (any of them!)
    2. Nahema edp
    3. Mitsouko extrait or edp
    4. Vol de Nuit vintage extrait
    5. Eau Imperiale

    If Annick Goutal:
    1. Heure Exquise edp
    2. Songes edp
    3. Ce Soir ou Jamais edp
    4. Grand Amour edp
    5. Mandragore edt

    • nozknoz says:

      I see what you did there – 15 is a lot more bearable to contemplate that five. ;-)

      Great choices!

      • AnnS says:

        Yes…. 15 is more bearable! I think after contemplation that I’d have to flip between Guerlain and Goutal though. My Chanels aren’t very “outdoorsy” picks! How many years am I supposed to be stranded anyway?

    • Joe says:

      Just wanting to say hi, Ann! Nice to see your comments here occasionally when I scroll through. :-)

      • AnnS says:

        Thanks Joe – nice to see you too!

  2. C.H. says:

    So Olivia Giacobetti’s an easy pick for me (…I maybe should’ve considered vintage perfumers, but I haven’t had enough coffee this AM to think it through properly!), but which five?? The first four come easily, but for the last spot…

    En Passant
    Idole (EDT!)

    • C.H. says:

      Robin, what are your picks??

      • Robin says:

        Just added a list below, but I’m not happy with it yet.

  3. Robin says:


    1. Hiris
    2. L’Ambre des Merveilles
    3. Osmanthe Yunnan
    4. Vetiver Tonka
    5. Un Jardin sur Le Nil

    But this is a problematic list…I have no white flowers and no incense.

    • Coumarin says:

      Our lists don’t overlap much but it’s good to see another Hermes pick!

      I do really wish JCE would do a jasmine before he retires, though florals don’t seem to interest him much.

      • Robin says:

        If he did, it would almost certainly be too light and/or abstract for me anyway. So I sort of wish he would, sort of wish he wouldn’t!

        • Coumarin says:

          True, it could always turn out poorly. I personally have always imagined a feminine Terre d’Hermes with jasmine instead of orange over that flinty base, but that might be a bit weird for mass market.

    • Elisa says:

      Wow, Hermes doesn’t have a white floral? What about 24, Faubourg?

      • Robin says:

        Oh, did not mean they didn’t have one, just meant can’t manage 5 scents and get everything I want!

        • Elisa says:

          They don’t really have an all-out white floral though! I guess hermes doesn’t do “all out” anything :)

          • Robin says:

            True! I will have to smuggle in some A La Nuit or something.

  4. jirish says:

    Tauer – Un Rose Chypree, Incense Rose, Zeta, Cologne du Maghreb, and Lonestar Memories. Lonestar Memories would go nicely with the smoke signals I’d be making!

    • Elisa says:

      I think could make do on the desert island with URC, Incense Rose, L’Air du Desert Morocain, Dark Passage, and Une Rose Vermeille.

  5. lucasai says:

    If all from Atelier Cologne:
    1. Grand Neroli
    2. Cedrat Enivrant
    3. Rose Anonyme
    4. Silver Iris
    5. Santal Carmin

    If all from Daniela Roche-Adrier:
    1. Prada Amber Pour Homme
    2. Carner Barcelona Tardes
    3. Prada Luna Rossa
    4. Prada Infusion d’Iris Absolue
    5. Prada Infusion de Vetiver

    SotD is Van Cleef & Arpels California Reverie

  6. Coumarin says:

    In Angela’s article this week, I commented something like, “A more conservative me would only ever wear Hermes,” so this question is no sweat. I’d probably go Epice Marine, Jou d’Hermes, Apres La Mousson, L’Ambre des Merveiles, and… oof. Maybe Brin de Reglisse. (Okay, a little sweat. That last one could easily be Paprika Brasil or Iris Ukiyoe.)

  7. Sajini says:

    I think I’d go with Chanel as well:
    Bois des Isles
    Bronze Goddess (she stowed away on the Chanel yacht)
    And my desert island would have a resort on it.

    • Sajini says:

      SOTD is vintage Armani (just read Robin’s review of the newest Aedes and inspired to wear some carnation today)

    • lucasai says:

      Bois des Iles seems especially appropriate for a desert island :D

      • Dixie says:

        I love Bois des Iles but one of my male coworkers told me it smells like an old lady :( and now I think of that whenever I where it.

    • Dixie says:

      I like the Stow Away!

  8. CM says:

    Id have to go with house Amouage:
    Dia (Extrait)
    Lyric (Extrait)

    Or maybe Memoir if the desert isle was cold :)

    • AnnS says:


    • Undina says:

      So far your list is the closest to what I’d love to wear on that island.

    • anngd says:

      CM, I’m with you!

      Opus 1
      Opus 3

      No SOTD yet; yesterday was Dia.

  9. flannery says:

    I don’t have to puzzle over this one, it would be five from Mona di Orio’s line. In the order of importance –

    All in the Les Nombres d’Or collection

    1. Oud
    2. Tubereuse
    3. Violette Fumee
    4. Musc
    5. Vetyver

  10. MikasMinion says:

    That is a tough one…
    To keep a broad pallet I would have to go with Bertrand Duchaufour.
    Rose Cut, Avignon, Kyoto, Nuit de Tubereuse, Chypre Palatin, and Enchanted Forest. I see I don’t have any nice smooth ambers on my list though and a couple of incense.
    I could also easily go with Olympic Orchids just because I don’t think I could actually be without Tropic of Capricorn. I get a lot of wear out of ToC, Dev IV, Ballets Rouges, Osafume, and African Orchid.

    • Kseni says:

      I think these days I will go with Duchaufour as well, but with 5 very different choices: Mohur, Ashoka, Seville a l’Aube, Nuit De Tubereuse, and maybe I will take Sartorial as well to match my tuxedo, since what else to do on a desert island if not to show off… in any case, how prolific of Duchaufour…

  11. ihadanidea says:

    I don’t know my lines or perfumers nearly well enough yet, but if I had to choose, it would probably be Chanel.

    1. 31 Rue Cambon
    2. 28 La Pausa
    3. Bois des Iles
    4. Cuir de Russie
    5. Maybe Cristalle? It would be hot there, so I’d need something cooling. But the rest of the time I’d be reveling in the glorious richness I’d brought along with me

    • rose pepper says:

      I’m in the same boat (ha!) in that I haven’t tried enough perfumes from different houses, but I know I like a few Chanels:
      1) Cristalle
      2) Coco
      3) Cuir de Russie
      4) Sycomore
      5) No 19

      Cristalle is amazing on hot days! I also want to bring Coromandel …

  12. scentfromabove says:

    This would be easy for me. I would like choose Jo Malone fragrances.
    1. Nectarine Blossom and Honey
    2. BlackBerry and Bay
    3. Peony Blush and Suede
    4. Pomegranate Noir
    5. Vanilla Anise

    • johanob says:

      I think your list is very practical indeed!Think of all the different layering options!

      • scentfromabove says:

        I know, right? Those 5 scents could turn into like 10 or more different fragrances. (excuse my Math skills; was never my cup of tea!) That’s what I love most about the JM fragrances!

    • scentfromabove says:

      I have also fallen in love with Jo Malone’s line “Jo Loves”. So, if I couldn’t have her original line, here are the five I would choose from Jo Loves:
      1. No. 42 The Flower Shop
      2. A Shot of Fresh Sweet Peas
      3. Orange Tulle
      4. A Shot of Thai Lime Over Mango
      5. A Shot of Oud Over Mango

  13. Elisa says:

    Oh man that’s tough. My first instinct is to go with Calice Becker so I could have Cuir de Lancome, Donna Karan Gold, and Sweet Redemption. Then I’d maybe throw in A Taste of Heaven and Liaisons Dangereuses. Unfortunately CB hasn’t done a rose chypre. Alas!

    • nozknoz says:

      Calice Becker is a great choice. I love some of her other BKs, too, especially Rose Oud, Back to Black and beyond love.

  14. hajusuuri says:

    I see my scent twin Lucas tagged Atelier Cologne which was the first line I thought of.

    Atelier Cologne:
    Silver Iris
    Sous le toit de Paris
    Cedrat Enivrant
    Blanche Immortelle
    Vanille Insensee (this one is a toss up but I must have a vanilla, even a light one)

    If by perfumer, I would go with Bertrand Duchaufour:
    Parfums MDCI Chypre Palatin
    NVC Trayee
    L’AP Seville a l’Aube
    Ann Gerard Rose Cut
    CDG Kyoto
    L’AP Vanille Absolument
    Amouage Jubilation XXV

    (I was not a math major)

    SOTD = Serge Lutens Vitriol d’oiellet – meh double meh…moving on to other carnations

    • lucasai says:

      I see we overlap with some Atelier Colognes :)

    • MikasMinion says:

      Hmm, forgot about Vanilla Absolument. I may need to revamp my list.

      • Jaisalmer says:

        Vanille Abslument is something I really can’t do without

    • Undina says:

      My Duchaufour’s list is below but if I were to go with Atelier’s perfumes, my list would be:
      Bois Blonds, Orange Sanguine, Oolang Infini, Trèfle Pur and Silver Iris. And Rose Anonyme. And maybe Vétiver Fatal.

    • Elena says:

      Looking at your list, I realize that M. Duchaufour has a way with incense. Trayee, Rose Cut, and Kyoto are three perfect interpretations. I first though, “Easy, Chanel,” but reading everyone’s responses is really making it hard. And making me glad I don’t actually have to choose!

    • thegoddessrena says:

      You might want to try the new Atelier at Bergdorf’s–Rendezvous is a nice osmanthus suede

  15. Jessica says:

    Ooh, a toughie. But I think I’d go with Editions de Parfums/Frederic Malle, because I’d neeeeed these top two:

    1. Lipstick Rose
    2. Iris Poudre
    3. En Passant
    4. Portrait of a Lady
    5. Cologne Bigarade (for really hot days on that island) ;)

    • johanob says:

      Lets get stranded,Jessica!Lol!Almost scenttwins,we can share!!

      • Robin says:

        I think this is the answer…I need to be stranded with other perfumistas!

        • Robin says:

          Plus, maybe some people who know how to fish, and a chef, and a few musicians, and…

          • Bee says:

            I could help with the cooking!

          • johanob says:

            Well THIS perfumista can fish,AND split a coconut!Lets go boys and girls!Survivor The Perfumista Edition…

          • Robin says:

            Ok, you guys are my team. But you’ll probably vote me off the island before long, my survival skills are not exactly stellar.

          • johanob says:

            Your extensive knowledge of perfume will be good enough reason to AT LEAST take you to the TOP 3!(With me and Boston Rob of course…one can dream,yes?)

    • Bee says:

      It’s a tough question, but it could be Malle too, but with a different selection
      1, Lys med
      2 Iris poudre
      3 vetiver extraordinaire
      4 Dries van Noten
      5 Portrait

  16. monkeytoe says:

    Vintage; Guerlain:

    Apres l’Ondee
    Eau de Guerlain

    Current; Christopher Sheldrake:

    Chanel Eau de Cologne
    SL La Myrrh
    SL Iris Silver Mist
    SL Bois de Violette
    SL El Attarine

  17. thegoddessrena says:


    Honeysuckle Bird
    Lilas et Narcisse
    Centennial (why don’t I have a bottle of this yet?)
    Amon Ra
    Rose for Beacon Free (though this might change depending on my current batch of sampling)

    • HemlockSillage says:

      That’s a great list. You created a nice, wide variation of perfumes for your mood if you were stuck for a long while. BTW, you do need a small bottle of Centennial, it’s gorgeous! Keep an eye out for discounts–I delightedly nabbed mine with one of the 20% off plus free shipping specials. It can be yours. (BTW, hope your scratch is much better!) Be well.

  18. Ericgmd says:

    Bois des Iles
    24 La Pausa
    Bleu (hey why not?!)

  19. johanob says:

    OH This is EASY!!Lol!Frederic Malle!
    1.Portrait of a Lady
    2.Portrait of a Lady
    3.Iris Poudre
    4.Le Parfum de Therese
    5.Carnal Flower.
    Yes,Portrait of a Lady features twice!(and I’ll need 100ml bottles of each,thanks very much!)

    • mals86 says:

      You made me laugh. I could have gone with four bottles of Iris Poudre and one Carnal Flower, myself. :)

      • johanob says:

        Nice!!I’d like to be stranded with you(if there was a choice of scented company!)

    • CM says:

      Malle is for wearing on my ‘other’ island. I’m down for
      Iris Poudre
      L’eau d’Hiver,
      iris Poudre,
      lipstick rose,
      Fleur de Cassie

      And this island is the perfect 70 degrees with delishiously cool evenings.

  20. 50_Roses says:


    Vol de Nuit
    Apres l’Ondee

    One thing, though–is this “desert island” hot most of the time? I ask because my list has some heavy hitters that might be too much in hot weather. I’m not sure what my alternative list would be, though. My tastes are rather eclectic, and I find it hard to limit myself to just one house or perfumer.

    • AnnS says:

      I was imagining more of a nice, blustery, slightly cloudy, moderate-cool island off the coast of Maine, or in the San Juans… I’m not a hot sandy beach kind of gal. I was thinking Mitsouko goes best with a beach bonfire and a nice cashmere sweater….. So then I think I must choose Guerlain for my selections!

      • 50_Roses says:

        Well, since Bar Harbor is on Mount Desert Island, I guess it then becomes a question of choosing five perfumes for my visit to Bar Harbor, right? I actually was in Bar Harbor last year in early October. I don’t remember exactly what perfumes I took, though, but they weren’t all from the same perfumer or house. I’ll stick with my Guerlain list for my return visit.

        • mals86 says:

          The CEO and I honeymooned there in mid-May, right before the summer “season” started… a bit chilly.

  21. solanace says:

    I´d go Guerlain:
    L´Heure Bleue
    Rose Nacrée du Désert
    Eau de Cologne Impériale

    And I´d be happy enough with them, specially on that island!

    • solanace says:

      Rose Nacrée would make me miss Mohur, though.

      • austenfan says:

        I’m glad to see Rose Nacrée mentioned. I have a sample and I keep trying to convince myself that I own plenty enough roses so I don’t NEED this. Personally I favour Eau de Guerlain over Cologne Impériale but Impériale does win on crispness!

  22. phanie says:

    L’Ombre dans l’ eau EdT
    Tam Dao
    Don Son

    Jean Claude Ellena:
    Bulgari-Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert
    Frederic Malle-L’Eau d’Hiver
    Hermès-Vétiver Tonka
    Hermès-L’Ambre des Merveilles
    The Different Compan-Bois d’Iris

    • audreylicious says:

      L’eau D’Hiver and The Vert were my next two on my list!! Love JCE

  23. Jaisalmer says:


  24. Jaisalmer says:

    L’eau trois
    Tam dao
    Eau duelle
    Eau de lierre

  25. Jaisalmer says:

    Lartisan parfumeur
    HavanA vanille
    PassAge d’enfer
    Al oudh
    Traversée du bosphore

  26. audreylicious says:

    That pic above? I was there last summer, it’s Paradise Island off the North Coast of the island. It’s a sand bar with great snorkeling. Everyone should go! But I digress. If U were stranded on a desert island I assume it would be hot, so it’d have to be ‘cool’ fragrances .
    My pics:
    Chanel Bel Respiro.
    Cristiano Fissore Rhapsodia en Blu
    Profumi del Forte By Night: White
    Frederic Malle Bigarade
    Hermessence Vanille Galante

    • audreylicious says:

      Ugh! Missed the same brand/perfumer part.
      Jean Claude Ellen’s. His clean and simple, light style is perfect for heat.
      Jardin Après La Mousson (yes I like this one and it’s lovely on me)
      Vanille Galante
      La Haie Fleurie
      Pamplemousse Rose

      • audreylicious says:

        Ugh! Ellena. Autocorrect grrrrr!

    • Robin says:

      Oh how cool! I am jealous, it looks lovely.

  27. austenfan says:

    I must have done something wrong as my first attempt didn’t get posted; here I go again:

    If I would have to choose only 5 Goutals I would choose:

    1. Heure Exquise
    2. Songes
    3. Eau du Fier
    4. Mon Parfum Chéri par Camille
    5. a tie between Vétiver, Eau du Sud and Ninfeo Mio

    If it would be my beloved Parfums de Nicolaï I would bring:

    1. New York
    2. Sacrebleu
    3. Nicolaï pour Homme
    4. Le Temps d’une Fête
    5. Eau d’Eté


    1. Eau de Guerlain, one always needs a great citrus and Eau de Guerlain is as good as it gets.
    2. L’Heure Bleue
    3. Mitsouko
    4. Shalimar
    5. Chamade

    Editions de Parfums:

    1. Le Parfum de Thérèse
    2. Carnal Flower
    3. Noir Epices
    4. L’Eau d’Hiver
    5. Une Fleur de Cassie

    Just one nose: A tie between JCE and Giacobetti, so I am bringing 5 favourites from both:

    1. Dzing!
    2. Vamp à New York
    3. Hiris
    4. Thé pour un Eté
    5. Drôle de Rose
    6. First
    7. Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert
    8. La Haire Fleurie du Hameau
    9. Déclaration
    10. Un Jardin après la Mousson

    But I clearly need someone on this island who is enamoured with a few more Amouages than just Gold, and more familiar with Parfums MDCI.

    • Robin says:

      Found it in the spam queue, not sure why but sorry about that!

      • austenfan says:

        No worries, just glad it got posted, as I was getting ready just now for a 3rd attempt.

    • AnnS says:

      I see your list as a great indicator that your deserted island would be more like a Eva Gabor kind of green acres situation luxury beach resort with lots of luggage and a porter…. :-)

  28. Celestia says:

    Comptoir Sud Pacifique:
    Aqua Motu
    Cool Tropic Palm
    Cool TropicTurquoise
    Eau de Lagons

  29. 2rista says:

    Uff, very difficult. Bearing in mind that it’s a desert island, I’ d probably want something refreshing so Atelier would seem very appropriate:

    Grand Néroli
    Cedrat Énivrant
    Tréfle Pur
    Vanille Insensée
    Sous le Toit de Paris

    or Hermès

    Un Jardin sur le Nil
    Eau des Merveilles
    24 Faubourg
    Vetiver Tonka
    Kelly Calèche

    but wait…I feel another list coming on: L`Artisan

    Traversée du Bosphore
    La Chasse aux Papillons Extrême
    Bois Farine

    I think that will be enough.

    • 2rista says:

      Sorry, I didn’t mean to send that twice…once was more than enough.

  30. 2rista says:

    Uff, very difficult. Bearing in mind that it’s a desert island, I’ d probably want something refreshing so Atelier would seem very appropriate:

    Grand Néroli
    Cedrat Énivrant
    Tréfle Pur
    Vanille Insensée
    Sous le Toit de Paris

    or Hermès

    Un Jardin sur le Nil
    Eau des Merveilles
    24 Faubourg
    Vetiver Tonka
    Kelly Calèche

    but wait…I feel another list coming on: L`Artisan

    Traversée du Bosphore
    La Chasse aux Papillons Extrême
    Bois Farine

    I think that will be enough.

  31. morgana says:

    If I had to do it, I would probably go with Olivia Giacobetti:
    IUNX Eau Blanche (can wear it always)
    IUNX L’Ether (woods, spices, smoke)
    Hermes Hiris (flowers)
    L’Artisan Ete en Douce (for the super warm weather on the island, when one feels like not wearing a perfume)
    Diptyque Eau de Lavande (leather, when feeling homesick and for its weirdness)
    But this would break my heart as I would be leaving behind my very best friend (and signature for over 10 years) CdG Odeur 53 –would need to cheat and sneak in one of those huge bottles …

    • C.H. says:

      Ooh exciting–I also picked Giacobetti, I guess I really need to smell the IUNX fragrances, huh? But I do like Eau de Lavande, somehow I didn’t realize it was hers! Also this absolutely makes me want to try Odeur 53–if another Giacobetti fan likes it so much, I probably need to sniff it! :)

      • morgana says:

        If you like Giacobetti, you really should try IUNX. I hate that it is so difficult to get to them, but they are amazing. If you decide to order samples from STC, keep in mind that they will give you a rather skewed impression because IUNX scents come in huge bottles with enormous sprayers (btw, IUNX has the best packaging ever!). This means that a STC sample will seem much weaker than the actual fragrance that you would get from IUNX.
        For Odeur 53, I am not sure whether to recommend it or not. I used it every day for at least 12 years, so I have a very special relationship with that fragrance … but I totally accept that to most people Odeur 53 is not so appealing …
        And so glad you enjoy Eau de Lavande!! I also liked it before I figured out that it was Giacobetti’s (I read it on The Scented Salamander), but then it made sense since it is a special one, isn’t it?

  32. mals86 says:

    I managed a Chanel list pretty easily: No. 5 Eau Premiere, No. 19 (LOTS), Bois des Iles, 1932, and… oh, I suppose 31 Rue Cambon.

    Did a Guerlain list by including a d/c scent and one that I’d only want a less-recent version of: Shalimar Light (d/c), Chamade, AA Pamplelune, Apres l’Ondee (pre-2012), and… gah. Vega. That, or Floral Romantique.

    Could do a Coty list that I would actually be happy with, assuming that I could get vintage versions of these: Chypre, Emeraude, La Rose Jacqueminot, Muse, L’Aimant. Or maybe some fresh 1990 Aspen for Women.

    I’ve tried, but I can’t come up with a perfumer-specific list. Tried Sophia Grojsman, Pierre Bourdon, Yann Vasnier and Francis Kurkdjian, but couldn’t get five each. MAYBE Calice Becker: DK Gold*, Ines de la Fressange, Cuir de Lancome, BK Sweet Redemption, Tommy Girl or BK Rose Oud. *Becker was part of a team for Gold, according to Fragrantica.

    • johanob says:

      Lol…You are not gonna survive Mals,I’m afraid!The perfumed baggage you’re swimming with to shore,are gonna drown you halfway there!!hehe!

      • mals86 says:

        Well, yeah. But I’d die happy. And smelling WONDERFUL.

        • johanob says:

          THE TRUTH.Are you on the survivor Perfumista tribe then?Lol!Strength in numbers!;-)

    • AnnS says:

      Maybe you and austenfan above can just open a small fragrance boutique on the desert island and the rest of us can just visit every day for our fix!

  33. farouche says:

    I’m choosing 5 before reading the rest of the comments to avoid being influenced by everyone else’s choices. Here goes with J-C Ellena frags:

    1. L’Ambre de Merveilles (Hermes)
    2. L’Eau d’Hiver (Malle)
    3. Vetiver Tonka (Hermes)
    4. Rose Poivree (TDC)
    5. Un Jardin sur le Nil ( Hermes)

    Today I’m wearing Masque Tango, a sample from a generous swapper, and I’m loving its smoke and spice. Just right for a cool, rainy day.

  34. Ida says:

    Ooh nice question – but I think I am not informed enough on the perfumiers to respond … OK, brands – like many above, Chanel:
    31 Rue Cambon
    Bel Respiro
    Bois des Iles

  35. bookgirl says:

    Fun post! Here are mine….

    1. Eau de Merveilles
    2. Vetiver Tonka
    3. Un Jardin Sur Le Nil
    4. Vanille Galante
    5. Jour d’Hermes

    Frederic Malle
    1. L’Eau d’Hiver
    2. Une Fleur de Cassie
    3. En Passant
    4. Lys Méditerranée
    5. Une Rose

    Ormonde Jayne:
    1. Ta’if
    2. Champaca
    3. Ormonde Woman
    4. Frangipani
    5. Sampaquita

    Jean-Claude Ellena:
    1. Frederic Malle L’Eau d’Hiver
    2. Hermès Hermessence Vetiver Tonka
    3. Amouage Dia Pour Femme
    4. Hermès Jour d’Hermès
    5. Bvlgari Eau Parfumee au The Vert

    Bertrand Duchaufour:
    1. Comme des Garcons series 3, Incense: Kyoto
    2. Eau d’Italie Paestum Rose
    3. L’Artisan Poivre Piquant
    4. L’Artisan Vanille Absolument
    5. L’Artisan Dzongkha

  36. Undina says:

    Dependent on the desert island’s climate, two choices.

    For the tropical island I’d go with Bertrand Duchaufour:
    1. L’Artisan Parfumeur Traversee du Bosphore
    2. L’Artisan Parfumeur Seville a l’aube
    3. Neela Vermeire Creations Bombay Bling!
    4. Neela Vermeire Creations Trayee
    5. The Vagabond Prince Enchanted Forest

    For the colder weather I’d go with Amouage:
    1. Amouage Gold
    2. Ubar
    3. Memoir
    4. Lyric
    5. Dia

    • johanob says:

      My Island Holiday experience so far(Mauritius,Maledives):25deg celsius MINIMUM temps at night!Days around mid thirties.The only perfume wearable was Eau Sauvage!But a fun holiday it sure was!

  37. JolieFleurs says:

    I have to cheat and place my island someplace chilly; I can’t do hot sandy beaches, either!

    So I’ll choose an island off the coast of British Columbia or perhaps Scotland, even and I will pack my beloved Carons, all pre-reformulation, please!

    Nuit de Noel
    Or et Noir
    Tabac Blonde

    • johanob says:

      You can choose Caldey Island,and be set with Lavender perfume for the rest of your stranded stay!

      • Merlin says:

        Please sign me up for Caldey island too! I was there about 20 years ago before I had any interest in perfume and so I never even considered looking for lavender. Now one of my favorite notes :/ I perched myself on one of its chalky striped cliffs and watched gulls wheeling above the green-glass sea!

        • johanob says:

          And where is your desert island list,M?

          • Merlin says:

            Below, I somewhat tentatively went with Lutens!

      • JolieFleurs says:

        Oh, count me in!

    • nozknoz says:

      Great list, I had also come to the conclusion that Tabac Blond would be essential!

    • AnnS says:

      Good choices. I’m with you on a cool blustery island! We can double our take then.

  38. bergamot says:

    There’d definitely be stuff I’d miss, but I would be just fine on my island with the following Duchaufour scents:

    Eau d’Italie Sienne l’Hiver
    CDG Sequoia
    CDG Harissa
    Eau d’Italie Paestum Rose
    L’Artisan Seville a l’Aube

  39. kaos.geo says:

    If I had to take a perfumer’s work…
    It has to be this marvelous perfumer who makes mostly women’s scents that are so good that I want to wear them regardless.
    Many are florals, which I associate with femininity, but they are so well made… that I don’t care.

    Sophia Grojsman
    Outrageous! -Frederic Malle/Barney’s Co op
    Calyx – Prescriptives/Clinique
    Sun Moon Stars – Karl Lagerfeld
    Volupté – Oscar de la Renta
    Bulgari Pour Femme – Bulgari

    And JCE’s….
    Eau Parfumee au The Vert Extreme – Bulgari
    Eau de Campagne – Sisley
    In Love Again – YSL
    Declaration – Cartier
    Hermessence Brin de Reglisse – Hermes

    ‘Nuff said! :-)

    • austenfan says:

      I’m so glad you thought of Sophia Grojsman, I could have chosen her as well.
      My choices would be slightly different and would include Paris, Trésor, White Linen, Pour Femme and Calyx.

      • kaos.geo says:

        Yeah I tried to stay closer to the ones I think I could pull off wearing, being a man, but I like your choices too. Tresor is a beauty indeed.

        Have you tried “tresor In love”?
        I think its a lovely reinterpretation, but keeping the original spirit.. Like Chanel n 5 eau premiere.

  40. Liza says:

    Narcisse Noir
    Tabac Blond

    • nozknoz says:

      Great list – with Narcisse Noir and Tabac Blond one can face anything!

      Personally I’d also need Parfum Sacre and Troisiemme Homme.

      • JolieFleurs says:

        Oh, now you make me want to sample some of the Troisiemme!

      • AnnS says:

        I love Parfum Sacre!

    • JolieFleurs says:

      I didn’t want to cheat, but Yatagan would definitely be smuggled in with my other Carons. And Narcisse Noir occasionally goes wonky on me, so I had to leave her home, but I’d probably soak a hanky in it to bring along!

  41. Janet says:

    I’ll go with By Kilian:
    Love (my SOTN)
    Beyond Love
    Incense Oud
    Liaisons Dangereuses
    Straight to Heaven

    A little bit of everything.

  42. nebbe says:

    Chanel, since still working on knowing my perfumers. And, love Chanel.

    For my deserted island:

    1. No. 5 Eau Premiere
    2. Beige
    3. Chance Eau Tendre
    4. Bois des Iles
    5. Cristalle Eau Vert (haven’t tried this or Cristalle on skin, but I like the way this one smells in the bottle better, and I need a green scent to balance out the group)

    Whoops – how did this

    • nebbe says:

      Ha ha posted too soon!

      Meant to say, “whoops – how did this bottle of Kelly Caleche get here?”

  43. yukiej says:

    I have been thinking about this all day! and here is what I have come up with (limited largely by my lack of experience with specific perfumers and/or perfume houses):

    From JCE (very popular so far, it looks like!):
    Hermessences Vetiver Tonka
    Voyage d’Hermes
    Hermessences Epice Marine
    TDC Rose Poivree
    L’Artisan Bois Farine

    This is for a not super wintry island, of course.

  44. elvanui says:

    Oh it’s easy.
    L’Artisan, of course, they give such a great variety.
    Can I take discontinued ones too?:)
    Then the list goes:
    1. Tea for Two (cause I can’t live without her)
    2.L’Ambre extreme (an amber is required, right?)
    3. Figuier extreme (Summer! Figs! Coconut!)
    4.Santal (I only wish I had this long-gone gem)
    5.I’d need something floral, right? Then I’ll go for La Chasse extreme, not bc. I love it *that* much, but a desert island with no linden on it would qualify as the purgatory for me:).

    And this list is chosen half by heart and half common sense. Am I proud of me? Yes.

    Happy weekend Everyone!

    • nebbe says:

      That’s a great combination! Good work :D

    • nozknoz says:

      You’re right, L’Artisan is really ideal for this because of the range and quality. One could come up with three or four different lists from this line. I might take these, for example:

      Seville a l’Aube
      Mure et Musc
      Fleur de Narcisse 2007

  45. elvanui says:

    Oh… Can I also bring a friend with Dzongkha in her case?:)

    • nozknoz says:

      Good idea! Maybe she could also bring Traversee du Bosphore, Vanille Absolument, Voleur de Roses, and Al Oudh? ;-)

  46. Furriner says:


    Tea for Two
    L’Eau de Jatamansi
    Al Oudh

    • nozknoz says:

      Another great L’Artisan list!

  47. elvanui says:

    Someone on this island smells really great. Wait… is that Dzongkha?
    Can we arrange a campfire-spritz-swap event someday? You can have some Santal. :D

  48. Aparatchick says:

    Parfum d’Empire:

    Ambre Russe
    Osmanthus Interdite
    Corsica Furiousa

    • Merlin says:

      Good pick!

    • nozknoz says:

      I’ve been meaning to try Corsica Furiosa! I could survive on Pd’E if I had Cuir Ottoman.

  49. irisfreak says:

    This is hard. I’d almost rather I was limited to one (Chanel No. 19). But Hermes is the brand I have the most of…

    Vetiver Tonka (to remind me of my husband, who swam away and left me)
    Rose Ikebana (to remind me of food, of which there is none)
    Osmanthe Yunnan (to remind me of tea which is not available on the island)
    Brin de Reglisse (to calm me down, since being stranded is stressful)
    Ambre Narguile (to fantasize of cashmere blankets and buttered rum, since it’s cold at night)

    Let’s hope the rescue ship that picks me up has a stock of Chanel No. 19!

    • johanob says:

      I agree,just 1 might be easier!lol

  50. cazaubon says:

    Vancouver Island for me – I am an oriental fangirl.

    Songe d’un Bois d’Été
    Encens Mythique
    Spiritueuse Double Vanille
    Cruel Gardenis
    Iris Ganache

  51. Merlin says:

    No tropical sandy beaches for me – I want a cool one, thanks. Perhaps I would go with Lutens:

    2)Tubereuse Criminelle
    3)Iris Silver Mist
    4)Encens et Lavende (if it smells as good as the wax sample – if not them Fourreau Noir)
    5)Cuir Mauresque (again – if it smells as good as the wax)

    and I also plan on smuggling SaMajeste La Rose – its going in with the my medical supplies.

    Weird – I don’t actually own several of the perfumes in my desert island list – despite having an extensive collection. He he. What can I say – I’m fickle :D

    • johanob says:

      good list!I’ll just put ISM as nr 1 of course!

      • Merlin says:

        I thought you would choose Lutens – just to have ISM, lol! I guess ISM lost out to POAL :)

        • johanob says:

          unfortunately,yes…If it was random like from any house/perfumer,you know what my top 3 will be!!lol

    • pyramus says:

      Merlin, you and I are apparently on the same island so we can pool our scent libraries and you get to have some Fourreau Noir.

      • Merlin says:

        Sure – and if you are also bringing a first aid box… lol!

  52. pyramus says:

    Serge Lutens! Although it kills to me to leave behind so many other great scents, on my cool, shady desert island I get to have

    1) Un Bois Vanille
    2) Jeux de Peau
    3) Chypre Rouge
    4) Miel de Bois
    5) Fourreau Noir

    and I would be happy as could be expected under the circumstances.

  53. nozknoz says:

    Just for fun, here’s a rough tally as of Merlin at 12:08 pm:

    Amouage 3
    Annick Goutal 2
    L’Artisan Parfumeur 6
    Atelier 4
    By Kilian 1
    Caron 2
    Chanel 8
    Comptoir Sud Pacifique 1
    Coty 1
    Diptyque 2
    Guerlain 7
    Frederic Malle 7
    Hermes 5
    Jo Malone 2
    Olympic Orchards 1
    Ormonde Jayne 1
    Parfums d’Empire 1
    Parfums de Nicolai 1
    Parfums MDCI 1
    Serge Lutens 1
    Soivohle 1
    Tauer 2

    Calice Becker 3
    Bertrand Duchaufour 6
    Jean Claude Ellena 7
    Olivia Giacobetti 3
    Sophia Grojsman 2
    Mona d’Orio 1
    Daniela Roche Adrier 1
    Christopher Sheldrake 1

    This is a bit rough because I did not doublecheck. Also, while I usually only counted actual lists, rather than general endorsements of lines or perfumers, I may have been inconsistent occasionally and counted myself or someone else seconding a list.

    • johanob says:

      Interesting!I hope to be stranded with the Lutens/Malle/Chanel people!

    • Merlin says:

      And surprising in some ways!

      • Merlin says:

        I mean, Chanel in the lead and Malle and Guerlain tying, just behind!

      • nozknoz says:

        I agree, I found there were some surprises, for example, I would not have predicted the strong showing by Jean Claude Ellena and Hermes. They’re great, obviously, but many also complain that JCE’s compositions are too light or fleeting. Perhaps on a desert island one would need perfumes that aren’t likely to grow tiresome?

        And I’m going to do a Dior list just because it was left out!

        • Merlin says:

          Perhaps. I agree that for long term constant use a more subtle perfume is preferable, lol!

          I was also thinking about Dior: Mitzah, Eau Noire, Pure Poison, Hypnotic Poison…

          • nozknoz says:

            I think I liked New Look 1947, too.

      • nozknoz says:

        Also, I would have expected more for Serge Lutens – there are only two, adding in Pyramus. One could almost count the Sheldrake list, too, since all but one were SLs. Still, I’m surprised that Uncle Serge was way behind Frederic Malle. I guess the line is a bit heavy on orientals, and his more recent perfumes are a bit cerebral.

        • Merlin says:

          Yes, who would have thought!

          I do think that if the same question were asked in winter, people would be more focussed on warmer and heavier fragrances.

          • Robin says:

            Great idea! You are going to be stranded on an ice floe….will add that to the calendar.

          • nozknoz says:

            LOL, Robin!

            Merlin, good point!

          • Merlin says:

            He he – give me Ambre Russe, lol!

  54. floragal says:

    For me, Hermes:
    1. Eau de Merveilles
    2. Un Jardin en Méditerranée
    3. Brin de Reglisse
    4. Bel Ami Vetiver
    5. Eau de Pamplemousse Rose

  55. nozknoz says:

    I was a bit shocked that no one chose Dior. How the mighty have fallen! Is it because, like Coty, they ruined their classics? Or because they’ve bored us with floods of weak launches and confusing flankers? Nonetheless, one could not only survive but triumph with a cache of vintage Diors:

    Miss Dior (1947)
    Diorissimo (1956)
    Eau Sauvage (1956) (and/or 1972 Diorella)
    Diorling (1963)
    J’Adore (1999)

    • Merlin says:

      You need to get washed up with a suitcase of vintage :D

      • nozknoz says:

        I’m definitely hoping to find a vintage perfume collector’s steam trunk buried in the sand! :-)

    • Robin says:

      Oh, I’d say because their classics are all ruined…did not even think of doing 5 vintage, but I could live w/ 5 vintage Diors too!

    • monkeytoe says:

      I came close to choosing Dior (Vintage):

      Eau Savage
      Diorella (yes, I need both E Savage and Diorella)
      Eau Fraiche

  56. Nile Goddess says:

    Tough, very tough … I’d pick Christopher Sheldrake / Serge Lutens:

    Cuir Mauresque
    La Myrrhe
    Muscs Koublai Khan
    Daim Blond

    OR Tom Ford:
    Tobacco Vanille
    White Suede
    Tuscan Leather
    Noir de Noir
    Gucci Rush

    and hope to find a bottle of Azuree Soleil somewhere!

    • nozknoz says:

      I was thinking of doing an Estee Lauder list at one point but got distracted. Plenty of range there.

      Also a Santa Maria Novella list, because I’d need Melograno. I think that brand would work but I’m not familiar enough with it.

  57. Cybele says:

    Chanel 5
    Cuir de Russie
    Cristalle EDT
    Rose Barbare
    Rose Nacre du Desert
    Mistouko Extrait
    Le Petit Robe Noir Extrait
    Vetiver Pour Elle

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