Frapin Nevermore ~ new fragrance

Frapin Nevermore

Niche line Frapin has launched Nevermore, a new rose fragrance inspired by the Edgar Allen Poe poem The Raven.

In his work, poet Edgar Allan Poe, proclaims with a heavy heart his distress when faced with losses, answering each happy memory with: “Nevermore".

Calligraphed with a raven quill from the recesses of “Night’s Plutonian Shore”, his poem The Raven makes the concept of “now and forever” blossom, a true story steeped in legend.

On the poet’s birthday, January 19th, a mysterious visitor leaves three red roses and a flask of Cognac on Edgar Allan Poe’s tomb.

An enigmatic gesture, beautiful in its gratuitousness, a dark, baroque universe, purple roses and amber liquid … The Frapin House has drawn inspiration from this legend to create a new olfactory narration.

The notes include aldehydes, florazone, nutmeg, black pepper, rose, amber, Atlas cedar and saffron.

Frapin Nevermore is available now at Jovoy Paris in France and Bloom in the UK, in 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

(quote via jovoyparis, additional information via bloom)

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  1. eutrapelia says:

    Wow, wonderful news, thank you Robin!
    Love Frapin, and Poe. I think I love this symbiosys.

    • Robin says:

      It does sound really nice. Could swear there was another perfume inspired by The Raven but can’t think of what it is…

  2. des esseintes says:

    I Love Edgar Allen Poe but never tried a Frapin fragrance. I hope the floralozone doesn’t render it too light. It’s a very fresh smell.

    • Robin says:

      The line as a whole doesn’t tend towards light & fresh, but hard to say.

  3. poodle says:

    I want this just for the name.

  4. JolieFleurs says:

    I think the visits have ceased the last few years.

    I’ll definitely sniff this if I come across it; the husband and I are both Poe fans.

    Some candle company came out with a Poe inspired candle awhile back…didn’t care a lot for it, but it’s fun to have!

    • Robin says:

      I think you’re right that the birthday visits are no longer happening.

  5. mals86 says:

    Yeah, I want to smell too. Love Poe.

  6. rose pepper says:

    Love Poe, love roses. I want to try this!

  7. Merlin says:

    ‘Calligraphed with a raven quill from the recesses of “Night’s Plutonian Shore”, his poem The Raven makes the concept of “now and forever” blossom, a true story steeped in legend.’


    I do like the name Nevermore – though it may remind me now of The Following, rather than E.A. Poe!

  8. elvanui says:

    Oh Dear God, I’m in love.

    It’ the first time in almost ten years that a perfume literally made me tear up in public, in a perfume saloon.
    I tested Nevermore today in Budapest and I have to say it is the most gorgeous spicy, woodsy dry rose I have ever smelt. Ever. More! :)
    I have to get some of this. Test this Guys, if You have a chance, it is utter perfection.

    And I don’t even like rose perfumes that much. But…

    My Mama’s ancient rose oil, in the wooden flask, almost 30 years ago, my childhood and thousands of stories – one drop brought it all back and I was just standing there, in tears.

    It’s been 8 hours since I sprayed and it’s still intact. I’m in love.

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