Bethany Mota by Bethany Mota ~ new fragrance

Bethany Mota by Bethany Mota

'Social media goddess'* Bethany Mota has launched Bethany Mota Eau de Parfum, her debut fragrance. Bethany Mota was developed in conjunction with teen retail chain Aéropostale, where Ms. Mota introduced a clothing collection in 2013.

I'm so excited to share my Bethany Mota Fragrance! I really wanted to create a scent that represents how amazing you are: you're adorbs, fun, and totally one of a kind! This perfume features some of my fave smells like cotton candy, peaches, bergamot and vanilla sugar, and it has a smooth, musky finish. No one's sweeter than you, xoxo Beth

Notes for the fruity floral gourmand include bergamot, red berries, peach, cotton candy, praline, strawberry flower, vanilla sugar, crystallized musk and creamy wood.

Bethany Mota Eau de Parfum is available in 50 ml, $25.

(quote via aeropostale, additional information via prnewswire)

* The title comes from Business Insider, via THE BIG HAUL: Teenage YouTube Superstar Bethany Mota Has More Fans Than Vogue And A Fashion Line Of Her Own.

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  1. littlecooling says:

    Another Angel delight..sigh ;)

    • Robin says:

      The perfume doesn’t sound interesting, but I do think this might be the first scent from an internet celebrity. Also pretty sure this is the first time we’ve used the term ‘adorbs’ on NST.

  2. sayitisntso says:

    I think I got Type 2 diabetes from just reading that description.

  3. Ajda says:

    Oh god. And yay, I have no idea who she is!

    • Aparatchick says:

      Me neither; never heard of her. That wouldn’t stop me from sampling the perfume, but I’m pretty sure I got a cavity just from reading those notes.

  4. Nile Goddess says:

    I have no idea who she is either.

    At any rate, this is nothing new. Pink Sugar, Pleasures Delight, Candy and the list can go on …

    In a word: Bleugh!

  5. nebbe says:

    Interesting. I had not heard of her either, and just reading her Wikipedia page I am sincerely impressed by her entrepreneurial skills.
    Although, being 30+, I can’t hang with the teen slang. Adorbs is not cute.

    • mutzi says:

      Adorbs sounds like some type of painful affliction to me: “The doctor says I have adorbs, but it should go away quickly and I am taking ibuprofen for the pain.

      • MikasMinion says:

        Thank you! I heard it used on the news the other day. Unpleasant sounding word. Don’t know why but it makes me think of diapers.

    • kindcrow says:

      I’m OK with the teenage beatnik slang of Maynard G. Krebs :-)

  6. mals86 says:

    “Adorbs” is so, like, 2011. OVER.

  7. CobraRose says:

    I was going to make a smart remark about the adorbs social media goddess, but I see others have done my work for me.

  8. mutzi says:

    “…you’re adorbs, fun, and totally one of a kind!”. So, why don’t you all wear the same scent (my new one) and fatten my purse.

    I’m feeling very cynical today.

  9. kindcrow says:

    This may be the only perfume ad copy that was not written by the PR people. I’ve only just heard of her today, but I can imagine that the 18 year old social media goddess herself wrote this.

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