Monday scent of the day 7/28

Carillon Tower, Longwood Gardens, Wilmington Del.

Welcome to another week! Do share your fragrance of the day if you have a free moment.

I'm finally home from vacation after a long drive yesterday. I'm wearing the very cheerful (and very expensive) Tubereuse 40 from Le Labo.

Reminder: this Friday, August 1st, will be Indie Special Friday: wear something from an indie brand.

And for those of you who like to plan ahead, see Scent of the day ~ Friday community projects 2014, where I'll try to always have the next six or seven weeks mapped out in advance.

Note: image is Carillon Tower, Longwood Gardens, Wilmington Del. [Longwood Gardens, by the way, is not in Wilmington although it is near Wilmington] via Boston Public Library at flickr; some rights reserved.

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  1. scentfromabove says:

    SOTD is Atelier’s Oolang Infini.This is from an Atelier sample pack I received. This is a nice fragrance and it is light. Perfect for hot weather. Happy Monday everyone!

    • Robin says:

      And to you!

    • MikasMinion says:

      I have been wanting to try it and rarely hear about it. The tester at my NM has been missing forever and I can’t tell by smelling the soap if I love it or not. Wish someone else carried it locally. Glad to hear it is worth tracking down.

      • hajusuuri says:

        If it’s any consolation, I must be anosmic to something in the perfume so I bought the soap instead and it smells great!

  2. AnnS says:

    I wanted to dig into something I haven’t worn for a long time. Today I’m wearing YSL Cinema. It is such a cheerful fragrance!

    • Robin says:

      I need to do more digging in my cupboard too. I’m sure there is stuff in there I don’t even remember I own.

      • AnnS says:

        I keep having cravings for “new things” or the “perfect vanilla” (which I will likely never find b/c it’s not my fav note, weird I know). I know it’s pathetic: I’m having a perfumista hissy fit b/c I want to smell things I can’t get my hands on, explore what is not easily available, or frustrated that my extra funds must go to necessities rather than new bottles/decants, etc. Woe is me, right? I need to dig back into my extensive collection of bottles, etc, and just deal. Hence the Cinema, which really is so well done, and I don’t think I’ve worn for at least 15 months or so….. Just yesterday I found a large decant of Guerlain AA Ylang & Vanille that I forgot I had…. Maybe I need to do acrazy project and reorganize my bottles… filing system? Oh boy, frag hag melt down…. ;-)

        • perthgirl says:

          I hear ya Ann ;-)

          • AnnS says:


        • Laurels says:

          I think it’s human nature to long for what we can’t have. Pears were never my favorite fruit, but since I’ve been on a low-FODMAP diet, I can’t pass a bin of them at the store without thinking that they look and smell AMAZING. I have finally accumulated enough decants and samples that sometimes actually finding something that I was looking for is pretty satisfying.

          • AnnS says:

            You are so right. Sometimes I have to stop and let my enjoy the process of wanting something. I’ll get a bottle that I’ve wanted so much for a while, and then after some more time, I want another…. There are just too many nice fragrances to want and to smell.

          • Merlin says:

            I’m not sure I will ever enjoy wanting something, but I do need to keep reminding myself that I need to be able to tolerate/accept this feeling. So easy to express, so very difficult to practice! (And its nice to know I am not alone in this.)

          • AnnS says:

            I think a lot of us suffer from this wanting. Mostly I want to smell and then I want to own. It is like the worst and best feelings of standing in the ice cream shop and knowing you can only pick 1 or 2 flavors at a time!

    • Elisa says:

      That was my bedtime scent last night.

      • AnnS says:

        That sounds like a good idea!

  3. melissa says:

    I’m wearing Sake by Fresh.

  4. Laila says:

    My SOTD to mirror this gorgeous summer day – blue sky, green grass and gardens from all the rain, bright sunshine, and a cool breeze that finally blew away the humidity of the past few days – is Yves Rocher’s Naturelle. Like a walk through a wildflower meadow with the forest nearby, it’s similar to Light Blue but softer and with a bit more lemon. Can’t wear Light Blue but I love this one, it’s my favorite casual summer scent for days like this.

    Going camping by the lake for a couple of days of R&R. The area is beachy and upscale, so I’m leaving behind my trusty Wrappings and instead taking just a couple of samples/minis of Eau des Merveilles, Azuree Soleil, and Sensuous Nude.

    Happy Monday and Welcome Back, Robin!

    • Robin says:

      Lucky you…that is not our weather. Enjoy your camping trip, that sounds fun!

  5. pyramus says:

    I Coloniali’s Mirra & Mirra: just sweetened myrrh, utterly gorgeous, perfect for a glum rainy day because the scent feels grey, but a pleasant kind of grey, not funereal or depressing.

  6. Janice says:

    I’m wearing Cuir de Nacre. I was afraid it might be a little too much for the weather–it’s not hot here, exactly, but warm and a little muggy–but it’s great so far.

  7. kindcrow says:

    SOTD is Heeley’s Bubblegum Chic (an extrait de parfum). Two dabs on each forearm. I have the fan on at my desk, and it is blowing the strawberry-inflected gardenia goodness (not listed as note) up to my nose. Nice.

    • Merlin says:

      I’v only tried 3 from this line – but I’v lived them all which is very unusual for me. Usually only one or two from any particular brand works for me. Is this anything like Eldos Bendilirious? After trying that anything listing bubblegum scares me (sorry J, I’m sure u smell great in it!)

      • kindcrow says:

        The bubblegum note wears off after 5 or 10 minutes. I wish that it would I wish that it should last last a little longer.

        I have not tried Bendelirious, but I’ve wanted to ever since an NST commenter (from S.A., I think?) mentioned it.

        I am looking forward to spending more time with the Heeley that is supposed to smell like Tiger Balm. Reviewers describe it as being heavy on cloves. I have a sample, but I have only tried a few dabs, and I think that I might need a spray sample.

        • kindcrow says:

          Typing on the tiny screen on my phone produces errors that sound like Dr. Seuss!

        • AnnieA says:

          Bendelirious was a fun cherry candy and then creamy iris and then sadly went away quite quickly.

        • johanob says:

          Was probably me who mentioned it…I ADORE Bendelirious!!Cherry Sodapop and Iris…and AH-mazing longevity on my skin!Wish there was more Love for it among my peers…;-))

        • Merlin says:

          I do need to try Esprit du Tigre, as I love the name – and also the smell of Tiger balm. I’v so far smelled Iris de Nuit, Ophelia and Cuir de Pleine and all of them (especially the first two) have this rarified other worldly quality.

      • johanob says:

        Lol,M!Well…you know how lyrical I get when I talk about Bendelirious!!My ultimate Party-perfume!And an instant pick-me-up!

  8. solanace says:

    Guerlain Chamade. Love catching whiffs of it during the day.

    • AnnS says:

      Chamade is one of my HG fragrances. You smell great!

  9. perthgirl says:

    My SOTD is also a long-neglected bottle: L’Instant de Guerlain edp. I’ve had this bottle about 10yrs and probably haven’t worn it in a good 5 years! It is strong but that’s what I was after today- a bit of fragrant re-enforcement. And I still really like it. I might be the only one, but that’s ok :)

    • perthgirl says:

      SOTE Silk Way by Ted Lapidus, an $18 blind buy inspired by the Non-Blonde review. Light woods/musk/incensey thing.

    • Merlin says:

      I’ve not got around to getting a bottle, but L’Instant is gorgeous. Wear it with pride :)

      • perthgirl says:

        Thanks Merlin :)
        It doesn’t seem to get much perfumista love, so it’s nice to know it has another fan!

        • Merlin says:

          Perhaps it’s too easy to love ;)

    • Laurels says:

      Oh, I think L’Instant is lovely. It was the first thing with an identifiable iris note that I really liked.

  10. Dawn says:

    It looks like today’s SOTD is going to be no 5. Today is a rainy day and I can’t be bothered to do any in depth thinking perfumes. Now if I could decide if I should wear the EDP version or the EDT version.

  11. PetronellaCJ says:

    We had a terrific thunderstorm yesterday so today is hot but not overwhelming. Wearing Mugler’s Cologne, it is a lovely summer fragrance!

    • Robin says:

      We had that thunderstorm too…lights flickered but luckily didn’t go out.

  12. meredifay says:

    Cooler today after muggy thunderstorms yesterday, so I am wearing Waltz 14, the linden cheers me up!

  13. foxbins says:

    I’m wearing April Aromatics Calling All Angels this morning, from a sample. It’s sweeter than I prefer my incense to be but not bad. I’ll enjoy it until it’s gone but not FBW.

    • galbanumgal says:

      Had the same impression about that one. I really enjoy Jasmina, but it only lasts about 15 mins on me, and I don’t even want scents that are extremely long-wearing.

  14. austenfan says:

    I hope you had a good trip! The Labo sounds good. My SOTD is Le Temps d’une Fête, which is a great fit with the weather. A lot of rain this morning and sunshine now.

    • Robin says:

      It was lovely, thanks! Always nice to be back in one’s own bed though :-)

  15. floragal says:

    Wearing Carnal Flower today after receiving a generous sample from the SA at Barney’s in Seattle. It’s time for me to splurge on a decant of this one. It’s gorgeous and best part of all, my husband really likes it.

    Also scored a number of samples at Nordstroms, including Chanel Les Exclusifs.

    Good start to my vacation!

  16. nebbe says:

    That’s so great. The Seattle Nordstrom Chanel SAs are typically pleasant, and generous.
    Hope you have a fun day planned!

    • nebbe says:

      Meant as direct reply to floragal :)

  17. nebbe says:

    Sotd is JLo Still. Rough time waking up this morning. Is it bedtime yet?

  18. rose pepper says:

    SOTD is Blamain Vent Vert, from a tiny vintage bottle I bought on esty. Very green, I am happy with my purchase! Thanks to all the commenters (I can’t remember who) that suggested vintage Vent Vert for an assertive green and looking on etsy for vintage perfume :)

    • CM says:

      I ordered a mini from an online discounter… should arrive today or tomorrow. Guess what I’ll be wearing later this week…

  19. Squirrely says:

    Wisteria from Crabtree & Evelyn, it’s my go-to work scent these days.

  20. Parley says:

    Today is Penhaligon Blenheim Bouquet! We’re experiencing a heat wave in Sweden, where this is rare enough that no one has an air conditioner, and BB is great: refreshing and crisp throughout.

  21. Elisa says:

    I’m wearing Bulgari The Rouge. Was more excited to try it when I learned it’s by Polge rather than Ellena. :)

    • perthgirl says:

      Do you like it Elisa? I’m not sure about the top notes, but after the initial weirdness I likey :) I like all 3 (and poor JC ;-) )

      • Elisa says:

        I agree, the top notes are kind of weird (like lemon plus milk) and I couldn’t tell if I liked it or not but I like the drydown!

        • stinker_kit says:

          I like The Rouge too. It is nice layered with Bvlgari Black.

  22. Mary Carol says:

    I am wearing L’Occitane The Vert Bigarade today. It’s a good scent for a pleasant summer day.

  23. happy888cat says:

    Bronze Goddess Shimmer Oil + Fragrance today!

    • johanob says:

      You smell fabulous,in other words!!

  24. morgana says:

    Wearing Trussardi for Women, vintage. The experts say this is a classic floral chypre but rather distinct. I loved it as a kid (my mother was fine with me wearing it as well, and that plastic leather packaging was so visually appealing lol). Today, I find it glorious in high temperatures, and still, even when placed next to the contemporary niche fragrances, not less interesting to smell. I don’t see much written about Trussardi for Women vintage and wonder whether anybody here is appreciating (and enjoying!) it as well.

    Robin, thanks for keeping the blog running even when you were on vacation, and welcome back!

    • perthgirl says:

      I have wondered about that. Is yours an old bottle? I presume the ones that can still be bought new are reformulated, if so, have you tried both?

      • morgana says:

        Yes, my bottle is old (the top notes are just slightly vinegarish but nothing really major and it still smells just as I remember it). I haven’t tried the new version, but I read somewhere that it has been reformulated. I looked at the Trussardi’s website and what they have now there has a rather different look, but my take (could be super wrong on this!) is that the reformulated version that still looked similar to the old/original one didn’t have the logo on the box (at least this is how I chose my bottle on e-Bay). Have you tried the new version?

        • morgana says:

          I found a review of this on Perfume Smellin’ Things and they call it “Trussardi by Trussardi.” (not Trussardi for Women as Perfume Shrine refers to it) Fragrantica also calls it “Trussardi Trussardi.” The naming is extra confusing since Trussardi also seems to have another one called Trussardi Donna (I don’t think I ever tried that one).

    • Robin says:

      Thanks! And a shout out to Angie, who always does a week of reviews when I leave town in the summer :-)

      • morgana says:

        Any chance we could convince Angie to consider reviewing my beloved Trussardi for Women? :)

  25. santa says:

    It’s very hot in Riga today. Lorenzo Villoresi Aura Maris for work and Terrasse à St-Germain for the evening

  26. bastet says:

    SOTD is Balmain Ivoire (the current version), one of my go-to office scents (I keep a decant in my desk drawer). Maybe not the most exciting perfume but always pleasant and easy.

  27. CM says:

    I’m wearing Lolita Lempicka L’Eau de Minuet (in the midnight blue bottle). It seems surprisingly “lighter” than the original, but has that similar LL feel like all the ‘apple’ flankers do. This one might be my favorite! It has a tad more iris and violet than the original and certainly seems less sweet, and a similar warm licorice/ benzoin/ vanilla drydown. I also think it wears a bit closer to skin (and far less cloying in the heat) than the original so it works much better in summer. Not sure I’d choose to wear this outside in the (100 degree) heat, but it works in the A/C and in-between.

    I also picked up the L’eau en Blanc version which has a lovely burst of heliotrope and violet in it.. a must try for heliotrope lovers! I may wear that later today.

    • Merlin says:

      CM how do these compare to LL Edt? I thought that one was nicer than he original, really pretty! Unfortunately it started seeming pretty in a very naive pre-teen way and so I finally gave it to a 12 year old who adores it. In my 30s I felt way too world weary for it, lol!

      • perthgirl says:

        Hmmm. Maybe not then. I randomly decided to wear Juicy Couture yesterday (based on ‘yeah it’s a nice fun tuberose’ comments) and it made me feel a very old 37, and like I should be wearing a velour tracksuit. The thought made me grumpy. Lol.

        • Merlin says:

          lol! And I’m fond of the even younger Viva flanker! But it goes so quiet on me I’v never bought it. The age thing may be an entirely subjective response, and I do only have it to the LL Edt (I don’t think the EDP has the same vibe)

        • CM says:

          Lol! I have a small Viva la Juicy that was gifted to me… LL overall seems a bit more sophisticated at the very least… a goth version perhaps?

          When I wear Juicy, I can’t get the image of pink velour juicy butt out of my head. My look is the total opposite of that.

          • Merlin says:

            For sure the LL Edp is a more mature smelling scent. i just happen to like the praline dry down of Viva :)

            I need to get Juicy though to go with my numerous velveteen tracksuits All pink and embellished with rhinestones, of course :D

            Wanna come jogging in the morning?

      • CM says:

        You know, I don’t have the EDT, just the EDP. All the flankers (as well as the original) smell the same to me at some point in their development so, at least to me, they share the same underlying base composition and are absolutely related. The difference seems to be in the opening/middle notes and overall balance of the scent. Minuet is my fav so far, with Blanc not close behind because I do like heliotrope.

        I can see where these would feel young, but not as young as the fruity things out there now.

        • Merlin says:

          They do belong to the same family!

    • perthgirl says:

      I haven’t tried any of the flankers for LL but they do sound more interesting than a lot of what’s out there so I shall make a note to try!

    • Elisa says:

      I love both of these LL flankers!

  28. HemlockSillage says:

    This SOTD post challenges me to dig through my bottles and find neglected fragrances. Sometimes reading what you are wearing makes me pull out old loves. (Robin, your Tubereuse 40 is lovely!) Today’s is Mugler’s Cologne. It’s perfectly crisp and energizing for a muggy Monday. Be well.

    • Robin says:

      I think it does the same for me…and yes, wish I could afford a bottle of the Le Labo! Have a large sample & will have to keep rationing it. The Mugler is fabulous too, and way more affordable.

  29. johanob says:

    SOTD Lutens Iris Silver Mist.Despite the reviews of its gloomy,brooding character,I LOVE IT!Perfect with my all-black work outfit,on this cold wintersday!Hope the Northeners still enjoying a great summer?Almost our turn again,as I spotted peach blossoms in the garden this morning!Happy Week!

    • Merlin says:

      It’s reputation for gloominess makes no sense to me either. Unless one is gloomy for having lost the garden of Eden!

      • perthgirl says:

        Are bottles of ISM available in Sth Africa? It’s one of the don’t sell/don’t ship bottles here :-( Like La Myrrhe. La sigh!

        • Merlin says:

          I got some from a friend who went to France last year :)

          • Merlin says:

            They should have them everywhere given that they are a ltd edition export for this year, but unfortunately we didn’t get them either. If J will excuse me for speaking for him, I think he managed to get a special order type of arrangement from the local representative of Serge.

    • AnnieA says:

      Also in SL, although it is Bas de Soie. Works really well as an office scent.

      • johanob says:

        I love Bas de Soie!Although my dear friend M smells it as dirty stockings…lol!And Yes,Perthgirl,my Secret is out!Lol!We have Metropolitain Cosmetics in South Africa that carry the Lutens usual export collection,I put in a special request for the black travel atomizer set(s) which did finally arrive a couple of weeks ago!SO HAPPY!!(And a friend-perfume-mule brought me 1 from Harrods).The things we do for perfume….;-))

        • perthgirl says:

          Oh what I’d do for a mule! ;-)

  30. thegoddessrena says:

    Moorland from Woodland Botanica. It was between this and Centennial from Soivohle but I’ll probably save the last of that sample for Indie Friday

  31. sweetgrass says:

    Wearing L’Ombre dans L’Eau today, and got a compliment on it this morning too, which almost never happens to me.

    Ooh Indie Friday. I ordered a discovery set from Sweet Anthem a few days ago. I hope I’ll have it by then.

  32. Coumarin says:

    Wearing my boyfriend’s L’Eau Chic. I love it, and it’s perfect for him.

    Robin, hope you had a lovely time! I too really enjoy Tubereuse 40 , though not for the price. It’s probably the only tuberose I feel comfortable in, though it isn’t too heavy on it. That might be why.

    The only exclusive I might crack for is Poivre and only if I had a tax refund check in hand!

    • Robin says:

      I did, thanks!

      (and don’t even think of T40 as a tuberose fragrance — to me, it’s a really great citrus. I’d buy it with a tax refund too, but it would have to be a really hefty one!)

      • Coumarin says:

        It isn’t much of a tuberose which is probably why I like it. It’s a beautiful summery scent.

  33. farouche says:

    Wearing a sample of Vero Profumo’s Rozy, which is very beautiful but not very long lasting on me. Has anyone tried the Voile d’Extrait?

  34. stinker_kit says:

    Wearing the under appreciated Issey Miyake A Scent. It is great in hot weather. Light, green, clean and bitter. It layers nicely with Lust or just about any jasmine soliflore I would guess…..

  35. teri says:

    I’m wearing Jus d’Amour by Parfums Mercedes. This is usually a summer night favorite of mine, but decided to break it out and test it during the day. Makes me wish I had a gardenia in my hair and was walking along a moonlit beach instead of toiling away in an office high rise in a landlocked state.

  36. platinum14 says:

    Cool weather today. It feels more like September here in Toronto.
    I decided to wear Carbone de Balmain.
    I am also wearing, on one hand, a small spray of Jubilation XXV. That small spray was enough to push me over the edge to finally press the “purchase” button.
    Jubilation XXV (and Interlude Man…!) are now on their way. I better hide that credit card statement when it comes!

  37. Laurels says:

    Sage Onyx, which I think might also qualify for Indie Friday. I worry that I’ll choose what I think is an indie, and then find out it’s really L’Oreal, or Proctor and Gamble. The Onyx is a nice and summery warm coconut, but quiet enough for the allergy dept. later this afternoon. I’d like a swim on this muggy, smoggy day, but don’t think I’ll be able to fit it in. Have any other So. Californians noticed the terrible air quality this summer? And we haven’t even had any major fires yet. It reminds me of my childhood, actually.

  38. Ariel says:

    Trying Nest Dahlia and Vines today, has the same soapy note as Amazon Lily, not sure how I feel about it.

  39. C.H. says:

    So I’m trying Jour Absolu for the first time today, and Robin I think your review was right on–definitely has a lot in common with Pamplemousse Rose, which isn’t quite my thing, but on the other hand, it does feel a great deal fuller than the original, which I appreciate. And I’m enjoying the osmanthus tinge in the drydown! I probably won’t buy a full bottle, but we’ll have to see what happens when I finish this sample…

    In any event, it confirms my growing sense that when a friend needs a perfume rec and can throw a bit of money at the problem, but doesn’t want to go too deep into the hunt, the Hermes counter is the answer. You really can’t go very wrong at all there!

  40. PriscillaE says:

    SOTD is Balmain Vent Vert from the 1990’s. I have an earlier version, but it no longer sprays. I’m about to run out of my ’90s version. Is it worth it to buy the newest version?

  41. hajusuuri says:

    SOTD = Atelier Cologne Santal Carmin

    I won a set of the ecrin absolu from a contest at Chemist in the Bottle :-)

    I very rarely wear a new fragrance during a workday but decided to be semi-brave and under-applied. I will try for the full effect tomorrow. So far so good – I get woody sweetness…the kind I enjoy.

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