Sospiro Opera & Classica ~ new fragrances

Sospiro Opera & Classica

XerJoff’s Sospiro brand has launched Opera and Classica, two new unisex fragrances.

Opera ~ "Opera takes us to the world of drama and tragedy - here everything is about the real great things in life: Love, desperation, death. As the curtain raises, we see a wonderful orchard, in which a southern prince devotes noble Turkish roses to his beloved princess. Of course he is not the only gentleman wooing the princess - a rich merchant's son gives her finest spices such as nutmeg, and ylang-ylang, amber and noble leather..." Additional notes include fruity notes, patchouli, vanilla, vetiver, musk and cedar.

Classica ~ "A sigh - ancient Italy! And how it is still around: historical buildings nothing in the world can compare with. Art that has changed the world for centuries. Elegance and a love of beauty and luxury are part of the Italian way of life which is admired in the whole world. This love for the noble and fine things is mirrored by Sospiro, and Classica is its essence..." Notes include bergamot, clary sage, copaiba balm, cashmeran, rose, amber, sandalwood, moss, tobacco and oud.

Sospiro Opera and Classica can be found now at Essenza Nobile or First in Fragrance in Germany, in 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

(quotes via, additional information via first-in-fragrance)

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