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  1. nicolasss says:

    Wasn’t there a point at which you opened up those giveaways to non US people too? If so, why not anymore? I would love to at least have the hope of winning something. ;-)

    • Robin says:

      I used to open them up to other countries if it was something small enough that I could afford to mail it…we don’t do many giveaways any more, nothing like we used to, but certainly wouldn’t rule out an international giveaway if I had something small to give away :-)

  2. nicolasss says:

    You could open them up with the condition that a potential winner outside the US would have to pay postage him/herself…but ok, I do get your point :-)

    • Robin says:

      People have suggested that before, but I don’t like it as a solution…especially since international packages are of course less likely to arrive at all (depending, obviously, on the country). Anyway, like I said, contests here are pretty rare these days.

      But also…you don’t have to live in the US, you only have to come up with a US address, if that helps!

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