Benetton United Dreams ~ new fragrances

Benetton United Dreams

Benetton will launch United Dreams, a new trio of fragrances for women inspired by 'the power of shared dreams': Love Yourself, Live Free and Stay Positive.

United Dreams Love Yourself (above left) ~ a floral with pear, raspberry, apricot, bergamot, jasmine, freesia, rose, amber, musk and sandalwood.

United Dreams Live Free (above center) ~ a fresh floral with green apple, tea leaves, bergamot, ginger, orange blossom, cyclamen, amber, musk and cedar.

United Dreams Stay Positive (above right) ~ a fruity floral with bergamot, citrus, leaves, neroli, orange blossom, cedar, musk and sandalwood.

Benetton United Dreams will launch in July, in 15, 30 and 50 ml Eau de Toilette.

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  1. scentfromabove says:

    The “Stay Positive” sounds the best to me out of the three. I like a nice fruity-floral. I wonder what the staying power of these are?

  2. eaudemale says:

    I’ve seen these bottles before… Yup, Martin Margiela’s..

  3. Sajini says:

    Haha, funny. If they were really normal people they would be:
    50 something, 5’2″, 150 pounds, sitting on the couch trying to remember the password to pay the online cable bill. If the commercial had that in it I would be very impressed.

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