Wednesday scent of the day 6/18


If you have a spare minute, do chime in with your scent of the day. And if you've had any wonderful chocolate (or other candy) lately, do tell us about that too.

I am wearing Viktor & Rolf coming up tomorrow. 

Reminder: this Friday is Fruity Friday, and the following Friday, the 27th, will be Forgotten Friends Day — wear something you haven't worn in ages, or that you tend to forget that you own, or the like.

And for those of you who like to plan ahead, see Scent of the day ~ Friday community projects 2014, where I'll try to always have the next six or seven weeks mapped out in advance.

Note: image of Cadbury Caramel Egg via Wikimedia.

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  1. scentfromabove says:

    Good Morning Everyone! I am so excited about my SOTD. My order of Atlier’s Orange Sanguine came in yesterday. So, that is what I am wearing today. It smells sooo good! I went to the doctor this morning and was told that I smell delicious. :)
    I am actually allergic to chocolate, so I don’t have it very often. I do indulge in some Godiva every once in a blue moon. I feel if I am going to suffer, the chocolate better be worth it. Godiva definitely is. I have tried to wear fragrances with chocolate in it, but they come off too sweet for me.

    • Robin says:

      Congrats on your new bottle, what fun!

    • floragal says:

      Love good chocolate! Last week I picked up a couple of handmade chocolates in Grand Central at a shop called Li-Lac. They’ve been around for a long time, starting in the West Village. I love their dark chocolate coconut bars, peppermint patties and french mints. I just finished these yesterday so I’m ready for a new purchase ;)

      SOTD: Cuir de Lancome — have an offsite event today I wanted a sophisticated and confident scent.

  2. perthgirl says:

    Today I wore Le Labo Patchouli 24. I LOVE this, but it has to be cold to wear it, and I have so many other great winter scents vying for my attention that I don’t wear it very often. But when I do I fall in love all over again and wish I wore it more often.
    the price I pay for my perfume promiscuity…

    To bed tonight is a sample of Indult Tihota. I realized that in all my gazillions of samples, decants, bottles, I have very few delicious, straight-up vanillas. I have a bottle of Vanille Absolument- but that’s it!
    My lovely scented friends- any recs for fabulous sexy vanillas?

    • Robin says:

      I still hanker after a bottle of the Guerlain vanilla — Spiritueuse Double Vanille.

    • AnnieA says:

      I only know the Guerlain Ylang & Vanille. I wear it to bed most times, which I think of as cozy rather than sexy, though.

    • hajusuuri says:

      VC&A Orchidee Vanille
      Tommi Sooni Eau de Tommi Sooni II
      Mona di Orio Vanille
      Le Labo Vanille 44

      Indult Tihot is great. I want an FB!

      • C.H. says:

        Adding another vote for Vanille 44. That stuff is just–wow!

    • lynne marie says:

      Jane Book Taken
      Guerlain Gourmand Coquin
      Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille ( a huge favorite of mine!)
      M.Micallef Vanille Aoud
      I Profume di Firenze Vaniglia del Madagascar
      Jo Malone Rosewater and Vanilla
      And ditto on the Tihota and Orchidee Vanille. Also, if you ever get a chance to get your hands on M. Micallef’s Note Vanille (discontinued) – grab it! It’s a fabulously smoky, boozy sensuous vanilla.

      • aimiliona says:

        Second Un Bois Vanille.

    • jjlook says:

      cuir beluga…not really so much leather, much more boozy boozy vanilla

    • Merlin says:

      And here is a relatively accessible one – Gaultier 2. Its not a perfumista’s vanilla, but its still one of my favorite and reminds me of grape soda!

  3. relleric says:

    SOTD is Egoiste, wore this yesterday too. Don’t often wear the same thing two days in a row.
    Love dark chocolate, any will do, had some really good sea salt caramels several months ago.

    • Robin says:

      We should do a week where we all pick one fragrance and wear it for 7 days :-)

      • MikasMinion says:

        How about 5 days? I can handle one scent for the work week but I usually need a change by weekend.

        • Robin says:

          Ha…I wonder how many of us could even handle 5 days? Might be worth a shot.

          • relleric says:

            I don’t think I could handle 3 days, much less 5 or 7. HA! :)

          • hajusuuri says:

            Love it! Then you can do a poll to see how many people did how many days!

        • missionista says:

          Agreed, 5 days seems doable, but 7 is a huge stretch.

      • egabbert says:

        Oh gosh. That would be a good challenge for me. I NEVER wear the same fragrance more than two days in a row.

        • johanob says:

          I’ve done a week in Bendelirious…just could NOT stop sniffing myself!True Love,thats what it’s called…

      • lynne marie says:

        Ha! That would be a challenge – I don’t think I’ve ever done TWO days in a row and most days there is a morning scent and an evening scent and sometimes a midday scent as well ;-)

      • AnnS says:

        It’s like the ultimate perfumista challenge: can you be faithful for 5 days?

    • AnnieA says:

      @relleric , me either! I’ve done two days, most recently.

    • Merlin says:

      The perfume I wore exclusively for the most extended period was Chergui – which I still love, but could no longer wear consecutively like that. I think it might be easier for me to go without any perfume because the same scent, worn too long, becomes annoying, no matter how amazing it is.

  4. perthgirl says:

    Oh, and chocolate. Tonight I had 2 lindt balls. One peanut butter and one coconut. Both delicious and both ltd edition. Always the way!

  5. austenfan says:

    Cuir Lancôme, this SOTD thing has me wear fragrances that I haven’t in a while. Cuir was one of those bargain buys I did years ago. And it’s gorgeous.

    • Robin says:

      Good, glad it is inspiring people to root through their collections!

    • AnnieA says:

      It’s so nice, isn’t it? Calm and elegant.

    • egabbert says:

      One of the few perfumes I have a backup bottle of.

      • austenfan says:

        As I do. Got it even cheaper than my first one. I love it, it is easily one of my favourite leathers.

  6. Marjorie Rose says:

    Wearing OJ Ta’if today from my nearly-drained large decant, in honor of the new shipping “deal” for the US! Got an email from the company yesterday saying that they’d come up with a work-around to make shipping more reasonable–looks like $22 for a large bottle–so I’m guessing a FB of Ta’if will be in my future! :D

    • Robin says:

      They do free shipping deals for the US once in a blue moon, don’t they? Maybe I’m dreaming. But also, worth seeing what Osswald is going to charge when they get them.

      • Marjorie Rose says:

        Used to, before it became $55 shipping last year. Haven’t had a shipping deal since that happened.

        • Robin says:

          Ah. I know I’ve read here recently (in the comments) when Osswald is getting the line, but I forget that too.

        • C.H. says:

          OOF $55!! Wow. Didn’t realize it was THAT bad.

      • AnnS says:

        It seems from the PR emails I get they do free shipping about 3 times a year. I haven’t bought a bottle from OJ for a long time now, but I always look at the PR, and last year if I’d have the money, I would totally have done the buy whatever $X of Tolu and get a free bottle of Tolu parfum… Yowza. What a deal. Sigh. Ta’if is definitely something to struggle towards getting one way or the other.

  7. Sapphire says:

    My allergies are acting up today, so don’t know if I’ll be able to smell a thing, but will be test-driving Agonist Isis and Arctic Jade. I managed to get samples at a cute little boutique called Sharla’s in McKinney, TX. For the Dallas-area perfumistas, it is on the square and they carry Kai, Niven Morgan, Penhaligon’s, Fresh, Nasomatto, and Agonist (full lines). I will really miss the chance to go there and NM and Nordies when we move to Bentonville, Arkansas this summer. Maybe there will be something similar in Eureka Springs. I am having to leave 1000+ patients behind, but will start practicing again after we move (hubbie is working for Walmart).

    Favorite chocolates are the Lindt dark chocolate bars in black currant and sea salt.

    • Robin says:

      My son did so well last year after a year of allergy shots, but this spring has been a disaster. Hope you feel better!

    • MikasMinion says:

      Well, Texas is just one big allergen so maybe you will be able to breathe in Arkansas. Agree about something in the air; San Antonio area has it too despite what the official pollen counters say. I have been extra sneezy today.

  8. Janice says:

    SOTD is Silver Factory, which I seem to be reaching for quite often lately, and appreciating the violet note in it that I didn’t really pick up on before. No wonderful candy recently, but that photo is making me want some.

    • Robin says:

      I do like that one! Haven’t worn it in ages.

  9. Laila says:

    Orange sun, salty skin, sparkling water, warm amber, seagrass, woods: Eau des Merveilles, my very favorite summer skin scent.

    Dark sea-salt caramels from Rocky Mountain Chocolate and, on a related note, Salted Caramel ice cream (with pieces of dark chocolate) from Kilwyn’s – absolutely to die for!

    • teri says:

      Oh yum. Aren’t those sea-salt caramels just the best?? I’m a big fan, too. :)

    • AnnieA says:

      Ooh, might have to buy some sea-salt caramel chocolates this weekend.

  10. SophieC says:

    Today I felt like something calm and unchallenging and to my surprise reached for Fracas. Again to my surprise it is delivering exactly what was needed – I feel beautifully cocooned in velvet tuberose and able to think.

    As to chocolate, that picture really tempted me, but I tend to love the dark stuff and especially sea salt caramels – anything by Rococo in the UK is pretty good especially their dark bars (and sometimes with violet or rose flavour). Am also a fan of raw chocolate which delivers a gentler flavour hit sometimes. Of course there are times when you can’t beat peanut butter cups!

  11. orl says:

    SOTD is Beyond Paradise Men. Chocolate-wise I ate yesterday the last of a bunch of chocolate & peanut butter muffins I baked on Sunday

  12. teri says:

    Today was ‘scrabble around in the untried sample box’ and out came The Great Empresses of Japan from Romea D’Ameor. I don’t think this line exists anymore as I couldn’t find it anywhere out there on the net, and to be honest I really don’t remember anything about it. This has a nice old-fashioned vibe about it, and after yesterday’s foray into department store scents (delicate shudder), it’s a joy to wear something that clearly is crafted from high quality ingredients and seamlessly blended. It’s not something I would have purchased as it is close to other scents I already own, but it’s quite nice and I’ll enjoy wearing it today.

    Best chocolate item I’ve consumed recently (and it was really more about the nostalgia factor than the gourmet value) was some reception sticks I found in a little gourmet grocery store. I haven’t seen these for years and they take me right back to the time when department stores had tea rooms and I’d have to dress up in hat and gloves to have tea with my grandmother. If I was a well-behaved girl, I’d get a reception stick from the tray that always sat next to the cash register. If you aren’t familiar with reception sticks, they are drawn sugar straws in various flavors dipped halfway up in dark chocolate. The peppermint and lemon ones were always my favorites.

  13. donanicola says:

    MCG – Sideris for me today. It’s one of those scents which is never wrong (for me anyway). I indulge in (good dark) chocolate regularly and have a bag of L’Artisan du Chocolat misshapes (which I got from their Borough Market stall) at home. It’s slightly disappointing as I haven’t come across a sea salted caramel yet…..but there’s always Paul Young round the corner for that hit so no biggie really ;)

  14. nsquared says:

    Today I’m wearing Kerosene “Unknown Pleasures” which smells like sweet lemony caramel, or a lemon sugar cookie. And yesterday I had a little bit of a dark chocolate bar that had sea salt embedded. Good stuff.

  15. MikasMinion says:

    CBIHP Black March today. Glorious scent. I get no melancholy from it at all. I have been holding myself back from a trip to the mall because I know I will have to stop in to See’s to get some Butterchews for my husband and end up with at least a sample of the evil Raspberry Creams. I have rather catholic taste in chocolate and have been known to eat chocolate chips as a snack.

    • rose pepper says:

      Nothing wrong with chocolate chips! Sometimes I mix them with raisins and walnuts – it’s a great snack :)

  16. foxbins says:

    SOTD is PG L’Ombre Fauve. It’s weird sweet/sharp opening is always interesting to me.

    I have not had any interesting chocolate in ages–taking notes here!

  17. cologneluvr says:


  18. platinum14 says:

    Being a rebel again today and breaking the scent restriction at work with L’eau de L’Artisan. It is mostly gone within a few minutes anyway.

    • CM says:

      Haha! You rebel! I wear l’artisan L’ete en douce when I want to were perfume in prohibited surroundings. It smells clean and fresh without smelling like laundry.

  19. 2rista says:

    My SOTD is L’Hombre by En Voyage. It’s quite masculine and woody but very enjoyable and on me it has magnificent longevity.

    I have to confess that I have eaten a small packet of peanut M&Ms today: a plebeian pleasure but a pleasure nonetheless!

  20. trixiesweet says:

    SOTD is Acqua Universalis Forte by MFK, the last drops of my sample. It’s citrussy and white floral-y and it smells like freshly laundered clothes in the best possible way.

    I was in London about a month ago and bought some Montezuma chocolates in fun flavours: chilli and lime, salt and lime etc. I’ve been nibbling them away this past month. I also got 2 bars of my all time fave Green and Black’s milk chocolate, which I am saving for last. Because of the heat, I’m keeping them all in my fridge, so they lose some of their creaminess, but at least they are not melting.

  21. kindcrow says:

    Last weekend, I visited for the first time a local Mom and Pop candy store that I’ve been wanting to visit for years. My friend and I agreed that it is a strange place. The shop is hidden away in a residential neighborhood behind a freeway sound wall and it is full of cheery stuffed animals and weird low-energy employees. They are aliens, no doubt :-)

    I purchased some dark chocolate truffles and what I would call a homemade version of a Violet Crumble ( Everything was delicious! My husband and I are usually disappointed by truffles — their soft fillings are usually on the jejune side in terms of chocolate potency. However, these truffles had robust dark chocolate flavor inside and out. Despite the weird atmosphere, I will return — for more candy and perhaps that cute pronghorn antelope plush toy :-)

    The temperature is starting to creep up again, so my SOTD is Mango EDT from The Body Shop.

  22. Kelly Red says:

    Today I woke up to hot and humid weather so after my shower I wanted COOL. My SOTD is Lily Pulitzer Squeeze and I am about 10 minutes from scrubbing it off! :( I don’t know what happened? It is not doing what I want at all so off it comes.

    I adore good chocolate and make it a point of seeking it out when I travel to different places. Right now I am nibbling on a small box of assorted from a place in Philadelphia called Marcie Blaine. Gourmet flavors like pepper, earl grey and my favorite cardamon.

  23. rebeccat94 says:

    SOTD is Donna Karan Cashmere Mist. Yesterday I bought a (very large) bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk, it’s kind of expensive in the US, but I couldn’t help myself. I ate the whole thing without shame.

    • nebbe says:

      Rebeccat: so funny, we are of a mind this morning! Donna Karan and Cadbury :)

    • kindcrow says:

      I’m in the U.S. and I’ve never seen a small bar of that stuff! :-)

  24. nebbe says:

    Overcast day here, and thought Cashmere Mist would be nice, and it is nice but discovering i far prefer the flanker Liquid Nude.

    Chocolate: Cadbury Mini Eggs. Good thing they are seasonal, because they are addictive and I have no will power.

  25. melissa says:

    SOTD is Jardins d’Ecrivains Wilde. No candy today, but I did have a lovely raspberry cheesecake at dinner last night.

  26. lucasai says:

    I wore Shay & Blue Suffolk Lavender today

    • floragal says:

      Can you tell me if you think this leans more masculine or feminine.
      Always looking for good lavender scents but find many are too masculine for me. Thanks!

      • lucasai says:

        I think it’s unisex (maybe a bit closer to masculine side of spectrum) but it doesn’t last long…
        Did you try Lavande 44 from Rania J. ? It’s a great, very herbal lavender, suitable for both men and woman imo.

        • floragal says:

          Oh, no I’ve not! I’m not sure I’m even aware of that brand. Great! Thanks!!

          • ErinK says:

            Have you tried Burberry Brit Rhythm For Her yet? You might enjoy it. After reading Robin’s review, I went and tested it and after a week or so it hooked me.

  27. anngd says:

    Opus 1 today. Needed something potent to counteract the scent of Maine well water.

    Stopped by Byrne & Carlson in Porstmouth, NH and got delectable dark chocolate nonpareils and a bar of 85% dark chocolate. Yum.

    • johanob says:

      I bet Maine is really pretty by now?:-)

  28. chrisskins says:

    Frederick Malle Portrait of a Lady. Decanting for a friend. I pretty much got to all over the place and it’s 91 degrees out. I’m even staying away from me. I like the chocolate from my health food store, some kind of sea salt wonder.

  29. AnnieA says:

    Day 2 of Operation Try Everything: Guerlain Ylang & Vanille, usually an at-home scent. Going to start with perfume I don’t wear at work first, since the regular office scents weren’t the complaint-triggering culprit. (Actual culprit? Dia, of all things.)

  30. chandler_b says:

    Wearing Vetiver by Guerlain, comparing it to the Zegna Essenza Haitian Vetiver I got to sample saturday! Anyone know anyone decant places online with the Essenza collection? Trying to decide if it is full bottle worthy since I already have so many vetivers.

    Been on a health and exercise kick lately, but I did have a breakdown last week and eat a bag of those Trolli neon gummi worms. :)

    • chandler_b says:

      *any decant places

    • 2rista says:

      Yes, I would really like to find a good decant (not just sample) site in the EU. I know plenty of places to get manufacturer’s samples but not hand-made decants. Can anybody help?

      • chandler_b says:

        I know First In Fragrance is EU.

    • Merlin says:

      Sorry, don’t know of a place, but did recently try the Zegna Haitian Vetiver and quite liked it – but my heart was really won by the Patchouli!

      • chandler_b says:

        The SA said his favorite was the Sicilian Mandarin, but the Patchouli is the one on my list next. I need decants of all the whole line!

        • Merlin says:

          The Sicilian Mandarin smelled great from the bottle, but I’m going through a patchouli phase :-) That’s probably why I tested that one on, and it was a lovely sweet deep patchouli!

          I tried the vetiver on the other side but it was much lighter and to me – now in patchouli mode – less compelling. Also it is winter weather where I live so that could have had some influence.

          I prefer Zegna’s Vetiver to Guerlain’s but that’s because I only smell lemon in the Guerlain (just plain sour).

    • hajusuuri says:

      You may want to try the Basenotes Fragrance Splits Board. There are a variety of splitters and I believe some are doing non U. S. Splits. I frequent one of the splitters and I have requested him to host some splits.

  31. egabbert says:

    I’m wearing Dita Von Teese Rouge, which reminds me of both Hypnotic Poison and Datura Noir. It’s nice, and when I wore it to a picnic this weekend I got two compliments.

    I haven’t been buying classy candy lately but I just finished off some sour balls.

  32. songeuse says:

    Wearing Voyage d’Hermès parfum. No chocolate lately that stands out to me…

  33. eutrapelia says:

    Wearing wonderful Neela Vermeire Bombay Bling! Mild fresh fruity scent, I tried it in winter, but now it is quite different, very lovely.

  34. johanob says:

    SOTD Equistrius!Another rediscovery from my perfume vault!Love the coziness it brings to me on this cold winters’ day!Recently discovered an organic chocolateur named ORGANICS.They make these little nibbons with coffee beans covered in 85% Dark organic chocolate.Delicious!!And although not chocolate,I cannot get enough of the Rafaello truffles,addictive!!

  35. ErinK says:

    Robin, I’m looking forward to your Bonbon review. I imagine it to be’s a more refined La Vie Est Belle…which means I’ll hate it, which is too bad considering I think Bonbon is cutest bottle I have seen in a long time. Absolutely adorable – in ad banners, at least. ;)

    I’m wering Keiko Mecheri Iris d’Argent today.

    • Robin says:

      Advance warning: I would not call it more refined than La Vie Est Belle.

  36. pyramus says:

    Today was humid so I wore Floris No. 89 talc: it’s a 1950s men’s scent that’s been reformulated beyond recognition, apparently (no surprise there), but the talc smells very good, pure barbershop.

  37. AnnS says:

    I put on No 19 edt (current) this morning b/c it was humid and nasty. I love it! Now I’ve dipped into Habanita for a refresh since the 19 is almost gone. (I get cold in the office a/c after a while, which creates summer frag conundrums for me.) It’s so cozy & sexy! I don’t normally think much about “sexy” for my fragrances at all, but this one does have a vibe.

    I am actually dying for some very serious Belgian chocolate truffles. But I don’t have any right now, and I’ll be wishing for some Leonides for a long time. Over the weekend I had some of the M&M dark mint candies, which I like for cheap chocolate. My daughter’s favorite chocolate is the Lindt milk truffle, so I’ll have one of those from time to time. We always have a bag around the house to use as incentives. My chocolate consumption these days is not so glamorous.

    And as for Friday’s challenge for fruit: I had to spend a bit of time analysing my collection for “fruits” last night b/c aside from raisin & plum orientals and dark peach chypres, I don’t got much, unless I count citrus. I really had to do some serious digging and looking for pyramids to see if I have anything that would qualify for “fruit”. All of mine are major fall/winter frags….. I’m going to keep searching….

  38. caffeinequeen says:

    SOTD is Harajuku Lovers G, because it seemed like a perfect summery fragrance for a warm day.

    I haven’t tried any good candy lately, but I did have a Coolhaus ice cream sandwich (you can find them at Whole Foods, at least in southern California; not sure about anywhere else) that was pretty nifty: snickerdoodle cookies with salted caramel ice cream inside. I’m a sucker for salted caramel, and it was well worth the calories!

  39. rose pepper says:

    Lindt chocolate bar in sea salt and chile are my current favorites – I always have one or two bars in my desk at work and eat a few squares every afternoon. I had really bad heartburn a few years ago, and some common triggers are citrus fruits, tomatoes, caffeine, mint, and chocolate. Chocolate was the only one that I couldn’t give up; apparently is it a necessity for me :)

    SOTD is Chanel Cristalle again, but not for awhile since my sample is all gone!

  40. Bee says:

    lys med, a summer staple..

  41. sweetgrass says:

    Wearing Bijan EDT today. This really could have qualified for next Friday because I hardly ever wear it, and I remember how much I like it whenever I do. It’s certainly not bad for something I picked up for $8 at TJ Maxx.

    I love me some chocolate, especially dark chocolate. I’ve been into really really dark chocolates lately. Green & Black’s 85% bar is really good. The Endangered Species chocolates are good too, and they donate 10% of their profits to wildlife conservation and habitat preservation causes, so added bonus there. I also really like Trader Joe’s dark chocolate bar with black sea salt caramel. Yum.

  42. Mary Carol says:

    I am wearing Un Matin d’Orage and am about to eat some Chocolove dark chocolate (65%) with crystallized ginger.

  43. jjlook says:

    Theorema. Should have saved it for Friday, since it’s as orange-y as I get…
    It was cool enough outside for it’s spiciness. And after 4 hours, it’s gone, so I can pick something new?

    • perthgirl says:

      Ooh thanks for the reminder! I forgot about Theorema for Friday. A serious contender :)

  44. Ida says:

    :-) it’s going to be tough, but let’s try!

  45. Ida says:

    the above was meant for the 5day-in-a-row-same-perfume challenge – let’s try!

  46. Merlin says:

    Continuing in my mad scientist mode i layered Halston Z-14 with L’Occitane’s Citrus Verbena today. I love the top notes of the first but find it goes a little too dry after that. The Citrus Verbena started reminding me of cough drops soon after I bought a little bottle :-(
    I enjoy them together much more as the L’Occitane adds some sweet juiciness to the Halston and the Halston makes the L’Occitane far more interesting with its spiced mossy tones!

    • Merlin says:

      And wanted to add that I LOVE Lind’s Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts. The nuts are caramelized which produces instant euphoria for me! I also love raw chocolate bars. I find them rich and satisfying in a whole new way :-D

  47. imapirate says:

    I’m wearing PDN Musc Monoi, which I ordered Friday and surprisingly got Monday! Love it, but find it hard to describe as it’s supposed to be like Ambre Solaire, which I’ve never tried. It’s very light and will probably be perfect for the beach. Wondering if it’s anything like Terracotta which I haven’t tried as well. I don’t get anything floral or calone from Musc Monoi and it doesn’t remind me of the Yves Rocher Monoi scent- if that helps

    No real chocolate today except for some Cacao nibs which are yummy.

  48. cazaubon says:

    I wore Le Labo Ylang 49. As for chocolate, it was Toblerone white/milk chocolate today. :-)

  49. hajusuuri says:

    SOTD = Ramon Monegal Impossible Iris

    It’s practice for Fruity Friday. There was an initial whoosh of raspberry and then the iris in all its forms came out to play. 14 hours later, I can still smell it and I did not overapply.

    The last chocolate I was one of the Godiva freebie truffled. I got the Pistachio with chocolate ganache. I enjoy dark dark Lindt truffles (in the black wrapper).

  50. CM says:

    I wore Dia again today but am now testing Guerlain samples with the hope of making a purchase tomorrow. I’ve got mon precieux nectar (so far a thumbs up) on one arm and Lui (so far a sideways thumb) on the other. Yesterday I tried Mayotte and Muguet. I liked the Muguet a lot but maybe not at that price. I also loved Mayotte on first sniff because it reminded me of Ruffles (Oscar de la renta) but I only tried a drop. It needs another test!

    Choices choices!

    As for chocolate, I love Sees. The bridge mix is pretty good! I really like the rum nougats and the honey almond bars with dark chocolate. Sees seems to have the perfect balance of sweetness where the chocolates are not too sugary. Yum!

  51. Gi says:

    Had incense on the brain today, so came home tonight to slather myself in Oriza L Legrand Reve d’Ossian. I just love it! I’ve kicked my sugar habit so turn to perfume to satisfy my ‘flavor’ cravings. Works better than I thought possible…

    • aimiliona says:

      I just looked up Reve d’Ossian. I need to try that.

      • Gi says:

        It is really lovely. They offer a really nice sample set for a good price.

  52. aimiliona says:

    SOTD: Ma Griffe.

    I’m temporarily trying to avoid sweets (we’ll see how long that lasts).

  53. missionista says:

    SOTD is Ombre dans l’Eau. I just have a small sample vial, and I LOVED it last time I wore it. I thought it might be FB worthy. But today it’s just not as great as I remembered. Not bad, just not as balanced, and the peppery aspects are a bit too strong. Maybe the weather just isn’t right for it today. It’s very sunny and pretty warm, and last time I wore it was grey and cloudy and cooler.

    The last chocolate I ate was a Ritter bar. I like those things a lot!

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