Any Tom, Dick and Jane can come up with a range of fragrance

You had American women who had grown up with Charlie and had become part of the designer revolution of the 80s and were now looking for something different that not everybody knew about. And you had department stores who were desperate to pick up some new brands. That was what caused the revolution of niche.

And then of course the Internet happened. Suddenly the perfumistas took control of it. Unfortunately though, because the entry price is so low, any Tom, Dick and Jane can come up with a range of fragrance.

— That's Michael Edwards, author of Perfume Legends, talking about the rise of niche fragrance. Read more at The Revolution Of Niche - An Interview With Michael Edwards at Persolaise.

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  1. johanob says:

    “the perfumistas are in control”….Haha!Love that statement!Do you agree Robin?I’ll also refer to myself as a perfumista,but I’ve got noooooo intentions of becoming a perfumer.I think the joy of discovery will be lost for me then.And it sounds like VERY hard work!Now,if perfumistas had some clout with the IFRA…count me in!

    • Robin says:

      The perfumista community has a huge impact on some of the niche brands, and I do think the explosion of interest on the internet has made it possible for new brands to break into the market in a way that was much harder before. And obviously, that encourages other Toms & Dicks to enter the market. But “in control”, well, it obviously depends on what you mean by “in control”, LOL…I certainly don’t get my way very often :-)

      • johanob says:

        Hahaha!All true.If it wasn’t for NST/Persolaise/BdJ/Eaumg/CandyPerfumeBoy,I would never have known about half the brands I’m currently obsessed with!So the exposure is good for both Niche and Retail in general,I think.With regards to control…well…this perfumista has lost ALL control over my spending habits and chasing the NEXT BIG THING(S).Lol.The joy this journey of discovery is giving me though,is still priceless.:-))

  2. Persolaise says:

    Robin, thanks for the link! Much appreciated :-)

    • Robin says:

      De nada. Wish you’d told ME to please finish his next book!

      • Persolaise says:


        I had so much more I wanted to ask him, but I was whisked away from him just as I was getting warmed up.

        There’ll be a next time, hopefully…

  3. jeffreydame says:

    I have heard through the grapevine that Atelier Tom, Dick and Jane will launch their first collection Parfums T-D-J at PITTI in Italy this September.

  4. Dilana says:

    More like every Beyonce, Jen and Perry

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