Juniper Ridge Topanga Canyon ~ new fragrance

Juniper Ridge Topanga Canyon

California indie brand Juniper Ridge has launched Topanga Canyon, a new unisex limited edition fragrance.

A seasonal fragrance inspired by California's coastal mountains in full springtime bloom. Made for men and women, our cologne is distilled from wildflowers, plants, conifers, and bark we harvested in the green California coastal ranges from Big Sur to Baja.

Crafted in a hand-numbered edition of 304 using steam-distillation, campfire-distillation, enfleurage, tincture, and infusion.

Scent notes: Endless wildflower meadows, wild lilac nectar, springtime sage, rain-wet Oaks, and creek-carved mountain swimming holes.

Juniper Ridge Topanga Canyon is $65 for 30 ml.

(via juniperridge)

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  1. kindcrow says:

    The only “lilac” that I can think of that is native to California is the California lilac, which is in a different genus (Ceanothus) than the lilac that is usually featured in perfumes (Syringa). I have sniffed many California lilacs and I don’t think that they would make a very exciting perfume. I still want to try this, though.

    • Robin says:

      I would be shocked if this smelled more like flowers than “other things” anyway, that isn’t their style, but I’d like to try it too!

      • Kevin says:

        R/Kindcrow: this does not smell floral in the least…

        • kindcrow says:

          Are you going to review it?

          • Kevin says:

            kindcrow: nope…I’m forwarding my sample to Robin to try this time.

        • Omega says:

          Bummer…I still need to try this line though.

        • Robin says:

          Thanks K!

  2. eutrapelia says:

    I am a fan of them, tried all of their colognes and now i’ve got as a birthday gift a new Winter Redwood – lovely. So even if a new one is different then others, I have to try it I believe in Juniper Ridge, I really feel me sitting on the stump deep in the forest when wear it.

    • Robin says:

      It’s hard to think of a brand with more seriously natural smelling fragrances.

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