Wednesday scent of the day 5/28

Thierry Mugler Cologne

Your scent of the day? If it's not new to you, tell us how long you've been wearing this fragrance. I'm wearing Thierry Mugler Cologne. I've been wearing it since 2004, so about 10 years.

Reminder: this Friday, we'll try our first coordinated / community scent of the day. Please try to think of your favorite fragrance note (or one of them, if you can't narrow down), wear your favorite fragrance that features that note, and tell us about it! If that doesn't work for you for whatever reason, no worries, chime in anyway. The following Friday, June 6, let's all try to wear something by Chanel.

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  1. sayitisntso says:

    It’s an unseasonably cool day here in NYC and it seemed fitting to wear something with a little spice kick. Sotd is Nutmeg & Ginger Cologne by Jo Malone. I wish the ginger portion of the program would hand around a little longer but it’s lovely while it’s there. Have a wonderful – and beautifully scented – day everyone!

    • sayitisntso says:

      *hang. Darned fast fingers….

    • Robin says:

      It’s cool here too, and looks like it’s about to rain. You have a great day too!

    • floragal says:

      Temp went from 80 to 60 over night ;(
      All that talk about tuberose yesterday made me go with Carnal Flower for my SOTD — one of the main reasons I love this is its staying power. It stays all day and then some plus, it is gorgeous after all.

      Enjoying learning about new scents each day!

  2. Suzy Q says:

    Nuit de Tuberuese!! O how I love thee.
    First wearing of the year. The hotter and more humid the days become the better it smells. This one of the few perfumes I apply heavily–as per the recent NST poll.

    • Robin says:

      It’s so nice to pull out something for the first time in months :-)

  3. melissa says:

    SOTD is Cacharel Noa — a mistake, I think. I was expecting muggy, horrible weather, but I got decent coolness and a very cranky commute, and wished I had something fortifying. Now that I’m at my desk, it’s more comfortable.

    I started wearing Noa at the beginning of last summer, and wore it frequently while it was hot, then pretty much put it away all winter.

    • Robin says:

      Sorry about your cranky commute!

    • sayitisntso says:

      I keep meaning to smell this one. Noa is my stepdaughter’s name and I think it’s sweet that there’s a perfume bottle with her name on it.

      • melissa says:

        That is sweet! I don’t know how old your stepdaughter is, but it would be a great first fragrance for a young girl.

    • Nightingale says:

      So glad it’s settled on you. I’d be so sad if you were having a bad Noa day!

      • Waldina80 says:

        I love Noa. Very lovely & gentle scent.

  4. Janice says:

    I’m wearing a dab of Cuir de Russie parfum on this very foggy morning. I first tried it four or five years ago, and I’ve had samples at various times of the EdT and extrait—none of them vintage, though. I revisit it every year or so to see if I’ll like it better this time. It’s beautiful but really not me somehow.

    • Robin says:

      I would say the same — beautiful but not me. I had a mini of the extrait that I finally gave away. Bois des Iles is a much better fit.

  5. ockeghem says:

    I’m wearing Bois de Violette. It’s a cool, overcast day here — still feels like spring although from day to day it occasionally feels like summer. Bois de Violette just feels like “overcast spring day” to me. Also, I need something not overpowering or too strange, as I have to take my daughter to a kindergarten intro session at her new school this afternoon. I’ve had Bois de Violette in a sample for five or six years now, but have only had the full bottle for two or three — since SL started offering it in the U.S.

    • Suzy Q says:

      Oh, that sounds perfect for a damp spring day! I’ll dig up my sample as a reminder. It’s too late to wear it today.

    • CM says:

      BdV was the first SL that I really loved – I drained a decant but never went back for a FB even though it’s still on my list. It’s a great springtime scent and a perfect choice for a cloudy day!

    • Dilana says:

      Ah, an even more fearsome meeting than a work day: the teacher and the principal.
      I hope they are not too judgmental. Most friends who teach care primarily if the parent seems to have an interest in their child’s progress, and not the parent’s fashion sense.

      • ockeghem says:

        Yes — I was trying to go for “involved parent who doesn’t wear flashy perfumes.” :-) I think it went pretty well.

  6. Marcelah says:

    I am wearing Peau de Pêche, by Keiko Mecheri. It’s light, peachy, and quietly lovely. I drenched myself in it! I love it, and had to get a full bottle after using up several samples.

    • Robin says:

      Oh, I like that one!

      • Jonette says:

        Me, too! I plan to get a full bottle. It doesn’t last long on my skin, but I find that if I layer it with Osmanthus Interdite, it lasts and just intensifies. “Quietly lovely” describes it to a T.

        • AnnE says:

          Now that sounds like a winning combination.

      • Omega says:

        I like peach a lot….perhaps I need to try this one.

        • ockeghem says:

          Agreed — I like peach — maybe I should sample!

  7. cloudywings says:

    i’m wearing chanel n° 19. it’s such a lovely combination of polish & grace yet has a spark of youth and zest. i love its quiet voice because although not a skin scent like allure or cuir de russie (which i have & love btw), it doesn’t rise above the skin as much as cristal either. timeless elegance but of a “naturally mussed up hair & loose white linen shirt” type.

    • cloudywings says:

      oh ! i’ve worn n° 19 on & off for the last 10 yrs or so ! it’s always in my stable of perfumes, and one of the best travelling scents – i can usually wear it on any occasion.

      • Nightingale says:

        Love, love, love No. 19! I just recently discovered it (and wore it yesterday)! I can definitely see myself wearing it for years.

        • Ida says:

          Yes, it manages to be both a classic and youthful

    • mals86 says:

      Was just coming to post that it was my SOTD as well! It’s truly wonderful.

      Funny, I love the vintage EdT and the modern EdP, but can’t manage the extrait. It’s too austere for me.

    • CM says:

      #19 is always perfect. I love the vintage EDT version – haven’t tried the extrait at all.

  8. AnnieA says:

    Wearing Encens Mythique d’Orient – Rich Lady perfume on a working stiff.

  9. egabbert says:

    High of 88 in Denver today! I’m wearing Lolita Lempicka L’Eau en Blanc, a lovely powdery iris/musk thing. First tried it when someone sent me a sample in a swap a few months ago, and I ended treating myself to a small bottle.

  10. nebbe says:

    Spiritzed some JLo Still, which I blind bought for way cheap about a month ago, and is a lovely sweet tea scent. I haven’t tried any of her other fragrances yet but I enjoy this one. Perfect for the office, and I am pleased with the longevity.

    Update from my Monday Mail sampling: an early winner is Kelly Caleche. Drained my sample the first two days and have been sniffing the empty vial. I bought a 15ml on eBay.
    Also tried a few Tuberose scents: Songes (I like, Mr. B doesn’t) and EL PC Tuberose Gardinia (We both like).

    And more samples in the mail! Thanks again to all who have suggestions, this has been such fun.

    • thegoddessrena says:

      Robin needs to do a Mon mail update post–I always love seeing what people end up with

      • nebbe says:

        Yes! Writing and reading about perfume is nothing like actually wearing it, but I wouldn’t be having as much fun with fumes if I weren’t sharing the experience of it with others!

    • mals86 says:

      Isnt it nice that Hermes makes those 15ml bottles? I loved the EdP of Kelly Caleche, and got one of those wonderful small bottles for Christmas.

      • nebbe says:

        Definitely – they make it so easy to open the wallet :)

  11. Sutterfield says:

    Hello! I am a perfume newbie, so I am just starting to sniff my way through a few samples and beginner sample sets. Right now I am wearing CB I Hate Perfume Black March, which I adore with a passion. It reminds me of rainy hyacinths and other spring bulb flowers from when I lived in a small town in Iowa for a few years. I live in my beloved Texas nowadays, and our spring this year has been grand and huge and spectacular, but I do miss the sometimes more delicate spring days in Iowa…. Black March is a great way for me to be there for a little while.

    Perfume is a new thing for me and I’m kind of wondering where I’ve been my whole life, and now I have this overwhelming desire to smell everything ever. I feel rather like a woman possessed, but I smell amazing!

    • Robin says:

      Hello and welcome, Sutterfield! Apologies but somehow your comment ended up in our spam filter…just found it today and put it back where it belonged. Hope you’ll join in again!

      • Sutterfield says:

        :D No problem – thank you, Robin! I’m glad to be here.

  12. jbordeau says:

    Versace Crystal Noir from a sampler. I’m trying a new hair gel, and its coconutty odor seemed to work with the oriental coconut I get from VCN.

  13. thegoddessrena says:

    SOTD is Milk of Flowers which I’ve owned for a few months and which I wear fairly frequently

  14. Nightingale says:

    SOTD Bvlgari Black. I tried this about a year ago and just didn’t understand it. Perhaps because I have sampled so much this past year and have a new awareness of scents and how they translate, I can now appreciate scents that didn’t resonate for me in the past.

    Thunderstorms in the forecast – perfect day for Black. Top of my list for a FB purchase!

    • Ida says:

      Wonderful to reach that breakthrough understanding of Black!

      • Nightingale says:

        I welcome any and all breakthrough understandings! :-)

    • sapphire03 says:

      Black is a marvelous fragrance imo. So unique.

    • hajusuuri says:

      Bvlgari Black is one of my desert island scents and…it is so inexpensive. A true cheap thrill!

  15. foxbins says:

    SOTD is Osmanthus by The Different Company. I’ve worn this for about fifteen minutes. Sniff quick or you’ll miss it! The longevity is so disappointing.

    • Merlin says:

      True of so many scents by The Different Company…

  16. relleric says:

    SOTD is Hermes Concentre d’Orange Verte. It will be in the upper 80’s today with high humidity, I need that minty orange blast to keep things ‘cool’. :)

  17. acac says:

    SOTD is a few dabs of Carnal Flower. Forgot how lovely this is, and makes me wish I had this in the hair mist so I can douse myself in it.

    • CM says:

      I wanted to try the hair mist – I’m wondering if it’s tamer than the perfume version. Tuberose is a challenging note for me and I’m hoping to find a version that will convert me!

      • Jonette says:

        I must be the odd one out. My skin eats CF, so it isn’t strong on me at all. This isn’t just my perception, a friend had to lean in close and sniff hard. However, as a close skin scent, it does linger for hours. I’m glad I bought a big bottle. I wish they sold the hair mist in Europe.

        • poodle says:

          I’m with you on the CF. it doesn’t last at all on me. I was so excited when I finally got a sample and I sprayed it and…poof…where did it go? Money saved I guess.

          • Merlin says:

            I think the 3 of us have agreed on this in the past. Only, last time I tried it on my clothes too and still had the same problem! I asked b.f. and he also could not smell it within minutes. Perhaps we are both anosmic!

          • Jonette says:

            Merlin, it lasts on my clothes!

        • mals86 says:

          CF sinks in on me as well. Lasts about 6 hours, but the last four are very quiet.

      • hajusuuri says:

        I had considered getting the hair mist as well, but I can only take Carnal Flower in moderation and I was afraid the hair mist may end up diffusing more of it than the more concentrated perfume.

      • nozknoz says:

        I’ve read that the hair mist is slightly gentler. Maybe there was something on Perfume Posse about it.

  18. Ida says:

    Eau d’Hadrien second day in a row. I first wore it in November last year, as my travel scent when I went to a conference in Athens. (yes, jobs do have perks sometimes :-) ). Logic goes like this: if I smell like then, I can feel like then (again).

    • johanob says:

      I like that sentiment.That’s why I shall be wearing Bronze Goddess and Terracotta a lot this winter(which starts NOW over here…;-))If you smell like the beach,you can BE at the beach!

    • missionista says:

      I love Ed’H, but it vanishes quickly on my skin. I hope you have great memories all day!

  19. CM says:

    Wearing Chypre Patalin for the very 1st time as my (backordered) bottle finally arrived yesterday – a belated mother’s day gift from my dog. I’ve sampled several times, but today is the first *official* wearing spritzed from the bottle. (Last night’s test spritz didn’t count because it was late and I didn’t go anywhere).

    This sure is different spritzed than dabbed! I get way more lavender in the opening notes – but then it’s cozy and wonderful. This scent leans masculine to me, more masculine than I usually wear, but I love it anyway. I mentioned in yesterday’s poll that it would work nicely on a MR CM and that I’ll just keep the bottle warm until he arrives :) I hope there’s some left when I meet him!

    • Waldina80 says:

      I notice differences between sprayed & dabbed scents too… I wonder what the science here is?

      • nozknoz says:

        I notice that, too. I think spraying just puts way more perfume on the skin than dabbing.

  20. rose pepper says:

    Narcisco Rodriguez For Her EDT. It’s a new purchase. I’ll probably wear it a lot. I really like it, but I’m not enamored with it.

  21. johanob says:

    SOTD Ben Sherman in the freaky black Union Jack bottle!Yummy liqorice!

  22. perfumelover says:

    Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne à L’Extrême!
    Robin, I love Thierry Mugler Cologne and I wore it for several years. Now it is not available in my country anymore : (

    • jirish says:

      Could you tell me how Parisienne a L’Extreme differs from the original Parisienne? I liked the vinyl note in that one – it reminded me of my teenage record collection, but I would have liked more of it.

      • perfumelover says:

        Hi jirish
        I am not good at describing scents but I can say to you that is an intense version of the original. To me, this version has a much stronger berry ackord and smells far less chemical :D

    • Robin says:

      I don’t think it’s very widely distributed here either, but you can still buy it online. (Actually, for all I know they’ve discontinued it. Ack. Hope not)

  23. scentfromabove says:

    SOTD is Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret. I have been wearing this fragrance since it came out a couple of years ago. I think its a great summer fragrance.

  24. sweetgrass says:

    My SOTD is ELDO Vraie Blonde. I’m not normally into aldehydic scents because they’re usually too soapy to me, but I like this one.

  25. jirish says:

    SOTD is Knize Ten, which is perfect for the chill and damp. Just managed to drain this sample – I’m really making an effort to plow through my box of samples and use them up before they evaporate or go bad.

  26. Jonette says:

    Chilly and rainy all day with the same predicted for tomorrow. Friday is expected to be sunny and dry, followed by several more days of nice weather. I’m so cold today, that even wearing a sweater, I put on the heat in the house!

    SOTD was Carnal Flower until late afternoon, when I pulled out my gazillion samples and decided to re-try Midnight Oud (I’m an aoud lover, but this was too sharp) and an old sample of Smell Bent’s Ho x 3. I’ve never found this complex enough in the past, but now, I can’t stop smelling my wrist. Of course, it’s no longer listed on the Smell Bent site. I sent Brent an email asking if he’s still got some for me.

    I’d forgotten how delightful that site is, with their cartoons and comical perfume names. The prices are very reasonable and I was never disappointed with any of the samples. As I said, the only reason I never ordered anything (and I liked quite a few of his scents) was that they just didn’t have the complexity that I’ve learned to appreciate in some perfumes. But I do want Ho x 3!

    • Merlin says:

      And just sometimes a simple scent is the most perfect:)

    • mals86 says:

      Sometimes simple is perfect, yes!

      I love the Smell Bent website for its sense of fun (and its great prices), but I often find that the musks are… um… pungent? I do really love One (old books plus cardamom), and a newish 4ml Frankensmellie called Florist Fridge (orchids, hyacinths, stock), purchased blind for the win.

      Commando nearly killed me (men’s locker room in high summer), and so did Lucy Fur (if I remember right, spices and a highly animalic musk).

  27. Jonette says:

    Phooey! Just got a quick reply from Brent that he doesn’t have it any more. :(

  28. The Bark says:

    Bogart Pour Homme. I’ve only worn this the last couple of months after reading scores and scores of positive reviews stating how “cherry pipe tobacco” this is – and it is, to an extent, but it’s a cheap scent and kind of, sort of smells that way, too. It’s also a silage monster.

    • kindcrow says:

      Cherry Vanilla Cologne Spray is an inexpensive (ten bucks) cherry tobacco scent that many perfumistas like.

      • Laurels says:

        I may have to look for that–it sounds nice, and I love a cheap thrill.

  29. Bear says:

    Testing Roja Dove Danger Homme – it smells like his version of Habit Rouge. High-quality ingredients, I imagine his ‘fumes appeal to wealthy people who just can’t bear to wear something that isn’t expensive. I have tested 10 of his scents, all have similar scents priced lower. He uses really high-quality ingredients (repeating myself), just wish he would do something original. Or maybe i am being too critical – everyone is ‘inspired by’ something.
    Also wearing a bit of Cologne Blanche Christian Dior on my other arm, fantastic milky almond cologne. Happy I won a bidding war on the ‘bay.

  30. missionista says:

    SOTD is Chergui, which I got in the last split meet. I haven’t had a chance to wear it often, and I’m really enjoying it today.

    • hajusuuri says:

      Love Chergui…I went from splitmeet decant to FB after one decent wear (3 big sprays). I may have posted before that when I used a tiny amount from an equally tiny atomizer, it smelled of bug-spray to me and I did not think much of it until the splitmeet!

  31. Joe says:

    I’m wearing a new decant of Oeillet Louis XV by LeGrand. It’s okay and pleasant , but not going on my must-have list or even must-have another decant.

    It’s mostly gone at this point of the afternoon, so I may switch to the Diptyque Geranium Odorata, which I bought a few weeks ago and like very much. I’ll get a lot of wear out of it this summer.

    • morgana says:

      I am waiting for my package with Eau de Lavande to be delivered later today :)

    • Merlin says:

      How is the lasting power of these Diptyques? I tried L’Eau de Tarocco recently and while it was an absolute stunner for about 15 minutes it then became merely pleasant for the next few hours.

      • Joe says:

        Funny you should mention Tarocco, Merlin, since that’s probably my favorite Diptyque eau and I’m on my second or third bottle. I also would buy a bottle of Eau Mohéli.

        I often find scents to have lasting power problems, but Tarocco in particular lasts on me for a good while. I *do*, however, apply it like an eau, with many many sprays. The geranium seems to quiet down after an hour or two, becoming more of a skin scent, but this is the kind of thing I don’t mind reapplying at all, and I feel it would last longer in very warm, humid weather.

      • morgana says:

        I have Tarocco (if I remember it correctly, I originally tried it following Joe’s recommendation on NST), and agree with you, Merlin, that its most stunning phase is the beginning; but last summer, when I had to deal with rather high temperatures while traveling, Tarocco was the only scent that would do (and the roll-on is great to have it on the go, so the lasting power is not really an issue for me).

        • Merlin says:

          Thanks both of you! I have skin that eats perfume fast so sticking power does matter to me. Guess I will try some of these again!

    • anngd says:

      Joe, if you like geranium perhaps you’d like Nicolai’s L’eau Chic. Considerable sillage and lasting power. And she does 30 ml bottles. Wish that was a standard size. Fifty and 100 ml of anything is too much.

  32. Merlin says:

    I’m using Lush’s Karma soap and its put me in a patchouli mood lately. So today I wore Lady Vengeance. I’v been trying this sample on and off for about 3 years. (I got it from First in F – and their samples are like small decants). I love the bottle of LV, the name and the concept. I even love the idea of rose and patchouli! But, perversely, I just don’t love the scent…

  33. Eva S says:

    I was inspired by the tuberose review of Moon Bloom yesterday, SOTD’s Tuberose Criminelle. So far it’s my favorite tuberose, only have a sample though. Thinking of a FB but there’s many days it’s not a suitable scent.

    • Merlin says:

      Agree, if you are looking, in particular, for a scent to wear frequently, TC may not be it. But it wins on every other point…

  34. nancyg says:

    SOTD is vintage Quartz. First wore this in 1980. Used it up and went on to other signature scents. A couple years ago I found a bottle in the same packaging on eBay and have been wearing it a few times a month since then.

  35. teri says:

    Having snatched up a bottle when I learned that Miller Harris was no longer distributing in the US and having had such bottle arrive in the mail yesterday, I decided the SOTD would be Fleur Oriental. It’s a mid-80s day here in the mountains and we had lunch at a Mexican restaurant on the patio (yes!!). It held its own quite nicely, even among all the rich scents of the Mexican food.

    So to answer the question……this scent is brand spanking new to me.

  36. Jonette says:

    Okay, I’m now officially certifiable (but happy)! It’s just after 1 AM and I’m still awake because I spent the last hour looking through a favorite perfume webshop and putting together a samples order. Lo and behold, to my great joy and surprise, I saw that they had a supply of my long-sought-after, discontinued pure parfum in Cartier’s Le Baiser du Dragon! I am over the moon! I was very lucky to find a 30 ml tester bottle from a Dutch discounter a year ago for under 50 euro! (The edp costs about twice that). It is one of my favorite frags, but was already discontinued when I found it. Now I’ve ordered two 7.5 ml bottles at 30 euro each. Big difference, but I am ecstatic! I needed back ups and now it is possible. I also ordered several little samples of other scents I’ve been wanting to try.

    So now I’m off to bed, bleary-eyed and looking forward to perfume dreams.

    • scentfromabove says:

      Congrats to you. What an awesome feeling! It’s like winning the “perfume” lottery.

  37. hajusuuri says:

    SOTD = Prada Infusion d’iris Absolu

    I am practicing for Friday’s Community SOTD with perfumes that feature my most favorite note in the world. This was the first FB where I asked the SA for the biggest sized version (I usually go for the smaller sizes, not necessarily caring about the higher per mL cost). I have been wearimg this on and off ever since it came out (2012?).

    • Suzy Q says:

      I love it!–and the original, too. I tend to wear the original in the morning. Then after lunch I spray on the Absolu. It is uplifting.

  38. platinum14 says:

    Wearing Vent Vert.
    It was a blind buy, and I love it. I’m still not sure that I will be able to wear it when the temperature gets much warmer, but for now it’s just perfect.

  39. anngd says:

    Eva S., love TC. You smell great! Agree with Merlin – it may not be an everyday scent. I used one small spray on a warm day and my sister almost fainted.

    SoTD is Amouage Opus 1, not right for the weather though. It is so cold here (weird spring) I thought of SL Daim Blonde, but the Opus 1 tester had leaked and was a temptation.

  40. Laurels says:

    SOTD is Annick Goutal Grand Amour. I get an odd whiff of cigarette smoke over a green floral. We’re having classic California weather, hot afternoons with chilly evenings, which is increasingly rare. (Classic SoCal smog, also.) Maybe I’ll try my sample again on a really hot, humid day.

  41. gatorgirl says:

    SOTD was L’Artisan La Chasse aux Papillons. It was warm and humid here today, so it worked well since it doesn’t pack a huge punch. A lovely scent for the office. I’ve been wearing it for about a year or so. One of my first FB L’Artisan purchases – after falling down the perfume rabbit hole. (I also have Seville a l’Aube.)

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