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  1. esmerelda says:

    Robin, thank you for posting the BBC article, “Do People Experience Smells in their Dreams?”. It was fascinating, and I learned a lot!

    P.S. I think you are right about Olene most likely having been re-formulated. The scent in the new bottle, which I have for the first time, seems less jasmine-y (and I’m a jasmine-lover)–and also a bit lighter. I never used to spray more than two spritzes at a time, but now I need at least four. I suppose it could also be a different, weaker spray mechanism than in the old bottle. Anyway, I still adore the scent, and especially its quality of lightness or airiness, but still with a smooth, rich floral character. I don’t know the right terms, but I hope you know what I mean–it’s rich but not dense.

    • Robin says:

      I liked that article too, glad you enjoyed it!

      And yes…really hard to tell when they’ve changed the whole bottle & spray as well.

      And I do know exactly what you mean — in that sense, Olene is possibly a “better fit” with what Diptyque is doing now.

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