Davidoff Cool Water Night Dive Woman ~ new fragrance

Davidoff Cool Water Night Dive Woman

Davidoff will launch Cool Water Night Dive Woman, the feminine counterpart to the recently introduced Cool Water Night Dive.

There is something magical about the ocean at night, a mesmerizing alliance of power and sensuality. And this is precisely what Davidoff managed to capture with its latest fragrance, Cool Water Woman Night Dive. If this perfume retains the aquatic influence that inspired Cool Water Woman, it adds a distinctive touch of charm and mystery, which makes it the perfect counterpoint to the new Cool Water Night Dive for Man.

[...] Cool Water Woman Night Dive was skilfully designed by master perfumer Veronique Nyberg. A fresh and sensual woody floriental, this fragrance is based on a subtle formula, a rich and powerful blend of complementary notes.

It opens with a sparkling mandarin from Italy. Sensuous and catching, this head note grasps the attention. It is an invitation to dive further, deeper into the stirring fragrance. The alluring prelude gives way to an aromatic absolute of lentisque wood. Herbaceous and woody, it is a very distinctive note, the key signature of the whole Cool Water Night Dive line. The entrancing trail comes from an elegant combination of oriental patchouli and majestic cedar wood.

Davidoff Cool Water Night Dive Woman will be available in 80 ml Eau de Toilette.

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