Aj Arabia Black I & Black II ~ new fragrances

Aj Arabia Black I & Black II

Aj Arabia, a new niche perfume house based in Abu Dhabi, has launched Black I and Black II, two unisex fragrances.

Black I ~ "The original fragrance BLACK I speaks volumes for the individual that chooses to be different while remaining true to ones roots and heritage....The relaxing blend of notes found within Black are a perfect example of contemporary Arabian spirit that begins with the spicy scents of cinnamon and cardamom. At the heart of this fragrance are bright, crisp and woody scents of cypress which are accompanied by a splash of incense to stimulate the senses. Sandalwood, musk and cedar wood are noted at the foundations of this aroma evoking depth and the freshness of the forest to this overall woody and spicy perfume that is modern yet steeped in tradition."

Black II ~ "...A magnetically alluring perfume that draws others in and holds them captivated in its contrasting aromas of sensuality and serenity. The subtle and aromatic scents of BLACK II take you on a journey through the orient that starts with citrusy top notes of plum and mandarin. As we go further, floral bouquets of summer roses can be distinguished and are complimented by the rich and warm essential oils of sandalwood. Base notes of earthy musk and moss are then sweetened by undertones of vanilla to create an exquisite fragrance that is both timeless and suitable for him or her."

Aj Arabia Black I and Black II are available in 50 ml Parfum. The scents are currently sold at Harvey Nichols in Dubai and Kuwait; at House of Fraser in Abu Dhabi; and at the Roja Dove boutique in Harrods, London.

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  1. scentfromabove says:

    Black II sounds like the one I would really like. I am really liking fragrances that have moss in it. Kind of nice.

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