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Share your scent of the day, and tell us if you think it "fits" you, and why or why not.

I'm wearing a little dab of vintage Hermès Calèche Eau de Toilette (again). And no, it's too sophisticated and conservative for me — but it smells great, and it has sentimental significance for me because this was my sister's bottle. Plus, now we get to see another Hermès scarf I can't afford (and that is likewise too sophisticated and conservative for me): the Brandebourgs dip-dyed silk scarf, $455.

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  1. egabbert says:

    I’m wearing Perfect Nectar, from the recent Olfactif sampler. It’s pleasant but, no, it doesn’t fit me; too reminiscent of shampoo. (Pretty fancy shampoo, at least.)

    • Robin says:

      That’s the Sarah Horowitz, right? Are you a subscriber? Curious to know if it’s fun to get the box every month, or if it’s usually stuff you already know.

      • egabbert says:

        Yep, that’s the one. Not a subscriber — I got a free press sampler, the one that also included Grand Cuir and Luctor et Emergo. Seems like a really cool idea and well executed, BUT I really don’t need any more samples! I’d recommend it but I wouldn’t sign on myself.

        • Robin says:

          Ah, right. Ditto…I was thrilled to get that though, just for some fresh POTL. My decant is very old.

          • egabbert says:

            I still haven’t tried that one yet. Its reputation precedes it!!

  2. Janice says:

    I’m wearing Andy Warhol Silver Factory. I used to love this and then wore it on a very hot summer day, or maybe overapplied—it was overwhelming and I went off it for a while. Just rediscovering it this spring along with a bunch of other iris variations, and I like it again.

    • Robin says:

      Oh, I like that one but can see it being “too much” in the wrong weather. But wish I had a bottle.

  3. 2rista says:

    I’m wearing Prelude to Love. It’s lovely, with orange blossom, iris and greenish flowers. The perfect spring/summer fragrance but with the usual problem, for me at least – it has so little projection.

    • Robin says:

      I wish I had a bottle of that one too, it’s so pretty — one of my favorite of the line.

  4. austenfan says:

    Vintage Nina extrait, by Nina Ricci. I’m finishing this bottle as it seems to be on the verge of turning.

    • Robin says:

      Hate it when that happens. But it happens to me all the time…I really need to weed through my decant collection, esp., and throw most of them out.

  5. Ari says:

    SOTD is What We Do In Paris Is Secret. The cat is in an unusually cuddly mood, so I wanted a cuddly perfume.

  6. Zazie says:

    Awwww, today I was rushed out of the house and forgot my perfume!
    I would have chosen SL’s A la nuit or MDO’s tubereuse.
    I am missing my perfume, I love to furtively smell my wrists at the office during the day…
    Hermès scarfs are completely lost on me (like the kelly bag and the chanel jacket)! Too…stiff and “mémère”!
    But, truth to be told, many fashion “must haves” leave me very cold. Money saved! ;)

    • Robin says:

      You are commando! (see nozkoz’ comment yesterday)

      I would probably never wear a scarf like that even if I owned it. Just like to look at the pictures :-)

      • nozknoz says:

        Of course, it is Denyse Beaulieu, who came up with that – and I love it!

    • scentfromabove says:

      Zazie, I remember that happened to me one time (forgetting to put on my fragrance). I literally turned my car around one day to put on my fragrance. I felt naked without it. Now, I keep samples in my purse and in my desk at work. This helps for those mornings that I happen to step out without the spritz! :)

  7. Coumarin says:

    I’m wearing vintage Dune by Dior, sent to me awhile back by a kind swapped. Beautiful, cozy, and just a bit strange.

    I love the idea of owning one of Hermes’s scarves (and have spent hours virtually shopping them) but even if I could afford one, I don’t think I would wear it.

    I love the Hermes discovery site, with all its videos and fun animations. Thee is one currently, called “No Comment,” that features dialogue free videos of Hermes employees working, including JCE watering some plants! I thought that was rather charming.

    • Robin says:

      I love that site too…going to look for the video, thanks!

  8. melissa says:

    Lush Imogen Rose. That’s an interesting question, whether it fits me… I think the answer is no? It’s one of those that I wear and sometimes just adore, other times it feels a little suffocating. It’s so pretty and girly, I think it’s a few notches up from what’s strictly comfortable for me.

    I started doing the system you, Robin, mentioned in the comments, setting aside three easy wear-anywheres and picking the one at the front of the line if I can’t decide what to wear, which is how Imogen Rose found its way to me today. I didn’t put it back in line, though — since it’s getting warmer, I put it away and pulled out Rosabotanica to take its place.

    • Robin says:

      Oh good, glad that system is working for you!

    • Merlin says:

      I feel the same about Imogen Rose (I have the solid). Its somehow a little stuffy. I do like Lipstick Rose which is also ultra femme but perhaps its sophistication saves it!

  9. floragal says:

    SOTD: Field Notes from Paris – again!

    Yes, I do think it fits me as I find it to be pretty but a little rough around the edges, so not too pretty. It’s also masculine to my nose with the tobacco leaf and leather notes…and so while I’m definitely feminine I do have a bit of tom-boyishness in me and you won’t catch me wearing anything with ruffles ;)
    It’s the non-ruffle orange blossom IMHO.

    • Robin says:

      Another one I love…you all smell great today.

  10. AnnS says:

    I’m wearing Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Coeur de Vanille. I haven’t worn this one for more than a year. It was a spontaneous choice. I had to get up extra early on a cool drizzly spring morning so it seemed to fit the bill. It’s very cozy and elegant for a quasi-gourmand – just a hint of immortelle with the vanilla, musk and labdanum. I love labdanum!

    • Robin says:

      Oh, have not tried that one! Hard to keep up with DSH.

  11. scentfromabove says:

    SOTD – Evening Rose by Aerin Lauder. Neiman Marcus had a mini gift set of all of her new fragrances. I was intrigued by them, so I bought one. Evening Rose is pretty, as they all are, but has little staying power. Ikat Jasmine is my favorite from that line, but again I think they are all quite pleasant.

    • Robin says:

      Curious to see if this line will take off or not…that one was the best, I think.

  12. eutrapelia says:

    I’m wearing Carner Barcelona D600. Cloudy, rainy day, so I need in warm sweet spicy tender aroma to feel confident.

    • foxbins says:

      D600 is one of my favorites!

  13. Squirrely says:

    Capucine by Fragonard. I love powder and rose notes, and this one is an easy standby to me. Plus, with my synesthesia, I think it “goes” with black clothes, and I’m wearing a lot of black today.

    For those who like Hermes scarves, I recommend the blog The Vivienne Files ( she often builds capsule wardrobes around scarves, and it’s very pleasing to the eye.

  14. Nightingale says:

    SOTD Chanel Christalle. It’s perfect for a cool spring morning. I think it fits me at least for today – it’s fresh and different from the fruity florals (high school girls) that I’m working with today.

    The Hermes scarves the past couple of days reminds me of The Rosie Project, a bon bon of book I just finished. There is a poignant chapter when the main character purchases a Hermes scarf for a friend. The reason for his purchase provides the reader with sweet insight to his emotions. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for nice, light read.

  15. Kelly Red says:

    SOTD is Balenciaga. The first, not a flanker. I like the iris scent and today is a beautiful spring day and it smells perfect. I went to the local gardening place for deck pot plants and had a woman ask what I was wearing. I’m surprised she could smell it as I applied very lightly? But she liked it and even asked where she could get it.

  16. pyramus says:

    Pre-shower I put on a bit of vintage Parfum d’Hermes extrait, which is the most luxurious, expensive-smelling thing I can even imagine, pure heaven. Post-shower, Demeter Mahogany, which is woody, unexpectedly bright, and unimpeachably masculine.

  17. platinum14 says:

    Wearing the last whiff of Olfactive Studio’s Chambre Noire applied last night.
    My workplace now has a no fragrance policy, so I apply lavishly just before going to bed. What ever is left on my skin in the morning is free game…

    • egabbert says:

      Clever workaround!

    • platinum14 says:

      … and yes, it is very me. Love the Hermes scarf.
      I would have no problem wearing it!

    • anngd says:

      So irritated by these workplace edicts. If anyone says anything to me, I will advocate for a no-shorts-with-hairy-legs, no Birkenstocks, no graphic t-shirt and hoody, deodorant required rule. Enough of this so-called inclusive, completely judgmental nonsense.

      SoTD: Tom Ford Violet Blonde, a tiny bit: I sprayed it in the air and walked through the falling droplets. Rant above aside, it is not really workplace friendly, and I will probably gift it.

      • Squirrely says:

        Funny you say that about Violet Blonde – I’ve drained two samples, using it solely as an office scent. I like that it’s warm, slighty masculine, with “appropriate” sillage. Hope I’m not smoking out my colleagues!

  18. thegoddessrena says:

    Today I’m wearing Milk of Flowers from Geo F Trumper. Considering that I knew it was a must-buy almost from the minute it hit my skin, it definitely fits me and is one of my favorite fumes, period.

  19. cologneluvr says:


    A nice grapefruit effervescence and light woods for the warmer months…LOVE this one!

  20. solanace says:

    Eau d’Orange Verte. It fits me, I really like it and will surely get a FB.

  21. jirish says:

    Dzongkha. It suits me when I feel like wearing something cooling and soothing.

  22. 2rista says:

    I haven’t got a Hermes scarf, but I do have a very beautiful Céline one with a classic design. It’s mainly emerald green with some navy and red and I wear it with navy cashmere and skinny jeans when I want to pretend I’m French. Although really I do look very British…!

  23. johanob says:

    SOTD J’Adore Edp,pre-reformulation.I’ve been turning to this one a lot lately!Seems more Spring-like,but I find it soothing in our pre-winter weather!Happy Tuesday!:-)

    • nozknoz says:

      Love that! Enjoy the cooler weather!

  24. meg says:

    SOTD is Azemour, which does seem to fit me these days. I seem to stick to that or Knize Ten lately. I used to be a Shalimar/Hypnotic Poison/Havana Vanille girl, but just not feeling quite that bombshell-esque these days. Still love them, but just don’t fit as well. Mythique and No. 18 are also favorites, but are just too quiet or light or something.

    • anngd says:

      Meg, you smell wonderful. Love Azemour.

    • nozknoz says:

      Love Knize Ten!

  25. Jonette says:

    SOTD is Amouage Epic Woman. I received a compliment from my pedicurist.

    I have a huge scarf collection, from not-very-expensive to about three that cost several hundred euros (gifts). I wear scarves very often. I’ve worn the expensive ones only a couple of times in all the years I’ve had them, just because I’m aware of how expensive they are. (Does that make any sense? I’m intimidated by the knowledge of how costly they are and what a klutz I am.) While I can admire the Hermes scarves, they are totally not my style.

    • Merlin says:

      It makes complete sense to me! If I wear it, it will need washing or dry cleaning and its life will be incrementally shortened so I just can’t do it. I’m a little less inhibited with scent:)

  26. foxbins says:

    SOTD is Tiziana Terenzi White Fire, from a sample. It’s an odd scent, a watery jasmine/lilac that is quite lovely but barely perceptible. The notes contain “oxygen accord” and “fresh ice” and it is very wispy for an extrait. It doesn’t last too long, either, so not very me. Still, it’s only $145 for 100 mls, so I could spray with abandon if I had a bottle.

    • juicejones says:

      I like this line! I bought a fb of Ecstasy. Love it! I like March XIX, too. Would love to try some of their candles.

  27. kaos.geo says:

    My last sprays of Narciso Rodriguez pour homme Musc Collection..
    I didn’t know it was my last application, the painted bottle gave me no clue…

    I love it, it smells, to me , like someone took Axe Musk from 1998 and re-did it with real ingredients instead of the cheapest ones they could find.

    The only positive thing of all this is that now I have an opening to fill in my 10 bottle collection… and with more bottles finishing up soon I might have 3 openings.. what should I buy to replace them? Decisions, decisions! ;-)

  28. Ida says:

    Une Fleur de Cassie. It was it’s “inauguration day” for me – from the gorgeous Frederic Malle 15 Parfums pour Femme coffret. I want to be in the centre of it’s strong but feminine aura for days and days – that’s how much I feel it “fits” me. I don’t dislike anything about the opening, as some have suggested. I wore it, because I wanted to feel special for a first time meeting with a potential collaborator/funder. Oops, I think it was too much for her, but I enjoyed every moment of basking in it’s loveliness.

    • galbanumgal says:

      Love that one too, and would love to see the coffret in person. My taste in perfume is more elegant than I dress these days–but don’t really care!

      • GateGirl says:

        Me too. I have more perfume bottles than I do clothes, I think. I feel like as long as I’m wearing a nice scent, my outfit looks fine.

  29. chandler_b says:

    I’m wearing Balenciaga Paris L’Essence which fits me better than the original Balenciaga Paris, which I gave to my mom. Neither are groundbreaking but there is something strange to me about both. I bought them both unsniffed in 30 ml since they were both $20 a bottle, so I am satisfied!

    • Waldina80 says:

      Two of my favorites, for sure! Paris becomes very creamy on me. L’essence stays greener? Not so crazy about the rose flanker however…

      I love Olivier Polge & so many of his contributions!

  30. sweetgrass says:

    I’m wearing Guerlain Samsara today. I hadn’t worn it in a while. It’s one that I had always thought of as an “occasion perfume”, like it has a roller coaster sign next to it, saying “You must be this fabulous to ride this ride.” But I’m feeling pretty comfortable in it today, and I’m decidedly non-fabulous.

    • AnnieA says:

      Samsara definitely has Big Night overtones. Maybe it is trying out jeans today, and liking it…

  31. chasa says:

    La Via del Profumo’s Balsamo della Mecca. While I’m not sure it fits me, this is one of those scents that I wear to achieve (or attempt to achieve!) a mood or state of mind – I most often reach for it on a sticky day when I want to feel calmer, less harried. It’s kind of a “zen” scent for me…contrast to Bandit, which is what I reach for when I need a kick in the ass to face the day (often muttering “suck it up, sister” as I spritz).

    • nozknoz says:

      Love BdM! I also wear it for to be transported to another (better) level.

  32. rose pepper says:

    Infusion d’Iris. It has been my favorite for awhile now and I do feel like it suits me. In fact, I find it very comforting and often tend to wear it on rainy days (like today).

  33. Merlin says:

    I’m testing Heritage AGAIN today and loving it. For some reason I am not getting the heavy and dominant coriander I picked up from it at prior testings. After the first hour or two the dense spicy scent turned into something quite delicate floral and musky (though of course with some spice accents). My concern is that it is a little too ethereal – I shoved my wrist right under my boyfriend’s nose and he claimed he could hardly smell anything:) I know the current formulation of EDT (the only one available here) is meant to be much lighter than any other version, but it still seems strange…

    Yes, I feel like its me!

    • Merlin says:

      Actually, I think it’s clove/carnation rather than musk that I’m smelling. It gives it a skin-like smell (not sure how else to put it!) And reminds me a little of Kenzo’s flower which I remember one reviewer mentioning a slight clove twist (though nothing of the sort is listed). Now I need to try them together, because Kenzo Flower and Guerlain Heritage ought not to have ANYTHING in common, lol!

  34. Bear says:

    Shalimar Ode a la Vanille Sur la Route du Mexique
    That’s a mouthful! Smoky caramel, bitter cocoa and Shalimar EDP.
    Smells lighter than the other two Odes, would work well in warm weather.

    • galbanumgal says:

      you smell mahhvellous, Bear!

      • Bear says:

        Thanks GalbanumGal!
        Shalimar is my all-time favourite scent!

        Do tell, what are you wearing today?

        • galbanumgal says:

          Unearthed a half bottle of D’Orsay’s Intoxication that I found at an antique mall last year–it’s lovely. The bottle is splash, and I’m afraid if I decant any (and then forget about it), I’ll only hasten its demise!

          • Bear says:

            Had to look up the notes, but a few people claim it smells close to Arpege, which I have smelled.
            You smell marvelous too, GalbanumGal!

  35. AnnieA says:

    Wearing Rien today, and it’s not being as Executive Lady as usual. I’m in a summer dress, so maybe *I* am not being very Executive Lady either.

  36. MikasMinion says:

    Vanilla Insensee again. The weather has been hot and I have had a headache this week so It is the only scented thing I can approach right now. Have been trying to avoid washing my hair because my (fabulous smelling) conditioner might make me gag (I do have unscented shampoo for these occasions but my hair is so dry!). I think it is interesting that VI is a warm weather staple for me – I have read several reviews and was warned by the SA when I bought it that it was really quite strong and long lasting(?!) I am a chronic under sprayer but I can handle multiple spritzes on a muggy day with a pounding headache. Wonder if I am anosmic to it?

    • Merlin says:

      It’s most definitely not a heavy scent. Might be ‘quite strong and long lasting’ for what is labelled a cologne…

      I would think multiple spritzes of VI would be just fine, on any day, but then my nose is not that sharp and I’m anosmic to all sorts of things, so others may need to weigh in:)

      • floragal says:

        Agree. I have VI and you can definitely go a bit heavier on the spraying for that one. It’s not your typical vanille.

        • MikasMinion says:

          Thank goodness it isn’t just me. I love perfume but like to be aware if I am suffocating everyone around me.

  37. anngd says:

    I would buy an Hermes scarf, in France, but not here, and not that one :-) Love scarves and have several which have been cherished for years. Most of mine are very conservative, except a fabulous black and gold/red oriental silk my husband got at Bendel’s a lifetime ago.

    Has anyone tried Flowerhead yet? I am so curious but really reluctant to buy un-sniffed after my Tom Ford adventure.

  38. hajusuuri says:

    SOTD = Hermes Kelly Caleche

    It is now down to the very last wear. I have a back-up bottle waiting in the wings. I was inspired to wear this based on Robin’s SOTD yesterday. I have a mini of the vintage Kelly Caleche and will dig it out this weekend.

    Tomorrow will be Aftelier Cuir de Gardenia, inpired by Lucas’ review. Is it weird to plan tomorrow’s SOTD today?

    • nebbe says:

      I am also wearing Kelly Caleche today – and pondering a 15ml bottle. Pondering it hard. I like it, feels classy and elegant and office friendly but also for weekend wear. :)

      It’s not terribly long lasting on me today, but I did my sample dab into cotton ball onto skin routine so maybe that’s not the best delivery system.

    • Waldina80 says:

      I was planning sotd for tomorrow, too! Not strange at all!

  39. CM says:

    It’s late. I wore Zeta earlier today as this is one of my spring scents. Then I heard Citizen Queen is being discontinued, so I spritzed for bedtime. This is a favorite rose/violet combo and I’m sad to see it go.

    • MikasMinion says:

      I was sad when I heard that too. I haven’t tried it but it has been on my to sample list forever. Guess I won’t end up with an unattainable lemming.

  40. nozknoz says:

    I went commando again during the day and just spritzed on Hermes Epice Marine. I’m tired and should have chosen something more traditional, but I’ve been wanting to smell it again. It’s kind of weird and I don’t entirely have my head around it yet, but I like it.

  41. Waldina80 says:

    Noa Cacharel. Believe it or not, this is my scent of the week.
    Finally I have found a white musk I don’t turn skunky.

    Reminds me of my spunky Mum, Eighties mode, with big hair, wearing her signature sent of the time, Avon Soft Musk. Smells like comfort.

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