Parfum d’Empire Corsica Furiosa ~ new fragrance

Parfum d'Empire Corsica Furiosa

French niche line Parfum d’Empire is introducing new packaging for the brand, as well as a new fragrance, Corsica Furiosa. Also reportedly in the works: new Eau de Parfum versions of Musc Tonkin and Eau de Gloire.

Corsica Furiosa was inspired by mastic, native to the island of Corsica. The notes include mastic, eau de vie, wild mint, tomato leaf, pepper, honey, hay, cistus and oakmoss.

Parfum d'Empire Corsica Furiosa will be available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum, €120.

(via tendance-parfums)

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  1. lucasai says:

    It smells similar to their Eau de Gloire but with less aromatic-smoky vibe and more greenery in the notes.

  2. scentfromabove says:

    I would assume that this is more of a masculine scent than feminine.
    I learn more each time I come on NST. I didn’t know that hay, cistus, and tomato leaves are notes that would be used in fragrances.

    • Robin says:

      I would guess it’s unisex. And yes…all fairly common notes.

  3. nancyg says:

    Sounds tasty

  4. din26 says:

    i passionately loved this the 3 times i tried it at the scent bar in l.a. BUT each time it turned from succulent sap to green lentil on my skin. i wish i understood the chemistry of this. most scents go sweet on me; this went round and sharp and, well, exactly like dusty lentil. i ended up taking home Corps et Ames by PG which i love but which does not evoke place as vividly as CF.

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