Lise Watier Something Sweet Sorbet & Something Sweet Cupcake ~ new fragrances

Lise Water Something Sweet Sorbet & Something Sweet Cupcake

Canadian beauty brand Lise Watier will launch Something Sweet Sorbet and Something Sweet Cupcake, two new youth-oriented gourmand fragrances. Both are flankers to Something Sweet, which launched last year (I've included a description below since we did not announce it).

Something Sweet (not shown) ~ "Here’s to girls who love to have their cake and eat it too! She is an ambitious spirit with an appetite for colour and novelty. Playful and sweet, she flirts with fashion as she does with life, infusing her every day with the zest, confidence and truly original style that captivates and leaves you hungry for more. Now, her contagious spirit is captured in a lighthearted fragrance. With its sparkling top notes of Champagne bubbles and Rainbow Sorbet, refreshing accents of Melon Fizz and Red Fruit, and a delectable base of Juicy Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse, Something Sweet is a gourmand’s embrace of youthful vitality. Distinctive and playful, Something Sweet is the fragrance that awakens your appetite, celebrates your uniquely joyful attitude and of course, satisfies your sweet tooth."

Something Sweet Sorbet ~ "Refreshing notes of iced orange and citrus sorbet, accents of mint and exquisite aromas of lemon syrup." Additional notes include litsea cubeba, watery accord and cyclamen.

Something Sweet Cupcake ~ "Sparklings [sic] notes of pomegranate and citrus, accents of berries and delicious aromas of caramel and musk!" Additional notes include peony, orris butter, musk, woods and chocolate mousse.

Lise Watier Something Sweet is available in 50 ml Eau de Toilette or 10 ml rollerball; Something Sweet Sorbet and Something Sweet Cupcake will be in 50 ml Eau de Toilette.

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  1. AnnieA says:

    Wow, straight for the tween set! And here I was thinking Ms Lise was all about being Très Sophistiqué – my mistake!

  2. scentfromabove says:

    Once again, something my students will be all over. Something Sweet for the girls plus Axe for the boys makes one heck of a smelly school. Geesshh!

    • Robin says:

      Could be worse, there could be Axe for girls :-)

      • pyramus says:

        There is Axe for girls, or more precisely Axe Anarchy for Her Body Spray, in a pink canister. The mind reels.

        My mom got a sample of Something Sweet last year and it is just exactly as horrible as you would expect it to be.

  3. akimon says:

    The current NST article header and the last paragraph of the text put the name of the company as “Lise Water” and I think that may be a prescient comment on these scents. Maybe just adding “Sugar” in front of Water would help even more.. I have just come back from a trip to Toronto, and I can attest that Lise Watier is a lovely company that offers good makeup and skincare products and well done scents, but this teenage gang of Something Sweets does not sound very promising.

    • Robin says:

      Ha…so glad you pointed that out, fixed now. But yeah, could be a sort of commentary.

  4. sapphire03 says:

    Oh great, just what we need, another youthful sweet perfume! *rolls eyes* :)

  5. Omega says:

    When I was a kid..there were no fragrances for the youth except maybe Baby Soft. You were darned lucky if you got yourself some of the grown up department store stuff. Spoiled kids. I started wearing Poison at 14, an unwanted bottle given to me…I would bomb those sugar cube sucker tweens away!

  6. VeraJayne says:

    Sniffed these today.Not my cup of tea but not nearly as sweet as they sound. All are heavy on the citrus. Kids could do far worse.

  7. VeraJayne says:

    On a side note I gifted my 13 year old niece Un Bois Vanille and she loves it! Maybe there is sone hope lol

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