Fragrance gifts for Mother’s Day 2014, part 2

A few more gift ideas for Mother's Day (Sunday, 11 May) in case nothing in part 1 caught your fancy.

Nest Fragrances coffret

From Nest, a coffret with minis of five of the brands fragrances: Midnight Fleur, Amazon Lily, Passiflora, White Sandalwood and Dahlia & Vines. $38 at Sephora.


Atelier Cologne personalized leather travel sprays

From Atelier Cologne, receive a personalized 30 ml travel spray with the purchase of any 200 ml Cologne Absolue ($170-$295) or buy the travel case separately ($25 each).


Fragonard Pois de Senteur candle

From Fragonard, the limited edition Pois de Senteur (sweet pea) candle, celebrating Fragonard's flower of the year for 2014. $48 at Four Seasons Products.


Herbin scented inks

From Herbin, a sampler of scented fountain pen inks: "This 5 pack bottled ink set includes the scents: Amber Orange, Violet Purple, Rose Red, Lavender Blue and Apple Green. Lightly scented inks are presented in elegant 10 ml sampler bottles, and are perfect for fountain pens since they are naturally scented and do not contain pigments." Set of five 10 ml bottles is $17.50, fountain pens sold separately, at JetPens, where they've also got Dong-A Miffy scented gel pens.


The Body Shop Lip Butter Lollipop gift set

From The Body Shop, the "Lip Butter Lollipop", with 10 ml Lip Butters in Strawberry, Chocomania, Shea, Mango and Coconut. Regularly $20, on sale for $14 at The Body Shop.


Jane bath salts

From Jane, 'Vintage' bath salts, in Balsam, Lily of the Valley and Cinnamon (also available in Apricot, Cucumber, Lilac, Pear, Lavender, Grapefruit, Raspberry, Jasmine and Vanilla) $20 each for 2 lbs at Jane.


Gianna Rose garden boot soaps

From Gianna Rose, Garden Boot bar soaps: "The perfect gift for any garden or shoe lover! A pair of stylish boot-shaped soaps are featured in their very own "shoe-box". Scented with the fresh, crisp fragrance of Lemon Verbena, Clove Bud and Bay Leaf." $27 at Caswell Massey.

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  1. mals86 says:

    The lightly scented inks “do not contain pigments”? I R confused.

    But I still love the packaging for those Nest things. I don’t know that they smell as nice as they look, but they look awfully pretty.

    • Robin says:

      Ha, I was confused by that too. From Wikipedia:

      “Because fountain pens operate on the principle of capillary action, ink for them is almost exclusively dye-based. Pigment-based inks (which contain solid pigment particles in a liquid suspension) tend to clog the narrow passages of the pens.”

      • Robin says:

        And adding, those Nest bottles are gorgeous, shame they did not put them in a prettier box. But I nearly always think that about coffrets.

      • mals86 says:

        Thanks for clearing that up for me. (My artist sister is laughing at me right now… )

  2. Merlin says:

    Pretty as they are, those Nest bottles are way better in the regular size. I don’t think the illustrations they are using can be captured that well on a miniature sized space.

    • Robin says:

      Nice to be able to get an affordable set though!

  3. Marjorie Rose says:

    Love the scent of sweet peas, but haven’t yet gotten to the point of spending $50 on a candle. If it were half that and long-burning, I’d be tempted!

    • Robin says:

      I am cheap about candles too! I’ve been dithering about a Papier d’Armenie candle for over two years now, LOL…the papers are only a few bucks, can’t make myself pay for the candle.

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