The Fauchon + Thierry Mugler Angel eclair

The Fauchon + Angel eclair

French gourmet food brand Fauchon has developed a limited edition éclair honoring Thierry Mugler's limited edition fragrance, Angel Eau Sucrée.

The new Fauchon éclair, named for Thierry Mugler's Angel, offers an exquisite union between two senses: smell and taste. The composition of the fragrance has been translated into a gourmet treat filled with a rich marbled cream. At its center, the crunchy cake contains a bitter chocolate and almond praline, which contrasts with the Madagascar vanilla cream, accented by a touch of lemon and caramel.

A key detail of Fauchon's pastry, the white chocolate shell has been given a blue tint, making it the color of the Angel fragrance.

Fauchon's Angel éclair will be €7, and can be purchased from May 19 to June 7 at Fauchon's original store at 26 Place de la Madeleine in Paris.

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  1. solanace says:

    Visiting the Fauchon is so much fun! Back when I was a student, there was always a little (highly addictive) something there to taste for free. Now, I’ll never go to Paris without eating a little of their 15% truffled foie gras. This éclair sounds great, albeit a bit too ordinary: no patch, at all??

    • Robin says:

      They used to have a lovely store in NY, but they closed…they should have waited, now macarons are such a huge thing.

      So far as I know, no patch!

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