Lacoste Live ~ new fragrance

Lacoste Live

Lacoste has launched Lacoste Live (or Lacoste L!ve), a new men's fragrance for the "edgy, creative urban set". 

LACOSTE L!VE a fresh yet deep fragrance blending edgy style and authenticity.

Every component of LACOSTE L!VE can be found in this unique cocktail: energy, creativity and a cool edge. The ingredients are expertly blended, coming together as one dynamic scent, but also stand out individually.

The dynamic burst of lime in the top note hits you first. The zesty touch reflects the unique nature of LACOSTE L!VE: energetic and bright, to awaken your senses. Green leaves and aquatic notes in the heart notes accentuate the lime to bring vibrancy and freshness: notes to help breathe life and space into the mind. Smoky warmth of Guaiac Wood and dark liquorice build the base notes of the fragrance, adding depth and originality to the scent.

Lacoste Live is available now at John Lewis in the UK, in 40 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

(first quote via wwd, additional information via johnlewis)


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  1. idw1407 says:

    Like the bottle, not keen on the notes. Not a fan of Lacoste scents so will reserve judgement. However, from a male point of view, I have always liked their packaging.

    • Robin says:

      I thought the L.12.12 bottles were great. Can’t decide if I like this one or not…will wait til I see it.

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