Christian Dior Cuir Cannage ~ new fragrance

Christian Dior Cuir Cannage

Christian Dior has launched Cuir Cannage, the latest addition to their upscale La Collection Privée Christian Dior fragrance series. The last entries in the collection were Gris Montaigne in 2013 and Les Élixirs Précieux earlier this year.

Cuir Cannage was inspired by scent of the inside of a leather bag ('cannage' refers to the 'cannage stitching' on Dior's quilted leather bags); notes include rose, jasmine, iris and leather.

Christian Dior Cuir Cannage is available in 125, 250 or 450 ml. In the UK, it is currently exclusive to Harrods.

(via shortlist, Bloomingdales-Dubai at Facebook)

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  1. donanicola says:

    Leaving aside the fact that I initially read the name as Cuir Carnage…..I am interested to sniff this. Could be lovely. Some of those exclusifs, sorry, collection prive are quality though I’m hard pressed to remember many names.

    • melissa says:

      I did too! Someone should make a Cuir Carnage.

    • pyramus says:

      I thought it had something to do with a cannery, which yuck, but it turns out that “cannage” means “caning” as in caning a chair (not as in caning a miscreant). Who knew?

      • Robin says:

        They really should have used a piece of quilted leather in the picture. Or just shown one of their Cannage Totes.

    • Robin says:

      I am really behind on this series…still have not smelled Gris Montaigne, or even all of the initial releases. New Look is nice, but wouldn’t pay the price for it.

    • Holly says:

      I autocorrected it to Cuir Cannard. Not being sure of the spelling, I looked up “canard” as well, which would actually be appropriate in a fragrance name. That’s just my lame excuse, as I had no idea the word existed, and I WAS thinking of a duck.

      • C.H. says:

        Yep I flashed on “duck leather” too :)

        • C.H. says:

          (Arg, here I am too late to submit to the Prix Eau Faux–I’ll just have to tell you guys instead about my idea for the flanker to this, Cuir Canard à l’Orange ;) )

  2. eaudemale says:

    wasn’t a leather bag… and lipstick what DIOR HOMME was supposed to smell? Before they added more citruses, tobacco and changed the whole fragrance.

    I bet this one will smell just like the original DH with more leather.

    • Robin says:

      I don’t remember that story…the 2005 version was mostly sweet, sweet iris.

    • rickbr says:

      If it’s like Dior Homme, I’ll love it

  3. C.H. says:

    Joking aside! This sounds pretty great to me. The sizes available for this collection severely diminish my interest, but one of the in-store boutiques is quite near to me, so I’ve smelled lots of them, and I have to say, I think they’re very beautiful. Maybe not the most innovative but at $1.33/ml even for the “small” size (and about $1/ml if somehow you could use 8.5oz!), you could do a lot worse for the money.

  4. lucasai says:

    Jasmine, iris and leather? Those are the notes of Cuir Ottoman from Parfum d’Empire!

  5. hajusuuri says:

    On the iPhone, the name looked like “carnage” and I couldn’t figure out why ANY company would use such an ugly name … and then I remember thinking did Dior accidentally drop the v in Mitzah?

    • donanicola says:

      hhahhahhaaa excellent

  6. nathanthomas50 says:

    Just got a card from Harrods saying cuir cannage is world exclusive at Harrods currently and to celebrate the launch they’re offering a free ‘fragrance consultation’ and a free mini 15ml sample of any of the privee fragrances if you take along the card they sent out. They’re also offering free engraving of any dior bottles during April if anyone has a desperate urge to have their name hand-engraved on their bottles !

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