Five from Mancera ~ new fragrances

Mancera Kumkat Wood, Roses & Chocolate and Aoud Café

Paris-based niche line Mancera has launched Kumkat Wood, Black Line, Aoud Black Candy, Roses & Chocolate and Aoud Café.

Kumkat Wood (above left) ~ launched in 2013. "Kumkat Wood eau de parfum has notes of sparkling grapefruit and bergamot, a breath of spices and leaves of patchouli, all rounded off with sensual white musk."

Black Line (not shown) ~ launched in 2013. "Black Line eau de parfum by Mancera combines a breath of spices, ambery notes, sensual rose and black leather. With notes of patchouli, white musk and sandalwood."

Aoud Black Candy (not shown) ~ launched in 2013. "This Aoud Black Candy eau de parfum has notes of black licorice, mint, precious rose and sensual white musk."

Roses & Chocolate (above right) ~ "Roses & Chocolate eau de parfum has notes of sparkling mandarin and bergamot and delicate blackcurrant and peach, rounded off with rose, chocolate and vanilla."

Aoud Café (above right) ~ "This Aoud Café eau de parfum has notes of sparkling bergamot, peach, blackcurrant, black coffee and sensual white musk."

Mancera Kumkat Wood, Black Line, Aoud Black Candy, Roses & Chocolate and Aoud Café can be found now at Selfridges in the UK, in 60 or 120  ml Eau de Parfum.

(via selfridges, additional information via Mancera at Facebook)

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  1. pyramus says:

    I like the sound of the last three, if they’re properly foody. But this appears to be an extension of or at least in some way related to the Montale line (there’s a Mancera scent called Roses Greedy, which ought to be a clue), and my experience with Montale is mixed, to say the least — I’ve only ever loved one Montale, Attar, but not enough to buy it. That makes me think that the oud Manceras are not going to be very good.

    • Robin says:

      It’s assumed they’re related in some way. If they’re not, they’re a pretty direct copy.

  2. mheusler says:

    These came out 2 years ago……why is this news?

  3. AnnE says:

    These perfume names make them sound like they we’re made for “exotic” dancers.

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