Olfactive Studio Ombre Indigo ~ new fragrance

Olfactive Studio Ombre Indigo

French niche line Olfactive Studio will launch Ombre Indigo next month. It is the brand's first fragrance since 2013's Flash Back.

A voluptuous and smokey fragrance, Ombre Indigo is the scent of shadow.

Ombre Indigo is an enigmatic fragrance; its blend of woods and smoked resins reveals the radiant opulence of tuberose laced with saffron and melts into swirls of papyrus, incense and benzoin.

A bright, deep, beguiling and flamboyant sillage.

Ombre Indigo was developed by perfumer Mylène Alran. Additional notes include petit grain bigarade, plum, vetiver, leather, amber and musk.

Olfactive Studio Ombre Indigo will be available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

 (quote via olfactivestudio, additional information via extrait.it)

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  1. floragal says:

    beguiling and flamboyant sillage – great copy!

    Crazy mix of notes. I’d like to try!

    • Robin says:

      Me too, it sounds great!

    • Helle says:

      These notes do sound crazy, but sooo good! Smoke + tuberose, wonderful.

  2. hajusuuri says:

    Sounds interesting. I hope it has a more sunstantive feel than Flash Back which I would characterize as anemic.

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