Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Lustre ~ new perfume

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Lustre

The Elizabeth Taylor brand has launched White Diamonds Lustre, a new flanker to 1991's White Diamonds.

"A girl can always have more diamonds." -Elizabeth Taylor.

Explore the softer, shimmering side of Elizabeth Taylor's award-winning fragrance classic with White Diamonds Lustre. An alluring fragrance of effervescent florals and shimmering inflections that captures the essence of modern-day glamour and femininity.

White Diamonds Lustre was developed by perfumer Carlos Benaïm, who also did the original White Diamonds fragrance. The notes feature bergamot, mandarin, pear, raspberry, narcissus, orange blossom, jasmine, orris, sandalwood, amber, musk and vetiver.

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Lustre is available at Macy's, in 100 ml Eau de Toilette, $68.

(via macys, additional information via m2woman.co.nz)

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  1. Dilana says:

    At least they are not claiming that Ms. Taylor personally developed this new flanker.

  2. I am a big fan of hers, but I was never a fan of White Diamonds – more of a Black Pearl fan – but the good version is sadly long gone now. Wish they would do a flanker or re-release of it.

    • sweetgrass says:

      I like Black Pearls too. I happened to find a partial bottle of the old version in an antique/resale shop a while back and snapped it up once I realized what it was. According to Fragrantica, it was brought back for a while, but it wasn’t the same.

    • Robin says:

      I have only smelled White Diamonds, never the Black Pearls…Angie likes it too though.

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