Guerlain Eau de Cashmere ~ new fabric spray

Guerlain Eau de Cashmere

Guerlain has launched Eau de Cashmere, the third in their series of scented fabric sprays that includes Eau de Lit and Eau de Lingerie.

Eau de Cashmere is meant as a unisex sweater spray. The soft and powdery fragrance includes notes of bergamot, mandarin, iris, lavender, cedar, vetiver and musk.

Guerlain Eau de Cashmere is €72 for 125 ml Eau de Toilette.

(via guerlain, found via Monsieur Guerlain at Facebook)

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  1. donanicola says:

    I am giggling at the thought of my jumpers (did anyone see Bill Murray recently on Graham Norton when he totally cracked up over Hugh Bonneville’s use of the phrase “woolly jumper” – hilarious. I hadn’t realised it was such an English word.) having their own EDT. Having said that the notes sound fab. If I had the sterling/euro equivalent of $72 to burn I’d go for it.

    • Robin says:

      I missed that! Jumpers really does sound funny to an American — I couldn’t say why, but it does. Maybe like rompers, sounds like something you’d dress a child in?

      Anyway, yeah, my sweaters can’t afford this :-)

      • Kelly Red says:

        Darling, if you can afford cashmere jumpers you can afford this LOL My sweaters from LL Bean won’t be so lucky.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Oh these comments made me chuckle so much! That Graham Norton programme was just brilliant (I loved the guys downing their champagne in 1 go at the start, & also Matt Damon remarking that it was the most enjoyable chat show he’d ever done), & I am so pleased you get it so soon (after it’s shown here) on your side of the pond! I remember shopping in Talbots over there & I was looking for what we call a pinafore & the SA didn’t have a clue what I meant – eventually she said “Oh, you mean a jumper”, which of course had us both laughing when I told her that what we call a jumper you call a sweater. Didn’t someone once say the UK & US were 2 countries divided by the same language?! Re Graham Norton, there was also another recent edition which was very funny – Matthew McConaughey & Julianne Moore – & McConaughey was talking about what he wore in Magic Mike (which I’ve not seen) & cracked up when Norton said “Oh you mean the posing pouch” – cue explanation of ‘posing pouch’ versus ‘thong’ – then McConaughey went on to make an accidential double entendre which had everyone in stitches. I don’t often laugh out loud & at length when watching TV, but both these episodes had my husband enquiring if I was alright as he could hear me laughing – I was upstairs & he was downstairs! I actually watched the Damon/McConaughey/Bonneville episode repeat, as I enjoyed it so much. Have 2 trips to the US planned this year so am looking forward to the vocabulary differences I am sure we will encounter!

    • nozknoz says:

      I just youtubed that segment with Matthew McConaughey – wonderful!

    • donanicola says:

      Thanks for the heads up on the McConaughey/Moore episode which I will look up. The Damon/Murray/Bonneville was Classic!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Glad you enjoyed it! Good that someone posted it on YouTube – not sure if the BBC online catchup service is available in the US.

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