Reminiscence Love Rose & White Tubereuse ~ new fragrances

Reminiscence Love Rose & White Tubereuse

French jewelry brand Reminiscence will launch Love Rose and White Tubereuse, two new floral fragrances for spring 2014.

Love Rose ~ celebrating the queen of flowers, and particularly the centifolia rose cultivated in Grasse. Additional notes include iris, jasmine, moss and leather.

White Tubereuse  ~ 'elegant and seductive', with tuberose, spices, woods and musk.

Reminiscence Love Rose and White Tubereuse will be available in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. Look for them later this month.


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  1. Thalia says:

    I love the bottles, and Love Rose has very promising notes. I remember Reminiscence (heh) having pretty prohibitive pricing, though.

    • Robin says:

      They’re not all that easy to find in the US in any case. But they do seem to do a good job on scent development.

      • Thalia says:

        Beauty Habit has them! But not easy to find a counter to sample them at.

        • Robin says:

          True, but yes, meant more distribution than that.

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