One Direction That Moment ~ new fragrance

One Direction That Moment

Pop boy band One Direction will launch That Moment, the limited edition followup to their debut fragrance, Our Moment. Band member Harry Styles announced the new fragrance in a YouTube video:

Hi guys. Your reaction to Our Moment has been absolutely amazing – we’re so, so pleased that you guys like it so much and people have already been asking what is next so we’ve come up with a new version of Our Moment. It’s with the original notes but with some new stuff. It’s taken things like pink grapefruit and jasmine and mixing them with new scents and mixing them with green apple and violet in a swanky new bottle.

One Direction That Moment will debut in April; I'll update with sizes when I can.

(via hollywoodlife)

Update: more on One Direction That Moment, from Macy's ~

Inspired by the Our Moment fragrance, That Moment has a unique signature with soft, comforting and clean top notes over lush velvet petals captured in a precious droplet of sheer musk.

 That Moment is available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum, $59.50. The notes include green apple, cucumber, tangerine, muguet, peony, violet, patchouli, creamy musk and cedar.

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  1. pigoletto says:

    I can hear the whining now: ‘But Moooooooom! Harry said it’s got NEW STUFF in it, and it’s in a COOL NEW BOTTLE too – NO, It DOES NOT look like the old one, DUH, are you BLIND?! Mooooooom! CanIHaveItCanIHaveItCanIHaveIt – OMGIHATEYOU, NO I TOTALLY CANNOT WAIT UNTIL MY NEXT ALLOWANCE…..Hey, where you are going with those earplugs and that bottle of wine???

    • Robin says:


      • Omega says:

        lol, this sums up a good chunk of the department store frag experiences as of late I think, sadly so.

  2. mutzi says:

    Isn’t it the same bottle? The color may be slightly different and they updated the name. But it looks like the same bottle to me. Maybe I have to be under a certain age to see the differences?

    • pigoletto says:

      The original bottle was clear, with pink juice, I believe, as opposed this one which looks like the bottle may actually be colored – in which case they probably will leave the juice clear. But like you say, only the eagle-eyed 13 yr old superfan can really tell. Clever though – just different enough to make all the fans desperate for it and annoy their parents (for not thinking it’s any different to warrant buying) and probably simple enough to change production-wise so no more money is probably spent on that side of things, so your profit margins stay the same.

      • Robin says:

        Thank you Pigoletto, thought it looked slightly different but too lazy to investigate! Surprised they didn’t at least do another color.

  3. Diddlypops says:

    Me and my friend purchased the original. Gave her my bottle as it just wasn’t me. There’s 2 differences with this bottle, one being the bottle is now frosted pink and the original was pink juice in a clear bottle, and the new bottle has a clear diamond shape at the top and the original had pink frills within the lid. I’m sure I’ll smell this when I see there UK stadium tour in May. I’m sure all the young girls will be doused in this scent lol.

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