Absolument La Treizieme Note ~ new fragrances

Absolument La Treizième Note Femme and Homme

Absolument (aka Le Parfum d'Interdits) has launched La Treizième Note, a new duo of fragrances inspired by creations of French chef René Bergès.

In the world of perfume, notes are the essences assembled to create a unique perfume. The legend says that it is the very last, the famous 13th Note, that allows each of the other notes to melt, to harmonize and to transcend, to give the perfume its incredible and provocative power.

La Treizième Note Femme ~ "The feminine fragrance is a sweet floral bouquet inspired by one of Chef Berges’ desserts, an audacious dish of fruits and flowers. A unique, sensual, delicious and enchanting perfume that dresses a woman in an irrepressible desire…to indulge." The notes include pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, sage, rose, violet, mimosa, vanilla, jasmine, musk, white peach, honey and amber.

La Treizième Note Homme ~ "The masculine fragrance, fresh, aromatic, and spicy, is inspired by another of the chef’s dishes. Subtle and sophisticated, it is an exclusive and unique perfume that blends mystery, elegance and intensity."  The notes feature mandarin, anise, basil, chamomile, black pepper, chili pepper, white clove, sage, wormwood, Atlas and American cedar, patchouli, leather and white musk.

Absolument La Treizième Note Femme and Homme are available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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