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Indie brand CB I Hate Perfume celebrates their 10th anniversary this year, and is launching The Box, a coffret with all 40 of the brand's perfumes:

The year 2014 marks the 10th year of CB I Hate Perfume. This is a very exciting milestone in the history of the company and I’ve chosen to mark it with the introduction of a very special edition simply called “The Box”. The Box is an elegant cloth-bound box resembling a coffee table book that houses a complete collection of ALL my perfumes to date. The Box is made-to-order, assembled by hand and each box is numbered and signed by me, making it a very special item for serious perfume devotees.

The Box contains the entire collection of CB perfumes – even those that are available only in the gallery. Each perfume is in a special 15 ML bottle designed especially for The Box and each perfume comes with a beautifully printed sheet with its story and scent description. Every box is numbered and signed by me and will come with a certificate of authenticity. Those who register The Box with us will receive advance notice of every new perfume I introduce in future and will be eligible to receive special editions of the new perfumes to add to their collection.


CB I Hate Perfume The Box is $6500, or $10,500 if you include the Rare Flowers collection. Also included: a booklet "summarizing the mission and history of I Hate Perfume", and a "custom bound portfolio containing the stories and descriptions of each CB perfume".

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  1. Marjorie Rose says:

    Damn! I was gonna say “What a fun new toy!” but then as I read the whole individually signed, numbered, exclusive, yadda, yadda, and $6500!!!!!

    Nope. Not that fun.

    • Robin says:

      I am too lazy to figure out if it would be cheaper to buy all 40 without the box, but yeah, it’s expensive. But would be lovely to have!

      • Marjorie Rose says:

        Yeah! Maybe you should repost it for the luxury Christmas posting at the end of the year? Would be a lovely gift!

        Although with that kind of money, I’m thinking I’d still rather be in Bora Bora!

    • kindcrow says:

      But, think of how long it took a team of math-magicians to develop a Coffret Caculator that came up with the figure of $6,500!

      • Marjorie Rose says:

        I spend a fair amount of time looking at art–walking galleries, art fairs, museums, coffee shops, etc.–and while I *do* believe in fair pricing for the arts, I still sometimes balk at the figures. And I dated a very talented illustrator last year who I always felt undervalued his own work–could take him a week or two to finish an illustration, and he felt sheepish considering it worth more than a few hundred dollars.

        It does make me wonder how one quantifies the value of a painting or a box full of fragrances or what-have-you! I think you’re right that there’s some magic involved.

    • Aria says:

      I had the exact same response! I haven’t tried any of these perfumes but I’ve heard about them (the majority of it good) all over perfume blogs and what-have-you, and I thought this would be a fantastic way to just experience the whole line. Right up until the price tag! If only money grew on trees!

  2. mutzi says:

    Okay, I will admit that I have not tried any of his scents and I know many perfumistas love them. But he certainly sounds full of himself: “each box is numbered and signed by me, making it a very special item for serious perfume devotees.”

    • Robin says:

      C’mon, lots of brands do numbered signed additions. It’s not something I care about personally, but don’t think it necessarily means he’s full of himself.

      • Robin says:

        But adding later: hope that did not sound dismissive of your opinion! I don’t agree but didn’t mean to sound unfriendly about it :-)

    • Merlin says:

      I balked a little at the wording of that as well. I very much treasure Andy Tauer’s signature with each of his perfumes, and I don’t object to the collector value of numbering – but the wording, ‘and signed by me, making it a very special item’, is a little precious.

      That being said – and with regard to Majorie Rose’s comment above – I think a bit of egotism may be required to get much recognition in any of the arts!

      • Robin says:

        Ok then, point taken. The wording could be better.

  3. yukiej says:

    Usually when I see the fancily-packaged, limited edition stuff on NST I don’t even think about it, let alone look twice. I know I will never buy anything like this, and I know it is probably absurdly overpriced, but I want it!

    • leathermountain says:

      Me too! This is the only one of its ilk that I decided to read more about, hoping against hope that somehow it would be within reach. Silly me. :)

      • lynne marie says:

        I did the same thing! I usually avoid “special editions”, but all 40 of CB I Hate Perfume’s scents??? I was so excited, until i saw the price…

  4. AnnieA says:

    AA I Hate CB’s Prices

    • Holly says:

      AA, you made my day! LOL! I nominate you to receive The Box deluxe edition inclusive of the Rare Flowers collection … gratis, courtesy of CB. He should even create a fragrance in honor of you, and you will select the name.

      • AnnieA says:

        Thanks, Holly! Will let you know the *second* the Box arrives…

    • Merlin says:

      Perhaps you can start a brand called I hate CB Perfume Prices. Lol!

  5. hajusuuri says:

    I salivated over this until I got to the end and saw the price. Sigh…a girl can only dream….

    • Marjorie Rose says:


  6. kaos.geo says:

    can’t they do 1,5ml vials in a box for $650?
    I’d be down for that…kind of..

  7. Oakland Fresca says:

    I’m sorry. I know I am missing the point. Or at least the important point. But I have to do the math. So… at 46 (40 plus the 6 in the Rare Flowers collection) flasks at $10,500–that is $228.26 per 15 ml flask. If you can pass on the Rare Flowers, and settle for the 40 fragrances at $6,500–that is $162.50 per 15 ml flask. If you are someone for whom money is no object, then this is a totally irrelevant exercise… and far more important is the question of whether you’d like to explore 40-46 fragrances by one person… or perhaps you just like the cool box. And if money is an issue, then whether the cost is $6K or $10K, it doesn’t really make much of a difference. I personally fall into the “if I had to ask, the then I couldn’t afford it….” group. So I suppose doing the math is the analytic equivalent of scrambling for the moral high ground! Here I am… yoohoo… CH I Hate Perfume free. High and dry. :)

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