Rick, thick and full of it

The husband and wife team behind Lush – which this week won a high court battle against Amazon over its use of the word "lush" to sell rival cosmetics – has trademarked the name "Christopher North" as a brand name for a new range of toiletries, which could eventually extend to deodorants and hair removing cream. North is the managing director of Amazon.co.uk.

— After a 3 year battle with Amazon over the use of the word "lush" to sell bath bombs and other Lush-like products, Lush has won their lawsuit (and they're not really planning to market any "Christopher North" products, although they've already come up with the tag line "rich, thick and full of it"). Read more at Lush trademarks cosmetics range named after Amazon's UK boss at the Guardian. Hat tip to C.H.!

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  1. Erin says:

    Knew Lush would win.I get your point about “lush” being a word in the English language, and I use Amazon.ca all the time, but it didn’t sound like Amazon had much of a leg to stand on, legally, when they were selling products designed to look like Lush products. (IMO, it would be fine if a bath bomb or ball was marketed as producing a “lush lather” if it didn’t look like the Lush Sex Bomb product.)

    • Robin says:

      And you were right! I also admit I never went to do searches to see exactly what they were doing.

  2. Daisy says:

    It really should not have taken this long to win this. But I guess the courts move slowwwwly. Meanwhile…I’m still chuckling about the product tag line “Rich, thick and full of it.” –that’s some pretty funny stuff.

    • Robin says:

      If they end up releasing a product, betcha it will sell :-)

    • rivercitylizzy says:

      I’ll admit the tag line made me chuckle as well, not to mention the absolute cheek of trademarking their rival’s name (at least, for the branding of bath/body products). It was an amusing way for them to say “how do you like the fit of that shoe, now that it’s on the other foot?”

      • Robin says:

        Yes…and do doubt they’ll release anything.

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