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  1. jonr951 says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Robin! And Everyone! ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

    In the spirit of today, I’m wearing TM’s Angel The Taste of Fragrance. Chocolate anyone?! ^_^

    • Robin says:

      Nice choice!

      • jonr951 says:

        I actually just got it in a swap after Xmas! I swapped the Leather one I found at Ross for the Taste my swapping partner found at Ross. Haha! $30! I’ve been hoping to find another one in my neck of the woods, but still no luck. : /

  2. Squirrely says:

    Second day of telecommuting, because there’s no way I’m going to clear 14″ off my driveway. I’m supposed to be hosting a dinner party tonight, so this should get interesting.

    Scent of the day is a Lush layering: Rose Jam shower gel, followed their Ro’s Argan body conditioner (I use it as a lotion, it’s incredible).

    • melissa says:

      I think I’m going to do that! Well first I thought I might do something subtle. But now I think maybe Rose Jam + Ro’s Argan + AC Rose Anonyme and maybe a little dab of Five O’clock Au Gingembre. If it was supposed to be Subtlety Day that’s what they’d call it.

    • Robin says:

      I am using Rose Jam shower gel every day thanks to a VERY kind NST reader. Will be shocked if they never release it again, it’s the best Lush shower gel ever.

      • 50_Roses says:

        I’m glad that you got some of it. It really is wonderful, so rich and intense. Judging by the comments on their website and what I have heard by the staff in the Lush shops, I think they might have a riot on their hands if don’t re-release it, perhaps yearly as a part of their Christmas lineup. Of course, making it year-round would be great, but maybe there would be supply issues with getting enough rose absolute to do that?

        BTW, did you ever get to check out the Prince Charming shower gel, and if so, what did you think of it? I have a small bottle of it, and I find it rather meh. Not bad, just rather weak. It starts with a whiff of grapefruit, then there is something sweet–the vanilla and marshmallow, I suppose–but none of it is very intense, and by the time I have rinsed off the scent is gone. I will use of my bottle, but I don’t see myself buying this again (assuming it gets re-released). If you didn’t get to try it, don’t lose any sleep over it.

        • Robin says:

          SO glad you commented, because I hadn’t and now I will stop worrying about it (mind you, I wasn’t staying up nights or anything, but I was going to make sure I got to Lush before they sold out. I was really bummed when I couldn’t find the Rose Jam).

          • 50_Roses says:

            MInd you, Prince Charming is not bad, and YMMV; I just don’t think it is anywhere near as good or as distinctive as Rose Jam. I was frankly a little underwhelmed by the Valentine’s collection. I did pick up a Love Locket bath bomb, which I have not used yet, and I did rather like the Tender is The Night massage bar, which is now in the year-round collection.

      • Lucy says:

        I hope they bring it back. I really feel like I missed out on something by not getting any.

      • kindcrow says:

        Yay! I’m so glad that you got some Rose Jam shower gel and that you love it too!

  3. Kelly Red says:

    Today I too used Rose Jam in the shower. Then I layered on Saffron Chocolate body oil, it smells amazing. My sweet valentine and I will be attending a college hockey game this evening :) Yes, I’m a fan, so we both will enjoy it.

    • Robin says:

      Sounds perfect! Who makes the body oil?

      • Kelly Red says:

        Opps, that would be Aftelier Perfumes Chocolate Saffron Body Oil and Hair Elixir.
        I originally bought it when I had extremely short hair and used it as pomade. Now I use it on my skin, it smells divine.

  4. floragal says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    For a non-rose lover, I’ve found my rose scent: Tauer’s PHI Une Rose de Kandahar. Yay! After the review on this blog and poll on good rose options for non-rose lovers, I tried a bunch and I really have fallen head over heels for PHI. I love that it lasts all day on me, and it’s a delicious scent with just a hint of rose.

    Wearing PHI today (actually all week long).

    Now for some chocolates to go with it!

    • Robin says:

      How nice! Everyone should have at least one rose.

    • Laurels says:

      Thanks for the recommendation–I’ll have to get a sample of that.

  5. mayk says:

    Amouage Lyric has me feeling all kinds of ways today. <3

  6. Abyss says:

    In spite of all the “Hey, it’s Valentines, buy all this stuff that you don’t need” emails that have plagued my inbox for the past fortnight or so, I still managed to forget that it was Valentine’s.

    SOTD is OJ Woman, but I might change into something else for the evening. Tubéreuse Criminelle and Fracas were my choices in the previous years, so I’ll probably go stick with one of them again.

    Also, have people noticed that the likes of Dzing, Traversée, Drole de Rose, etc. are no longer in the Last Chance To Buy collection, but in one called Les Exclusifs? I can’t keep up with them *sigh*

    • Robin says:

      Then that’s the 3rd or 4th time they’ve renamed this “collection”. Whatevs.

  7. AnnieA says:

    Wearing Ambre de Merveilles, which on second thought is not very valentine-ish. I do, however, have some favourite chocolate for later in the day, so all is well.

  8. thegoddessrena says:

    Am disappointed that my ebay order hadn’t arrived by the time I left for work–I have no idea what it smells like but how could I resist a little heart-shaped bottle of something called Enchanting Menace…

    • Robin says:

      Hey, that is hard to resist! Who makes it?

      • thegoddessrena says:

        It’s a vintage scent from Evyan–I was actually thinking of getting a heart-shaped bottle of White Shoulders (one of my favorite vintage scen) but I am easily distracted

        • Robin says:

          Wow, cool…had never heard of it. Great name.

  9. solifloriste says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m wearing Fille de Berlin in the spirit of the occasion and also to celebrate becoming official with my boyfriend today. :)

  10. sweetgrass says:

    I’m wearing Rossy de Palma today. So yeah, roses and stuff.

  11. jirish says:

    Today I’m wearing a sample of by Killian’s Rose Oud. I really need to get a bottle or travel atomizer of this. Can’t remember when I’ve fallen so hard for something!

  12. Lucy says:

    No scent today, but Mr. Lucy came home with the greatest Valentine’s gift this morning…a box of Cronuts! Life is good.

  13. Kelly says:

    I’m noticing that Serge is the reigning theme of this thread. And I’m not one to change up a good thing – SL is my boyfriend today, Gris Clair for work, and I shall slip into something a little more Chergui for the evening….

    Any other good romantic SL recommendations (I already love Tubereuse Criminelle, of course…)?

  14. cleopatracharm says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I am wearing West Side by Bond No 9, which I actually received as a gift today from my husband! Smells wonderful, and the bottle is red so it was pretty fitting for today =)

  15. lynne marie says:

    Happy Valentines Day! SOTD is Ananas Fizz by L’Artisan, which I had never tried before. I’m really enjoying the light effervescent, slightly fruitiness of it ( it reminds me of Champagne, the drink, not the perfume) and is a great spirit lifter as I head out to shovel the driveway for the THIRD time in 24 hours – can this storm please be done now?

    • kindcrow says:

      I have enjoyed my sample of Ananas Fizz. If they bring it back again, I will buy a bottle.

  16. kindcrow says:

    SOTD is Blue Agava and Cacao by Jo Malone. I’m being bitten by mosquitoes (I’m very allergic to them) and it’s @#%! February! We are experiencing a terrible drought, so I’m not sure where they came from. Perhaps there are some very low spots in the river for them to breed?

    Speaking of chocolate, last weekend, we visited a greenhouse that had chocolate and vanilla plants. I got a picture of my husband standing with a chocolate plant with a vanilla plant coiled around it. My sweetheart, chocolate, and vanilla. What more do I need? :-)

  17. Laurels says:

    SOTD is Mohur. I’m generally not a fan of rose perfumes, but it’s a nice one. Going to stay in and bake brownies for whoever’s around tonight. Might play a video game, because my life is just that exciting.

  18. Squirrely says:

    Dinner party went well. My SOTE ended up being MFK Lumiere Noir Pour Femme. Such a sexy rose. Everytime I wear it, my husband excitedly asks what it is. At least he’s consistent.

    Hope y’all had a nice V-day, however you choose to celebrate.

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