Floris Amethyst ~ new perfume

Floris Amethyst

British perfume house Floris has launched Amethyst, a new fruity floral fragrance in their 'By request' series:

A new hand-poured eau de parfum, inspired by the beautiful amethyst stone. Long associated as a symbol of love, an amethyst was supposedly worn on a gold ring by Saint Valentine embellished with a subtle engraving of cupid.

Amethyst is a vibrant floral with a heart of jasmine and orange blossom flirting with notes of mango, passion fruit and strawberry, sweetened with a wisp of candy floss. Rich amber and vanilla embraced by a touch of cedarwood gives an enduring depth to the fragrance.

Floris Amethyst is available in 100 ml Eau de Parfum, £139.

(via florislondon)

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  1. Thalia says:

    That is a whole lot of money to pay for mango and a wisp of candy floss.

    • Robin says:

      Yep! The “by request” series is priced much higher than their regular line.

  2. KateReed says:

    Sheesh. Everything about that makes me wish that I wasn’t born in February. Or maybe just that Floris had decided to do any other stone instead. Yeah…that second one.

    Mostly the weather we get this time of year makes me wish I wasn’t born in February.

    • Robin says:

      I always wished for a summer birthday! And hate my birthstone: topaz.

      • KateReed says:

        I never was very fond of amethysts until I found out that there are pretty green ones. I’m not a big fan of purple. But the green amethysts, they’re as pretty as aquamarines, particularly in an emerald cut, but all anyone really ever seems to recognise are the purple ones.

        • AnnieA says:

          And topazes can be lots of pretty colours too, not just the cheapo primary colours of the 10k gold rings of little girls who live in fake Louis Whoever bedrooms. Not that I am on a rant about tacky childhoods or anything.

          • KateReed says:

            Beat a pepto bismol pink bedroom with an avocado carpet. Please tell me you can beat that.

          • Robin says:

            That is hard to beat!

          • KateReed says:

            My grandparents decided to surprise us, after all, what else would two little girls born in February want but “It didn’t look that bright” pink accessorised with curtains and bedspreads and quilts covered in hearts? They were going to change the carpet (I have no idea what to, but it was 1982…) and on the spur of the moment (which is always a bad idea when you’re talking houses) decided to do the hall and the stairs as well. And that’s when they found the termites…

      • PekeFan says:

        I was born in July and don’t love my birthstone – ruby. Although I love topaz. The grass is always greener.

        • 50_Roses says:

          I think the July and September babies have the best birthstones. Rubies and sapphires are beautiful, valuable, and durable. I was born in May, and although emeralds are beautiful and valuable (and green is my favorite color), they are also fragile, and thus not suitable for everyday wear.

  3. Omega says:

    Garnet is mine, it’s just ok. Candy floss and mango? Meh, next.

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