Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique ~ new fragrance

Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique

Bottega Veneta will launch Essence Aromatique, a new fragrance for women, in February. Other recent scents from the brand include Bottega Veneta Pour Homme.

Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique is a unique new fragrance inspired by the generosity of Cologne and constructed with the finest of essences. A rich fragrance, fresh yet floral, with an aromatic facet to fit a relaxed, yet sophisticated lifestyle.

Essence Aromatique features notes of bergamot, coriander, white rose, vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood and patchouli.

Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique will be available in 50, 90 and 200 ml Eau de Cologne ($90-180). It is available now for pre-order at Neiman Marcus.

(via neimanmarcus, additional information via cotypress)

Update ~

Essence Aromatique was developed by perfumer Michel Almairac, who also did the brand's Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum and Bottega Veneta Eau Légère.

Tomas Maier’s vision for Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique evokes the Italian sense of “la dolce vita”, capturing the quintessence of a different moment in the life of the Bottega Veneta woman. A light summer wind dances through the hair of an alluring woman lying peacefully on the beach in an immaculate, white bathing suit. Basking in the serenity of the moment, she exudes a casual elegance that naturally complements her intrinsic beauty. In the background, a jade green sea mirrors the freshness in both palette and scent of the fragrance. Says Maier, “The primary inspiration was the freshness of a summer day and the tranquility of a seaside experience, from the warmth of the sun, to a gentle breeze and the unimaginably captivating infusion of the sea. I wanted to create an unexpected, crisp Cologne that lingers like the essence of understated confidence from the woman who wears it.”

[...] Fresh at first, this unexpectedly new interpretation of a classic Cologne reveals richer notes, making it feminine, more centered. A refreshing yet warm and delicate ambery scent captivates the senses while wrapping you in comfort. First impressions of an aromatic breeze are followed by refined, rounded notes, leaving an unforgettable trail of fresh sophistication that is elegantly textured to last.

(via press release)

Another update: see a review of Essence Aromatique.

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  1. lucasai says:

    Will definitely try it out when it appears here!

  2. happy888cat says:

    The moment I saw the bottle and the name I guessed EdC right away! The notes listed sound great. I can’t wait to try it. I think it may make a great linen or pillow spray.

    • Robin says:

      It does sound really nice…want to know what perfumer they went with this time.

  3. hajusuuri says:

    I love the color of the perfume! It reminds me of some of the Bottega leather clutches and most importantly, it IS the color of my bedroom. I should just buy it unsniffed when it comes out just for its aesthetics and how it complements my room. It doesn’t hurt that the notes sound wonderful as well…this is one I must seek out when available and never mind pre-ordering at Neiman Marcus, I will just go to the boutique on 5th Avenue. Wahoo!!! (Hmmmm, maybe I’ll make it one of my split-meet splits instead of the Serge Lutens).

    • Robin says:

      The pale greens always attract me too…these days, you could do an impressive collection of just pale green bottles.

  4. Omega says:

    I must be the only one who is a bit ‘meh’ on this one. Bottle is nice..the rest sounds a bit boring. After BV Pour Homme, not expecting much. It smelled ok but it was so very weak..this may be good, you never know..but hopes not too high.

  5. floragal says:

    Oh I’m happy to see this! Sounds really nice. Frosted bottle with green juice is very appealing as well. After the original Bottega Venetta, which I adore, I’m definitely keen on trying this.

  6. zara says:

    oh lala! sounds nice. one of the few new (mainstream) releases that caught my attention in months

  7. C.H. says:

    Just wearing it now, will look forward to an NST review–at first I was pretty into it, and would have agreed with the characterization that it’s a richer, more feminine take on a classic cologne (it’s certainly a lot lighter than the original BV, but I recollect Eau Legere as more “crisp” than this). But as it’s wearing and I’m re-reading the listed notes, I’m starting to wonder if it doesn’t have a whiff of play-doh? Hrm. Looking forward to hearing what others think!

    • Robin says:

      Good to know…have not tried it yet! We’ll get to it eventually I’m sure.

  8. APassionateJourney says:

    I got samples of this, Elie Saab L’eau Couture and the Carven, all green, at Nordies along with a La Panthere and Black Orchid sample :). I seem to always get samples of Black Orchid! I think I like this one better on the card. Very aromatic with a hint of citrus. I want a bottle of La Panthere (I kinda had to force myself to love it!) and the L’eau Couture!

    • Robin says:

      Buy my bottle of La Panthere, LOL….

      I still need to smell L’Eau Couture.

  9. APassionateJourney says:

    My goodness. So, I wrote the above message about 15 minutes ago and the fragrance is almost gone. It has faded so quickly. I think that might be a record. For juice like that this is priced about $85 bucks too much

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