A whiff of jasmine

Smell-and-taste researcher Dr. Alan Hirsch has long argued that certain aromas can help people lose weight, improve athletic performance or increase sexual arousal. One of his studies found that the odor of buttered popcorn or strawberries helps exercisers burn more calories, another that a whiff of jasmine can improve bowlers’ scores. Hirsch’s boldest and most controversial finding, however — that sprinkling some flavored granules on food can help people lose weight without diet or exercise — is one he can no longer advertise.

— The FTC has reached a settlement with Sensa Weight Loss System. Read more at Sensa doctor’s research fails federal smell test at the Seattle Times.

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  1. Omega says:

    Well, I can tell ya right now that if I poured a whole bottle of Love and Tears, on me , I probably wouldn’t be a better bowler, lol! And smelling anything with butter, especially buttered popcorn, would make me wanna jump off the treadmill and go watch a movie.

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