Lorenzo Villoresi Vintage Collection ~ new fragrances

Lorenzo Villoresi Vintage Collection

Italian niche brand Lorenzo Villoresi has launched the Vintage Collection, consisting of five fragrances from the brand's back catalog: Garofano, Incensi, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang and Tropicana. Reportedly, other fragrances are still to come.

Garofano ~ "A floral base of Carnation, with Rose, Jasmin and Geranium. Nuances of lilac, Cyclamen, Ylang Ylang and aromatic spices." (see our review here)

Incensi ~ "An ancient ritual. Pure sap spilling from the tree, natural and balsamic. Evoking journeys along the spices trail. Enchantment of moonlight ceremonies. Fresh notes of sour Apple and Orange blossoms. Touched with Myrrh, Poppy and resinous Woods."

Vetiver ~ "The unique fragrance of vetiver Bourbon from the tropical forests of Indonesia and Réunion Islands. A warm, woody and earthy smell. A base of aromatic Woods, accents of Rosewood, Celery, Angelica, Cumin and Poppy."

Ylang Ylang ~ "Yellow gold and tender flowers, hand-picked early in the morning on the small Cananga Odorata trees growing in the Comoro and Reunion islands, in Zanzibar and Nossi-Bé, evoking sea anemones and often wound into scented garlands by the young girls of Tonga. The intense aroma of Ylang Ylang, “the flower of flowers”, with its long tapering petals, has an unmistakable sweet, powdery, floral, strong and radiant aroma, elegantly complemented by a chorus of frangipanni, jasmin, orange blossoms and Tiaré flowers."

Tropicana ~ "Opulent trees, loaded with exotic and unknown fruits, touched by the warm rays of a tropical sun. Exuberant flowers of a thousand colours, beautiful to see and touch, sensual and enveloping, overflowing with intoxicating and mysterious fragrances. Countless palm trees bending in the wind, leaning towards the sea, cold juices and ice drinks, sweet and fruity, white like coconut and milk, under the infinite stars of the Southern Seas."

Lorenzo Villoresi Garofano, Incensi, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang and Tropicana are available as limited editions at the Lorenzo Villoresi website, in 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

(via lorenzovilloresi.it)

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  1. thegoddessrena says:

    Ylang Ylang sounds like it could be really pretty

    • Robin says:

      I cannot remember if I tried that one! I really liked Garafano, but 100 ml…too much.

  2. Omega says:

    Garafano does sound nice, how big is the lilac note in that one? And the carnation?

    • Robin says:

      It’s mostly carnation.

      • Robin says:

        But should add…most carnation scents have been destroyed by IFRA regs, & so don’t expect this one will be as it was.

        • Omega says:

          Sad and true. I love carnation.

  3. Sarah K says:

    I got samples of Ylang Ylang, Garofano and Incensi, and found them all interesting and rather beautiful, though I’ve only tested them once so far. Ylang Ylang reminded me of 24, Faubourg in the top and heart. Dense florals backed by some green, slightly woody notes and a bit of powder. The far dry down was more like a baby-soft version of Kenzo Jungle l’Elephant.

    Garofano reminded me in style of a Grossmith, with rose and geranium notes laid over some soft powder. The rose note flipped between being a fresh rose and a powdery rose, and was always accompanied by the spicy geranium (which can get a bit bug-spray like, but only if you huff your wrist). Both this and the Ylang were rather strong to start off with.

    Incensi was certainly not your average incense scent. It was more like a bitter apple pie with cinnamon and milky notes, but not at all foody. As it developed it got a bit sweeter, with resinous and slightly soapy notes.

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