Fendi Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto ~ new fragrance

Fendi Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto

Fendi has launched Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto, a new fragrance for men. Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto is a flanker to 2012's Fan di Fendi Pour Homme, and follows 2013's Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Acqua.

Intense, sophisticated, elite. Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto is about intensity and ultra-sophistication. This fragrance represents the quintessence of the iconic Fendi man. His captivating and magnetic persona is enhanced by his elegant Italian style, providing him the power to defy all limitations.

The notes include cardamom, citrus, pink pepper, sage, oud accord, vetiver, patchouli, opoponax and tonka bean.

Fendi Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Assoluto is available now at Macy's, in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

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  1. rickbr says:

    I didn’t like the original Fan di Fendi and Fen di Fendi pour homme, but since i like Fendi scents, i guess i’ll try this one. I just wished that they could bring back the gorgeous Theorema Donna

    • Robin says:

      Ditto…that’s the only Fendi I ever loved!

      • rickbr says:

        I guess that we need to pester Fendi Robin lol Have you ever tried Theorema Pure Parfum? If not, i recommend, it’s worth the investment :)

        Don’t you like Fendi Asja? It’s a very interesting one too, something that you could fit easily on Serge Lutens line.

        • Robin says:

          I never tried Asja, and I know there was another early feminine that everyone said was great, can’t think of the name now. But haven’t liked anything they’ve done since the license moved to LVMH.

          • rickbr says:

            Maybe it’s Fendi Fantasia? I had a sample of this one too, and it’s quite lovely and distinct too, something woody and sweet and a little bit fruity maybe….

          • Robin says:

            Could be!

          • platinum14 says:

            The original Fendi for women and men (Fendi Donna and Fendi Uomo) were the best.

          • kaos.geo says:

            The original Fendi for women (called just “Fendi” and in some magazine ads “Fendi di Roma”) was launched in 1985.
            It was very good, an oriental-rose-y patchouli.
            Very sexy.

            I was 15 in 1988…. I smelled it on a magazine strip and was smitten.. one day, my high-school geography teacher walked by and I said.. “what a lovely perfume” and then I said “Fendi di Roma!” and she was so shocked and surprised that I knew it.. it was a priceless moment. :-)

          • Robin says:

            Great story!

  2. Fabio says:

    and You cannot imagine how good was FENDI UOMO.

    It was one of the greatest scents I’ve ever tried; I was in my latest teens, but I felt like a real man.
    Anyway, better discontinued than messed-up like Antaeus.

    Fan di Fendi is an inoffensive fragrance I don’t like.
    I might sniff this one, even I tend to dislike oud fragrances (maybe here it’s just a hint, maybe just a way to capture more audience)

    • Robin says:

      That’s true of Theorema too…I’d rather have it discontinued than ruined.

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