Persephenie Vetiver Attars ~ new fragrances

Persephenie Vetiver Attars

Los Angeles based aromatherapist and perfumer Persephenie has launched Vetiver Attars, a series of traditional attars made with vetiver oil. The scents include Blue Lotus, Hina, Parijata, Kewda and Tuberose.

Complex layers, earthy nuances, incredibly rich, and very special are what comes to mind when these attars are inhaled. Each attar is made by hydro-distilling a flower or flowers, herbs, spices, seeds, etc. into the sustainable oil of vetiver. The process of making and aging an attar can last from two weeks, to up to six months. Vetiver acts as an excellent fixative, and therefore the vetiver Attars last hours on the skin. Only a tiny bit is needed.

Blue Lotus ~ "The blue lotus flower is considered sacred, representing clarity, devotion, and prosperity. The Blue Lotus Vetiver Attar is the exquisitely scented blue lotus flower hydro-distilled into vetiver essential oil."

Hina ~ "This scent is magic! A mysterious combination of herbs, spices, roots, flowers, and seeds hydro-distilled into vetiver essential oil. Warm, sweet, fruity, woody, earthy, and completely captivating. It has all the nuances of a well rounded perfume."

Parijata ~ "The parijata flower (also known as Coral Jasmine) is a night blooming blossom that grows on a small tree. Its scent has been compared to a combination of orange flower and jasmine. Ethereal and narcotic, parijata is considered a wish fulfilling gem. The fallen aromatic flowers are collected from the ground and placed on altars as an offering in India. For the Parijata vetiver Attar, the delicate parijata flower is hydro-distilled into vetiver essential oil."

Kewda ~ "The kewda flower is a large exotic blossom, delivering bright hypnotic notes of hyacinth and honey. For the Kewda Vetiver Attar, the enchanting kewda flower is hydro-distilled into vetiver essential oil. Heavenly."

Tuberose ~ "The tuberose flower is picked immediately before the buds open. It's powerful fragrant flowers continue to exhale their mesmerizing scent long after they have been plucked. With a history of use in rituals from wedding's to South Pacific Lei's, the rich narcotic tuberose flowers are hydro-distilled into vetiver essential oil for the Tuberose Vetiver Attar."

The Persephenie Vetiver Attars can be found now at Beautyhabit in 4 ml, $64 each.

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Update: see reviews of Blue Lotus, Parijata and Tuberose.

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  1. Mary Carol says:

    I’ve got Kildren by Persephenie and really like it (linden and ginger are present for me in that one). I might need to check these out, as I do like vetiver.

    • Robin says:

      Very good to know, thanks! I’m tempted by these too.

  2. nozknoz says:

    These strike me as expensive for vetiver based attars.

    • Robin says:

      They’re not cheap, but would not think they’d be cheap to make either? She’s doing her own distilling, as I understand it.

  3. dewey eyed says:

    I bought the Parijata. Such a teensy bottle! But very potent.

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