By Kilian Vodka on the Rocks ~ new fragrance

By Kilian Vodka on the Rocks

Niche line By Kilian will launch Vodka on the Rocks, a new unisex fragrance that will be exclusive to the brand's Moscow boutique in Crocus City Mall.* Vodka on the Rocks follows Apple Brandy, the fragrance for the Kilian boutique in New York City's Meatpacking district.

Like Apple Brandy, Vodka on the Rocks was developed by perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur. The scent is described as having "cool spices with a floral heart and leather base notes"; notes include coriander, cardamom, rose, lily of the valley accord, oak moss, ambroxan and sandalwood.

By Kilian Vodka on the Rocks will be available in 50 ml Eau de Parfum and is due to launch next month.


* I am pretty sure it will also be sold in the Kilian webstore, where Apple Brandy is currently available for sale ($235).

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  1. Omega says:

    I don’t like the name at all…but some of the notes sound nice, though, I don’t care for vodka much.

    • Robin says:

      Apple Brandy is nearly a dead ringer for Apple Brandy, but this will have to be more fanciful since vodka, straight up, doesn’t typically have so much of a smell on its own.

  2. APassionateJourney says:

    The most annoying thing in the world are these damn city exclusives! Even worse than FLANKERS and special editions! We all would like to smell good so just please release them everywhere. Even if it’s just one department store.

    • Robin says:

      Oh but do see the footnote above…pretty sure this will be sold online. Anybody anywhere can buy Apple Brandy right now, and they are selling samples of both Apple Brandy and Vodka on the Rocks.

      • APassionateJourney says:

        Kilian did send me an email saying it’s available online but I sure do wish it were in Saks stores so I could do my testing. I guess buying samples is the new free :(

        • Robin says:

          That’s true, it’s not so easy to try, but it beats some brand’s policies for city exclusives.

  3. Joe says:

    Sorry, Kilian, you’re losing me…

    I’d rather spend $200+ on a nice bottle of vodka and a small pot of fine caviar. Might not last as long as the scent, but I might be likely to enjoy it more.

    Yawning. Rolling eyes. Sorry.

    • Robin says:

      It’s pretty spendy, but the whole line is pretty spendy. They never got me to begin with…just too expensive for what they are.

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