If you are receiving the daily Now Smell This newsletter via email…

...please be aware that I will be discontinuing that service after today. Sorry! The emails were provided by Google's Feedburner, and as Google is no longer supporting that product, I'm going back to handling my own RSS feed.*

If you'd like an alternative way to follow the posts at Now Smell This, check out Feed My Inbox, which will fetch the RSS feed from this (or any) blog and deliver it to your email address daily. You can follow up to 2 blogs free, after that, it's a paid service. Feed My Inbox will ask you to enter the address of the feed, which is http://www.nstperfume.com/feed/.

Other options: follow me on Twitter, where I tweet links to the articles that post here. Or, check out Feedly, an RSS reader that allows you to follow all of your favorite blogs (and they have a great mobile app).

*RSS is a web standard for distributing content; if you read Now Smell This anywhere other than on the site itself, you're probably using my RSS feed.

Update: After receiving a couple emails on this subject, I'm adding for the sake of any curious bloggers that Google actually stopped supporting Feedburner in late 2012, and as of this writing, they have NOT made any announcement indicating that they will shutter the service entirely. But since it seems likely that someday they will, and since there is currently no recourse if your feed malfunctions in any way, many bloggers have switched to other services or just gone back to handling their own feeds. I procrastinated for over a year, but want to stop using Feedburner while I can still have my feed forwarded to the new address. If you're a blogger and you want to switch, you can have your feed forwarded up to 30 days.

Another update: I have found another email alternative, blogtrottr. It is free, but there are apparently ads in the emails. I have not tested it.

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  1. RusticDove says:

    Aww, bummer! Darn Google.

    • Robin says:

      I don’t know why they ever bought Feedburner in the first place. And still pissed at them for discontinuing Google Reader, even though it turns out that I like Feedly better. But you really would think they could afford the cost of a couple people to keep these things going given how much blogger-hate they generate when they discontinue services!

  2. CobraRose says:

    Ironically, I just discovered that I could actually click on the email and read the blog. I’d been patiently typing the address in my browser window, after being reminded by the email. Live and learn…very slowly.

  3. Oakland Fresca says:

    Okay. I’m gonna whine. I signed up for Feed My In Box, because among all the assignments, updates on projects and heavy sells from various vendors, I love my perfume treat emails from NST… and I am too much of a Luddite to work with some app or tweets etc.. but I’ve already gotten three lumpy, ugly emails today for one NST day’s postings… It is just not the same! Sniff (and that is not getting me the sweet scent of an NST perfume review) :(

    (I recently read somewhere San Franciscans described as progressives who hate change. I think I fit that description perfectly!)

    • Robin says:

      There is a place at FMI to check a box for only one email a day. I’m testing it too, and the email is admittedly VERY ugly, and does not list articles in the order they’re posted in which is just weird, but I’m only getting one email a day.

      I’m very sorry, but all the other newsletter options cost money, so then I’d have to put ads in the newsletters, which would be yucky too…esp. since there are already ads here.

      Please blame Google, that’s what I’m doing :-)

      • Robin says:

        And will add, it really might be worth giving Feedly a try. I don’t generally use it as a mobile app, but just load it in my browser on my desktop. If you follow any other blogs or news websites, you can see all your news at once, and you can bookmark articles you want to read later. It’s very convenient…I just keep it open all day in my browser and check in every so often.

        • Oakland Fresca says:


          Two scary suggestions–trying to figure out how to reset Feed My for one email and an app for a browser? Didn’t even know I could do that.

          Thanks for listening to my rant. I will look into both of your suggestions!

          • Oakland Fresca says:

            Okay. Done and done. Had to download Google Chome… but lo and behold suddenly everyone’s gravatar was round and the comment corners were once again rounded… now, can I find my back again?

            Thanks again for your help. :)

          • Robin says:

            Good! Don’t forget all sorts of sites, not just blogs, have feeds…you can follow NPR, for instance, and many newspapers, & all sorts of things. So in the long run you might find Feedly useful.

            And Chrome is such a great browser anyway! I use both Firefox & Chrome, for different things, but do think Chrome is the best at this point.

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