Roja Parfums Nuwa ~ new perfume

Roja Parfums Nüwa

British niche line Roja Parfums has launched Nüwa, a new fragrance in the line's Imperial Collection.

“Inspired by the legend of Nüwa, the gentle and kindly Chinese goddess, who is said to have created woman and man; and according to the myth she taught her people to be creative and wise, introduced beauty through music, song and dance, and filled the field flowers with fragrance. This tender liquid narrative will seduce the soul”. Roja Dove

The notes feature bergamot, lemon, blackcurrant buds, immortelle, jasmine, osmanthus, rose, ylang ylang, ambergris, birch, black pepper, cistus, clove, cumin, labdanum, oakmoss, orris, patchouli, storax and vetiver.

Roja Parfums Nüwa is $750 £750 for 100 ml Parfum.

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  1. TheSnailsPajamas says:

    I know it’s parfum, but these prices are eye-watering.

  2. Bejoux says:

    Up close and personal the bottles with the glued on bits of bling are as tacky as as Britney Spears offering. I’m sorry to say this but Roja is just going all out for the money now, all pretence at class has gone out the window.

    • Robin says:

      I have never seen one, and have barely smelled any of them. So can’t really comment, except to say I can’t afford them anyway.

      • Dilana says:

        I have not smelled this new one but I have smelled most and even purchased one (for a much lesser price than these new ones are listed for.). They are very well made, although their “presence” may seem old fashioned compared with the newer “sheer” or clean style scents (And I personally see no reason to side with one style or another- both can be terrific.)
        However, compare this scent’s price to an extrait of a Guerlain classic, or a Channel Private Collection (probably comparable in complexity etc.) $750 seems way out out of line (unless it does cure migraines.)

  3. Dilana says:

    Does it cure male pattern baldness or migranes? If so, it is worth the price.

  4. thegoddessrena says:

    This somehow reminded me of perfumes from the 70s. It definitely didn’t seem contemporary on my skin

  5. Lavanya says:

    ooh- I tried this on my very recent London stop over and really really liked it. To my nose this smelled very similar to Puredistance M but less leathery, more peppery and the peppers seemed sort of ‘stewed’. Yum!! Very ‘my kind of perfume’. Except those prices!!!!! Hopefully somebody will split it.

  6. donanicola says:

    It must be nice to be Roja. I’ve seen comment (not here) that he is the best perfumeur in the world! But from my point of view he is totally out of touch with reality in his Harrods bubble.

  7. mellene says:

    Received a sample and spritzed. It’s a ravishing scent reminding me of vintage parfums of yesteryears with a gentle leather undergirding the floral notes. BTW, it’s 750 British Pound Sterling so about $1,235 US dollars.

    • Robin says:

      You are so right — thanks so much for the correction! Fixed above.

  8. Daisy says:

    Sadly, I love a lot of Roja Dove scents — but most of them will remind you of something else. It seems to me that he starts with someone else’s idea and then makes improvements and pumps up the price. Exampe #1 Molinard Habanita became Enslaved (plus a couple hundred bucks.)

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