Happy New Year!


Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous 2014.

If you are so inclined, do share your scent of the day. Or, take another aspirin and go back to bed.

And do start counting those receipts — the damage poll for the fourth quarter of 2013 is tomorrow.

Also upcoming: The Monday Mail will return next Monday (see here to get on the waiting list; it's not too long right now). Later this month, we'll hold our first freebie meet (give away your unwanted perfume!) and our first split meet (to arrange bottle splits). In February we'll kick off the 2014 Prix Eau Faux, our contest to honor creative fragrance writing or “faux ad copy”. In March, we'll hold our 4th swap meet (trade your unwanted perfume for someone else's unwanted perfume).

Note: image is Bonne Année 2014 by pilllpat at flickr; some rights reserved.

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  1. Lise says:

    Happy new year! I hope you have all had a good celebration. No need for aspirin here. Celebrated with family, friends and lots of kids, so just a few sips of bubbly om me.
    Started this day with a family walk around the lake here. Nice! Now it is time to eat the rest of yesterdays turkey. Yummy! SOTD is L`Artisan P. Safran Troublant. A christmas gift from hubby.

    • Robin says:

      What a lovely gift!

    • CM says:

      Saffran Troublant just might be my first purchase of 2014! Good stuff!

  2. thegoddessrena says:

    Happy New Year! SOTD is Byredo Green. The sample in my purse was on the verge of leaking, so I probably put on a little much (by my standards). However, it garnered my first ever compliment from a stranger so that’s happy, plus I was already thinking that it should go on my full bottle list…..Am making a daytrip up to Boston today to see my friends, whoever I can fit in the 10 hours I’ll be there

    • Robin says:

      Have fun in Boston!

    • Mille Fleurs says:

      Byredo Green sounds perfect for a fresh, new year! What a great choice!

    • Lise says:

      I tried Byredo Green today. Very nice! Will order a sample of this.

  3. Ari says:

    I spent New Year’s much as I’ve spent every day since being diagnosed with mono- tottering around like a newborn deer and in bed by 9:30. My NYE SOTD was the last dregs of a L’Artisan Poivre Piquant decant, inspired by Angela’s post yesterday counseling using up decants.

    • Robin says:

      So sorry…hope it is not much longer.

    • Merlin says:

      Chances are then that the year is going to get better, right?;)

    • ringthing says:

      Oh my, so sorry! Hope you feel stronger soon!

    • You poor thing! You smell great but your life deserves to be better. Hopefully this nasty sickness will be over soon! When you feel better, we will sniff lots of things madly!

    • PekeFan says:

      Sorry to hear that you are still feeling poorly. Hope you feel perky soon!

    • Dixie says:

      Rest and drink fluids! You’ll feel better soon!

    • Aparatchick says:

      Oh, Ari, mono! I’ve had it, so I really sympathize. I can still remember (and this was 30 years ago) lying on the sofa wanting to get a glass of water, but not having the energy to walk the 15 steps to the kitchen. :( I hope you’ll be feeling much better soon.

    • Lise says:

      Oh, that mono. Been there done that, and it wasn`t much fun. Hope you will get well soon!

  4. bowbat says:

    Happy New Year! We’re cleaning and doing laundry here – starting off the new year fresh.

    SOTD is L’Artisan Premier Figuier. I received the travel-spray sample set for Christmas, and thought that would be a scent I’d give away – didn’t sound like something I’d like at all. Surprisingly, though, I really do like it. I’m not a fan of green scents, but this one balances the green with milky and woody notes in a way that’s very comforting.

    • Robin says:

      What a great gift…hope you’ll find others that surprise you!

  5. galbanumgal says:

    Just spent an hour raking the roof & shoveling, to stay ahead of the game. Looks like no end in sight, snow-wise!
    Stopped at N-M yesterday to spritz the newish TF Shanghai Lily. Used to not be able to wear oriental frags, but my recent turnabout with Shalimar has me reconsidering. It’s pretty, and while not a sillage monster, has definite tenacity on me. But not being a lily fiend, I’ll stick with Shalimar for the time being. Happy 2014!

    • ringthing says:

      You can never go wrong with Shalimar :-)

    • Robin says:

      I need to try the Shanghai Lily too.

    • PekeFan says:

      I love Shalimar too and have it in a number of iterations. You make me want to dig out my sample of Shanghai Lily! I remember not being over impressed, but I guess I should follow Angela’s recent advice and give it another try.

  6. Marjorie Rose says:

    Happy New Years, all!
    I have begun putting away the Christmas things–will do a good, thorough cleaning, too. Love that feeling of clean, fresh house post-holidays!

    Last night was spent out to dinner with Mr. Spicebomb–I smelled GLORIOUS liberally spritzed with Tauer’s new PHI scent–a belated Christmas gift from Mr. Spicebomb! What a lovely fragrance! I told Mr. S that I felt like a freshly roasted potato swimming in luscious, melted butter! (And I meant that in a good way!!–cozy, satisfying, simple yet luxurious!) I’m not sure he got it, but he knew I meant it as a compliment! ;)

    Other than cleaning, I hope to refocus my ongoing project of self-care–make sure I have healthy foods to eat, put away the leftover treats into the freezer for less-convenient snacking, maybe take a much-needed walk with a friend. I’m not a resolutions-girl, but it’s good to take a post-holiday moment to intentionally reset to a more normal rhythm.

    Hmm. Might have to smell like PHI today, too! Can’t have too many potatoes. . . :D

    • Merlin says:

      Fabulous gift, Mr Spice-Bomb is a winner!

    • Robin says:

      He knows what you like :-)

      • Marjorie Rose says:

        I appreciate that he’s paying attention! :D

  7. Mary Carol says:

    As sometimes happens in the middle of winter for me, I find I just have to reach in the back of my perfume storage area for a summery floral now and then for my SOTD. (I’m in the Midwest, and we’re having a particularly cold and snowy winter this year.) Today is one of those days. I’m wearing Parfums de Rosine’s La Rose Legere and am enjoying it. I was in early last night and I got up at a pretty normal time. I’m watching the Rose Parade on TV right now.

    • Robin says:

      I do that in winter too…by late February, sometimes I’m wearing more citrus than anything else.

      • PekeFan says:

        I usually wear more citrus than anything else all year!

        • Marjorie Rose says:

          Which citrus scents do you especially like? I have Ubar, which isn’t as lemony to my nose as others have described it, although it’s certainly sparkly. And I have Fico di Amalfi, with that wonderful grapefruit before it settles into cool fig. Otherwise, I feel like citrus is pretty much a supporting character in my collection. . .

          • Robin says:

            Too many to list, but here are a few: Guerlain Mandarine Basilic & Eau de Guerlain. PdN Balle de Match. Cristalle EdT. Atelier Orange & Neroli. Carthusia Mediterraneo. MPG Eau Pour Le Jeune Homme. PdE Azemour. Ormonde Jayne Isfarkand. Goutal Eau du Sud. Diptyque Oyedo.

  8. MikasMinion says:

    Just home so doing that grocery restocking thing. I think my husband would die if left alone for too long- we were completely out of beer. He used to be so capable. Grocery store was deserted and wonderful!
    I will spend the rest of the day going to the gym, for a walk, sorting and washing fruit, and cleaning the plastic container cabinet. Where did all of those lids go?
    SOTD is Agent Provocateur which I bought for my Mom and ended up keeping since she decided she really likes NR for Her (which I can not wear and loooove on her). So, an accidental Christmas gift to myself ;)
    Someone at the grocery store was wearing loads of Fracas and it was delicious!

    • Robin says:

      The plastic container cabinet! Ack. I may save that for 2015.

    • Marjorie Rose says:

      When I moved last year, I *swore* I’d only keep containers with matching lids! Unfortunately, it proved to be too large a project for me–matching lids with containers and ONLY keeping those with pairs–and after a while, I just threw everything above the kitchen sink for later efforts! I know I’ll have to get to it eventually. . . maybe inspired by Robin’s momentum! ;)

    • Laurels says:

      Where DO all the lids go? Maybe they run off with the socks. I got six pairs of docks for Christmas, and one sock is already missing.

      • 50_Roses says:

        My theory about socks is that there is a teeny, tiny, very weak black hole in my dryer that is just powerful enough to attract small objects such as socks. Larger clothing items such as shirts or pants are too massive to get sucked in, so they do not disappear in the wash.

        My way of dealing with the situation was to find a brand and style of socks that I liked, and then buy 18 identical pairs. That way, even if, say, 6 socks got lost, I would still have 15 pairs, rather than 6 unmatched socks I couldn’t wear.

      • Dilana says:

        I’ve noticed that for both cheap plastic containers and cheap socks, the stores change their produce every two months or so, just enough so the new stuff will not match the old stuff. The manufacturer or dimensions on the plastic boxes result in slightly different size or shape, so the lids won’t match. The socks now have a thin rim of black, or no longer have a thin rim or black, so you can’t use them to match an odd sock from your old pair.

    • AnnieA says:

      Speaking of the lost sock mystery it has been solved over here by using those net wash bags. Only down side is that the corralled socks do take longer to dry.

  9. SOTD is Ombre Fauve – I am surprisingly maudlin this morning, probably just a little because all the fun is over and tomorrow it’s back to the usual grind. Also my love has to go do work today (like he does almost every day) and as independent as I am, frankly, it’s just more fun to have fun and even more fun to have fun with him.

    Ombre Fauve is cuddly and soothing and I like it. Just what I needed today. :-)

    • Marjorie Rose says:

      I often get lonely on my long vacations–it is fun to be on your own for a while, but ultimately, life’s better shared! I hope you can find a friend to call or an outing to enjoy on your own! Always helps me to get out for while, if I’m feeling down.

    • Robin says:

      Hope you are feeling less maudlin later in the day…

  10. ringthing says:

    Wearing vintage Coco today and yes, I smell terrific :-) We are watching a marathon of the Crossroads guitar festivals on some cable channel which is keeping me from getting anything done – I have no motivation to clean. All the snow I was looking forward to remains just to the north and I was really hoping to just hang out and watch it fall all day long but I’m sure there will be more later.

    • Robin says:

      What fun…way more fun than cleaning.

      • ringthing says:

        Anything is more fun than cleaning. That plastic container cabinet mentioned above – oof.

  11. Ericgmd says:

    For 2014 I’ve resolved to say goodbye to old and vintage scents and to only enjoy contemporary ones. I may even get rid of all the vintage and rare ones I have BTW (So Ebay here I come. And as a Seller for a change!)
    So in the spirit of my resolution and with a newly found open mind, I am wearing my sample of Flowerbomb by Victor & Rolf today.
    I reluctantly asked for it at Sephora because of its mainstream popularity and to try and understand all the hype. And I have to say that I truly love it!
    Hello innovation and sweet fruitchoulis and goodbye melancholic reminiscence and bitter chypres!
    The “New-Me”

    • kindcrow says:

      Hee hee. I’ve been reluctant to ask for a perfume before. When I bought Fancy (by Jessica Simpson) from Target, it was in a locked case. I had to ask an employee to unlock the case. When they opened it and asked which one I wanted, I could not bring myself to say “Fancy” or “Jessica Simpson.” I just pointed to bottle and said “that one.” And, she sounded like such an airhead when she spoke about naming the fragrance.

      • Ericgmd says:

        Yes it takes real guts to ask for Jessica Simpson and to admit it on here I have to say! Probably a gutsier move than using your credit card at Target nowadays!

        • kindcrow says:


        • Robin says:

          Oh, there’s more than one fan of Fancy around here!

          • Holly says:

            Time to revisit cheap thrills!

  12. 50_Roses says:

    Just sitting at home continuing to recover from a nasty virus. I am not sure what to call it. It was much worse than a cold, but not quite like a typical flu. It started to set in on Thursday, and by Saturday I felt about the sickest I have ever been in my life. Fortunately, it seems to be clearing out quickly, and right now I am in that “not-really-sick-but-not-yet-really-well” stage where I start wanting to do things but I know I still need to rest. Maybe tomorrow I will venture out and do some after-Christmas shopping.

    In a little while I will start working on our New Year’s meal of pork, cabbage, and black-eyed peas. I don’t know if any of it really brings luck, but it can’t hurt, right?

    • Marjorie Rose says:

      Oh so sorry you’ve been ill! I did hear on the radio this morning that “swine flu” is making quite the rounds this year. I know when I got it in the first round several years ago, it was not like any other flu I’d had–hope your recovery goes quickly, whatever it is!

      • 50_Roses says:

        I had heard that too about the H1N1 flu virus. I dragged myself into the drugstore to get some supplies and it seemed that every person in there was coughing, sneezing, or sniffling. Several sections in the cold/flu aisle were nearly empty. Obviously, there is a lot of something going around!

        Usually, when I get what I perceive to be flu, I get sick really fast–I will go from feeling normal to very sick in just a few hours–and then it takes a long time to get better. This was almost the opposite. I gradually became sicker over a three day period, but now it seems to be clearing up fast. Saturday was awful, though. It really was the worst I can ever remember feeling.

    • Robin says:

      So sorry. Hope the dinner will cure it all :-)

  13. PekeFan says:

    Happy New Year to all you fragrant NST-ers!

    I am really looking forward to bottle splitting. I have wanted De Bachmakov, Fiori di Riso, and Fils de Dieu for a long time but can’t justify buying full bottles of anything in the current economic climate. So I am hoping others may be interested in one or more of these scents and choose to split with me.

    I’ve had to become very frugal about my perfume habit in the last six months because my husband lost his job. I used to spend $75.00 on perfume samples every two weeks, when I got paid, but no more. Has anyone else cut back or cut out sample buying? To be honest, I am glad I no longer spend that kind of money because I didn’t like most of the fragrances anyway!

    My SOTD is Hermes Kelly Caleche. It is so easy to wear. I once had someone sniff the air around me and comment that they could smell some really lovely tea somewhere and it had to be the KC since I was no where near food or drink of any kind at the time. Too funny…

    • Robin says:

      Oh, that is funny! I don’t think of it as smelling like tea.

      And sorry about your husband’s job. Hopefully we’ll have some willing splitters…

  14. Holly says:

    Happy New Year, everyone! I am spending the day doing my favorite thing: relaxing. I must admit I often feel a bit pressured by the arrival of a new year. I usually have a clear resolution, and that adds to the pressure because obviously it’s not something I have wanted to do, lol. Like organizing those plastic containers …

    This year I will be sharing my love of perfume with my clients who are in hospice and eldercare. I’ve mentioned this before, and I want to say thank-you to everyone here at NST for your comments and good wishes and all the support I’ve received.

    • Robin says:

      I have a few small resolutions, but nothing big. More likely I’ll keep them that way, I suppose!

      • Holly says:

        I love that. My resolution for 2013 was to not give advice. I was so good! Then, the last week I found myself reneging and cramming in all the advice I hadn’t given in 2013. I was actually giving advice to not give advice. Luckily, I was called out on it …

  15. hajusuuri says:

    Happy New Year everyone! I was literally saying Bonne Annee as I celebrated new year in the Cote d’Azur area. No hangover even though the wine was flowing – I think all the rich French food absorbed the alcohol!

    SOTD = Hermes L’Ambre des Merveilles

    As was typical, I ended up not planning specifically for vacation fragrances, besides my staple Chanel No. 5 EDT travel spray which is resident in my suitcase year-round. Since I was determined to travel with more choices, I picked up 3 random plastic sample sized atomizers from my “preferred samples” samples bin and ended up with L’Ambre des Merveilles, SL Fille en Aiguilles and Oriza Legrand Chypre Mousse.

    I’m flying back to wintery-snowy-blizzardy New York. I’m hoping for no delays since we are due to arrive late afternoon!

    • Robin says:

      Lucky you, and you smell great!

    • Holly says:

      Good luck traveling home! Accuweather is never accu, but my son will be traveling from PR to NY and so I take a glimpse.

      Best wishes to you for a joyful New Year.

    • PekeFan says:

      I’m in Rhode Island. There is no snow on the ground here, and it isn’t all that cold either. So I’m thinking that the predicted blizzard for Thursday and Friday will miss southern NEw England and New York. Time will tell…

  16. missionista says:

    Happy New Year, one and all!

    SOTD is Atelier Cologne’s Bois Blonds–a nicely wintry scent for what passes for winter here in California.

    Scent of last night was Ormonde Jayne’s Woman, which smelled totally different than it did the the first time I wore it. Weird. But still very nice.

  17. maggiecat says:

    I was also watching the Rose Parade this morning and ended up wearing SL Rose de Nuit – a small spritz, as it’s not DH’s favorite. Not sure it survived the zoo that was Dillard’s big sale today, or the “let’s clean the interior of both cars” urge DH got when I returned home, but it was very very nice while it lasted (and it may still be here, just no longer detectable as I’m now cooking salmon for dinner :-)

    • scentfromabove says:

      I can sooo relate to the craziness in Dillard’s today as well. Geesshh! It was like a swap meet in there! Today was Dillard’s official “Black Friday”! Glad you survived and hope you got some awesome deals! Too bad their fragrances weren’t 50% off. That would have been awesome. – ScentFromAbove

    • Joanne says:

      Oh gosh. I did Dillard’s today, too. Twice. After standing in the purse line forever (it seemed) this morning to even get to look at purses, there were only a few bags left to choose from when it was my turn. Bought one; returned it tonight. Forget the shoes. Utter chaos. Did look at the half-off perfumes, but didn’t really want any that were left by the time I got to them. There was a fight in the mass waiting to enter the store when it opened this morning, which was a bit unnerving. I told DH that I won’t go next year. I just want to have fun, not get trapped in a herd of angry, competitive shoppers. Sorry for the rant. I just HATE that I used my day off for this. I’m going to put myself to bed now . . .

      • scentfromabove says:

        LOL! I know. I got home feeling like I ran a 10K marathon or something. I told the SA that I should have gotten there when they first opened but she said it wouldn’t have made a difference. She said that before the store even opened, people were literally lined up outside. I always shop at Dillard’s because they have good sales most of the time. But this year, it was unreal. I said that I won’t do it next year, but will probably be right there. So, Joanne, sorry you had to endure the madness twice! Oh, and I didn’t even know that they put their fragrances on sale. I thought it was just for clothes, shoes, accessories. What fragrances were discounted in your area?

        • Joanne says:

          Let’s see. I can only recall a few– Beiber scents, Katy Perry scents, Down Town by C.K., and other “famous” people fragrances. I just was so over it all by the time I got to them. There were no “special” perfumes on sale (at least by the time I got to them).

  18. farouche says:

    SOTD is Iris Ganache, which I can’t seem to get enough of lately. I’m determined not to hoard it, but enjoy it to the last drop!

    Happy New Year to all NSTers!

  19. Calypso says:

    I’m struggling here. One of my two best friends is in hospice now and will not be with us much longer. She has liver cancer. Two weeks ago she was able to sit up and enjoy talking and having cookies and now she is unconscious. It puts things in perspective and teaches you to value your family and friends and to enjoy small things. Today I wore Amouage Fate, which has risen to the top of my new favorites list. Yesterday I wore Histoire de Parfums 1873 (Colette). Love them both, they are complex and take up some attention. Last night I celebrated New Year’s with my mom, we had champagne and watched Chocolat. Might do something nice with hot fudge tonight.

    • PekeFan says:

      So sorry to hear about your friend. Hopefully there is no pain involved. Chocolat is a lovely film. I haven’t made any resolutions, but I think one may be to try more Amouage fragrances at some point during 2014. I have only sampled some of their attars and have no experience with their international line. Anyone have a suggestion for one to try? I like green, powdery and citric fragrances as a rule.

    • Holly says:

      Calypso, thanks so much for sharing this. Gosh, it’s incredibly difficult, isn’t it? I lost my best friend in the same way, and my fiancé a year later. I miss them every day. I have learned it’s ok to speak to them, wave hello. I don’t look for closure in any way. They are with me always.

      Chocolat and champagne sounds like a wonderful way to usher in the new year. Hot fudge even better.

      I understand this is a life-changing event for you, and I want you to know that you have support.

      I would like to tell you, if you’re a reader, that Sonali Deraniygala’s book “The Wave” is a profoundly moving account of her experience with grief. I learned so much from her, most of all that we all experience grief in a different way, it’s an unknown territory, and all of our experiences are important.

      • Calypso says:

        Thank you for your very kind message. I will definitely look for that book.

  20. sweetgrass says:

    Happy New Year, everybody! I’ve been on vacation since just before Christmas, but I’ve ended up having a nasty, persistent cold pretty much the whole time. Ugh. So I ended up staying home last night because I was running a slight fever and didn’t want to worry about getting my friends sick. My brother and sister-in-law got me a Chromecast for Christmas, so I spent my NYE binge-watching “Breaking Bad” (finally) on Netflix. Good times. I’m feeling a bit better today, so I hope these last few days of vacation will be better. I go back to work on Monday.

    The diminished smelling capacity from the cold has been annoying. I’ve been finding myself defaulting to L de Lolita Lempicka of late. It does make a nice comfort scent. I decided to do something different today, though, so SOTD is Sikkim Girls.

  21. CM says:

    SOTD is Diaghilev perfume from a teensy decant. I’m hoping 2014 is a better year because 2013 had too many let downs, including the sudden death of my father.

    I’m wishing all my perfume friends a wonderful year. I’m starting a scent diary with my sotd and plan to keep a running total of how many times I wear a perfume. Should be interesting!

    • PekeFan says:

      Sorry that 2013 was unhappy for you. I too am not sad to see it go past. Your diary sounds interesting. If I did it, I think it would help me track my mood and activities throughout the year since I change my fragrance to suit the sort of day I expect. Cheers to a happy 2014!!!

  22. stinker_kit says:

    SOTD the love it or hate it Alien. Happy New Year to all! Thank you to all who post and comment here. You are my perfume family and words cannot express how much I appreciate all the wonderful posts and comments that are a daily joy to me. Thank you again and I wish you all a wonderful 2014!

    • Laurels says:

      Oh, I need to get a mini of Alien. It’s oddly delightful, but although I am normally a heavy sprayer, a little goes a long way.

    • eswift83 says:

      I’m also in the love it category though my bottle, bought in the last 3 or 4 years, is a bit thinner smelling than it used to be. It’s still a lovely fragrance!

  23. scentfromabove says:

    Happy New Years to Everyone!

    My SOTD was “Bombshell” by Victoria’s Secret. I had all these gift cards from VS and went a day early to their semi-annual sale preview. Their fragrance gift sets are all 50% off. So, I got the gift set for Bombshell (this is one of the only fragrances I like from them now). It came with a bottle of perfume, a mini bottle for my purse, the lotion, and the shower gel for $40.00.
    Then I went to the chaotic sale at Dillard’s. I usually spend every New Years Day catching the sales and redeeming my gift cards.

    I wish everyone at NST peace, happiness, good health, and prosperity in 2014. – ScentFromAbove

  24. Nightingale says:

    Today my family and I hosted friends at our annual New Years Day party. The first guests arrived in time for morning coffee, and the last guest left just after cocktail hour! It’s my favorite day of the year because I get to catch up with old friends and it’s fun to see how much the kids have grow each year.

    I have been sampling fragrances like crazy, and now feel even more confused about what I like…but have a clearer idea of what I don’t like. Instead of sampling yet another frag today, I went with the tried and true, Kelly Caleche (along with another NST pal I see). I’m still determined to fine the perfect fragrance, but feel like when I finally do, the season will change and I’ll be thinking about citrus and floral!

    I have had a great year following you all on NST. Thanks to you all for sharing your musings. Wishing you all peace and health and all things wonderful in 2014!

    • AnnieA says:

      That is what we would call a levée when I was a child. Really nice new year tradition.

  25. Emily says:

    SOTD is DSH Mirabella. Since I bought a one-ounce bottle during the recent DSH sale (and will formally confess in the upcoming damage poll), I now feel at liberty to spritz my 10 ml purse spray with abandon. If I knew that DSH would always make this fragrance, I could maybe stop chasing after vintage Femme on eBay.

  26. Laurels says:

    SOTD is Roberto Cavalli Oro. I decided that wearing Amouage Lyric Woman two days in a row was too decadent, plus my sample is dwindling. It just occurred to me that someone here might be interested to know that I saw gift sets of Insolence and Estée Lauder PC Tuberose Gardenia at TJ Maxx here in Southern California last Friday. The PCTG in particular was well-priced. Sorry I didn’t think to mention it last weekend, but blog-reading time has been scarce lately. Six separate family gatherings, none of which could be skipped without hurting someone’s feelings. (I left TJ Maxx with a $9.99 bottle of Queen Latifah Queen, which is likely to be my last purchase until at least February.)

  27. Wearing Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne Today! Love the Fresh Light Bright Scent!

  28. mough says:

    SOTD was L’Heure Bleu, the parfum. I just got it a few days ago. Why was I waiting so long to get this beauty? And hours into the dry down, it’s just fabulous–I smell violets, or am I crazy? I got a hug from a couple members at the Unity church and several compliments on how I smelled. Then, tonight, I celebrated the return of my singing voice after losing it to an ear infection that lasted 6 months, and belted out Dusty Springfield’s “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me.” For SOTN, I picked Le Labo Lys 41 (?) Not sure on number. Just such a happy fragrance. A great start to a new year!

    • Joanne says:

      Oh, I love your choices, too!

  29. Omega says:

    Sounds like lots of fun here coming up on NST:).

    Happy New Year everyone!!!!

  30. perfumelover says:

    Happy New Year to everyone!
    Thanks Robin and NST team for the perfume year we shared and I am sure that this new year will be wonderful.
    Yesterday I wore Narciso Rodriguez for her and today I’m wearing Mon Jasmin Noir L’Eau Exquise. It is a hot and rainy day here :D

  31. relleric says:

    Happy New Year to everyone at NST and all the followers, and thanks for all the great articles, giveaways, and making life so fragrantly rich!
    SOTD (New Year’s Eve) was Balenciaga Pour Homme
    SOTD (New Year’s Day) was Lalique Hommage a L’Homme
    SOTD (today) is Dzing!

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