Jean Patou Joy Forever ~ fragrance review

Jean Patou Joy Forever advert

On my desk, in thick bond paper of the slightly elongated size standard in France, lays a press release from Jean Patou. Below the image of a perfume bottle are the words “Joy Hier, Joy Aujourd’hui, Joy Forever.”

However, the press release isn’t for Joy, but for a new fragrance, Joy Forever, intended to update the classic. Creating a contemporary companion to Joy is a tall order. Audacious, even. For one thing, it assumes that Joy is out of fashion. For another — well, Joy is an icon.

Jean Patou’s house perfumer, Thomas Fontaine, explained it this way: “Women today have difficulty ‘reading’ Joy.” He said that classic Joy is a wall of scent with just a hint of a bright prelude before settling into its signature interplay of rose and indolic jasmine. He said when someone on the street is wearing Joy, her wrapping (Fontaine, in English, repeatedly used “wrapping” instead of “sillage,” and it was so charming and evocative that I want to adopt it myself) is “lush and thick.” But as he points out, it’s not a style people are used to smelling anymore…

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The Monday Mail ~ help Jennifer find a new perfume

Post box, Bologna

Today we’re helping Jennifer, who “jumped into” perfume obsession about 2 years ago. She’s willing to pay any amount for a perfume she loves, but doesn’t own many full bottles as she is selective about purchases. She has good access to stores and is happy to order samples online.

Jennifer would like recommendations for both daily wear and special occasion scents. She’d especially love to find an incense scent with light feminine touches; she’s also interested in light gourmand scents, or anything else you really think she should try. Here is what we know about Jennifer:

She’s in her late 30s and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

She’s a veterinarian by trade but an artist at heart.

She loves to see (or smell!) the beauty in all things. She loves to paint, draw, hike, listen to music, or just create with her friends and family.

She has been described as “elegant with an edge” and would like to to smell like that description.

Jennifer likes well-blended, strong, long-lasting scents that are creamy, milky, sandalwood-y, but with some “dirt” (tobacco, leather, incense) or soft woods/spicy notes and a touch of femininity or softness…

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