Kerosene Pretty Machine ~ fragrance review

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Anyone else sick of hearing about (the former) Kate Middleton’s post-delivery tummy fat and the big reveal concerning the “royal” baby’s name? Why do I have to see these baby-centric headlines, articles and photo spreads everywhere I look — I live in the U.S. for goodness sakes! I guess the royal family is England’s favorite “reality show” — comparable to the U.S. public’s fascination with the Kardashian clan and their ilk.

Last week, as I watched (via TV) a toothless, happy-as-could-be elderly man on the streets of London, dressed in Union Jack-inspired clothes and carrying banners celebrating the birth of a male heir to the “throne,” I wondered: “Has he ever thought the tens of millions of dollars spent by his country on Queen Elizabeth and her kin could perhaps be better used for other purposes…like a set of teeth for himself?” None of my business I guess…find joy where you can.

But all this antiquated royal stuff made me search out the things I love about England: its literature, eccentrics, gardens…dogs! This past week, I put some Purcell, Dusty Springfield, Arne and The Smiths on the CD player, watched a few Mike Leigh films (the great Another Year and Life is Sweet) and looked through some poetry books. I came upon Ode on the Spring by Thomas Gray…

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