Dior Homme Eau for Men ~ new fragrance

Dior Homme Eau for Men

Christian Dior has launched Dior Homme Eau for Men, a new flanker to 2005's Dior Homme. Dior Homme Eau for Men follows the recently reformulated Dior Homme Cologne, and like the others in the Dior Homme series, will be fronted by actor Robert Pattinson.

Introducing Dior Homme Eau for Men, a fresh woody fragrance with a masculine and sophisticated signature. Bold and refined, magnetic and charismatic, Dior Homme Eau for Men was created for the man with 1,000 lives to live. His mantra is James Dean's iconic quote: "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."

The notes feature grapefruit, bergamot, coriander, iris and cedar.

Dior Homme Eau for Men can be found now at Macy's, in 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

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  1. ravjan says:

    Isn’t it a bit confusing? Dior Homme Eau for Men. I mean not only linguistically… So many versions, so many flankers. Anyways, most of them are not for me because of the iris note which I hate. But I do love all the bottles and last year’s re-edition of the Cologne. So where does this one come? More then Cologne less than EDT?

    • Robin says:

      Honestly, beats me. I think the Cologne has no iris, or way less iris. This sounds closer to the original.

  2. nozknoz says:

    Dior Homme Eau for Men. Just in case you weren’t sure what Homme means. And we wouldn’t want you do confuse it with our other flankers, such as Dior Homme Eau for Women, Dior Homme Eau for Dogs, and Dior Homme Eau for People Who Think Eau Sauvage Is Old Lady Perfume.

  3. Rictor07 says:

    I always bounced back and forth on the original, thinking it’s sometimes quite good and sometimes just so-so. The listed notes for this one sound extremely bland and indistinguishable from the rest of the department store bunch.

    • Robin says:

      I think the original is very well done but all the same, don’t like it — too sweet for me. Have skipped most of the flankers though, some of them might have been more to my taste, who knows.

  4. VanMorrisonFan says:

    For the man who has 1,000 lives to live, a fragrance from a company with 1,000 variations on the same product. So he can have one flanker per life.

  5. lucasai says:

    Yet another flanker of Dior Homme. How many more do we need?

  6. nozknoz says:

    Dior Homme Eau for Men – for men who wear suspenders AND a belt.

  7. C.H. says:

    Outstanding–I have often felt like specifying which flanker I’m looking for verges on a “who’s on first” routine, and now it’s fully realized! “Do you have Dior Homme?” “Oh, for men?” “Yes, for men!”

    • nozknoz says:

      LOL! This would have been a great Prix Eau Faux entry, except no one would have believed that a company would a fragrance Homme Eau for Men!

  8. wondermelmo says:

    I’m glad they’ve launched yet another – otherwise I would not be treated to these hilarious comments.

  9. Omega says:

    Perfume industry must think we are dumb. Maybe some of us are. The next perfume will just be simply called, ‘Taco Bell’, ‘Dairy Queen’ ‘Hot Mess’, ‘Crazy, Sexy Hot’ or perhaps just, ‘Derp!’.

    • Omega says:

      I didn’t mean to imply some people are dumb but I don’t get who buys this stuff.

  10. Kevin5 says:

    You all are (probably deservedly) ruthless! Lol

    But seriously, the “press kit” is a riot. I don’t know if they are all that extensive, but boy did they create a lot of fluff to go with a flanker! I was a PR major in school, and still can’t handle that much useless drivel.

    Here’s to hoping the fragrance is better than the name and PR…

  11. nancyg says:

    Um, oh.

  12. jasonk says:

    It’s sad what they have done to this line. Considering the times we live in, the original was great. The real treat was, believe it or not, the Sport (yes, SPORT!) flanker. All ginger, all the time.

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