Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria ~ new fragrance

Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria

Calvin Klein will launch Endless Euphoria, a new perfume for women, in February. Endless Euphoria is a flanker to 2005's Euphoria, and the lighter and fresher variation is intended to attract younger consumers to the brand. Prior Euphoria flankers include 2006's Euphoria Blossom and 2011's Forbidden Euphoria.

Endless Euphoria was developed by perfumer Bruno Jovanovic. The notes include cherry blossom, mandarin, bergamot, violet, pastel rose accord, syringa, bamboo, sandalwood and musk.

Calvin Klein Endless Euphoria  will be available in 50, 75 and 120 ml Eau de Parfum and in matching body products.

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  1. lucasai says:

    I can easily see flankers of Euphoria Endless Love, Dream, Crush

    • Robin says:

      They have no reason to stop :-)

    • sayitisntso says:

      Don’t laugh! Endless Love Euphoria could be a marketing tie-in for the remake of the “Endless Love” film coming out soon. Yes, really. Hahaha!!

  2. mutzi says:

    I keep thinking Endless Euphoria could be dangerous – too much of a good thing?

  3. jonr951 says:

    The Forbidden Euphoria wasn’t young enough?!
    I’m not a huge fan of anything cherry or cherry blossom, so hopefully it drowns in everything else. : )

    • Robin says:

      Or, it didn’t sell well enough, or, it was a limited edition & they figured it was time for another limited edition?

      • jonr951 says:

        I don’t need a younger younger Euphoria. The original is perfect to me. Ha! ^_^

    • Omega says:

      I was just about to post that, FE wasn’t young enough huh? Endless Love…ugh kill me, LOL, now I am thinking of that Diana Ross song..kill me! LOL.

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